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Hymnals are for the Home too

St. Peter & St. John Lutheran Churches  
Evansville & Ruma, IL

Fri, Jun 1, 2007 

Whether you took a free TLH for your home, or you bought a copy of our new Lutheran Service Book (LSB), do not let it collect dust on your shelf.  Hymnals are meant to be used in the home, not just in the church.  Let it enrich your devotional life!  How?

  • A calendar for daily Old Testament and New Testament devotional readings and Psalms (TLH p. 161-164, LSB 299-304).  If you need help with this, ask me about how I use it.

  • Enrich your prayer vocabulary.  The hymnals have prayers for lots of occassions (TLH p. 102-119, LSB 305-318).  Written prayers will never replace prayers "from the heart," but they certainly can add to them.  I can't tell you how many times I would have failed to pray about something - except that the prayer in the hymnal reminded me.  And sometimes I knew I should pray about something, but I didn't know what to say until the hymnal gave me the words.

  • Use the services for the mornings and evenings (TLH p. 115-116, LSB 295-298)

    • LSB 294 also gives a suggestion for a regular rotation of prayer themes.  On Sunday we pray that Christ's resurrection would produce joy among us.  On Monday, as the work week begins, we pray about our daily work and for the unemployed, for teachers and students, for government, and the well-being of our neighbors.  Tuesday's theme is temptation, that God would deliver from sin the addicted, despairing, oppressed and struggling.  "Wednesday" sounds like "wedding", so we pray that all marriages and families would live according to God's Word - and we pray for single parents whose families have been torn apart by sin.  On a Thursday, the Lord instituted His Supper, so we pray that His Communion would bear fruit in our lives, as well as praying for pastors, missionaries and teachers in the Church.  Our Lord died on a Friday, so we pray for today's sick and dying, as well as praying that Christ's death would be preached around the world.  Saturday is a day to prepare for Sunday, so we pray that we would be ready to receive Christ's gifts at Church, and that those who are weak in faith or who have fallen away would join us again

  • Sing the hymns from the hymnal. 

  • If you can't carry a tune, you can still use the hymns as prayers. 

    • And if you have LSB, look in the bulletin so you can read the hymns we are going to sing next Sunday morning - or even find favorite hymns and ask Pastor, "When are we going to sing #?"

  • The hymnals can also help prepare you to receive the Lord's Supper.  Pray the "Prayer before Communion" (TLH pg. 4, or inside front cover LSB).  Pray Psalm 51 (TLH pg. 134, front pages of LSB).  The hymns of Confession (TLH 317-331, LSB 606-616) can show you your need for the forgiveness you find in the Supper.  Review what the hymns teach about Communion (TLH 304-316, LSB 617-643). 

    • On LSB 321 , you can even review the teaching of the Catechism.

If you haven't done it already, take home a free TLH or purchase a new LSB.  Try them out.  See whether or not you think the Church's hymnals make great PRAYERBOOKS for you and your family.  Hymnals aren't just made for Sundays.

Any and all material from me is free to be used without attribution.

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