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Date (YMD)TitlePastor
2017-07-01  Our JULY 2017 PARISH NEWSLETTER  Rev Wollenburg
2016-08-02  Our August Parish Newsletter  Rev Wollenburg
2015-11-01  Octember or Nowonder  Pastor Fish
2015-09-01  Who Is God?  Pastor Fish
2015-08-01  What Do I Want?  Pastor Fish
2015-07-01  Oh, No! Now What?  Pastor Fish
2015-06-01  212-3341  Pastor Fish
2015-05-01  Pentecost  Pastor Fish
2015-04-01  Nothing Trivial about Easter  Pastor Fish
2015-03-01  Prepare to be Amazed!  Pastor Fish
2015-02-01  Love Makes the World Go Round  Pastor Fish
2015-02-01  Our Parish Newsletter for Februar...  Rev Wollenburg
2015-01-01  Happy Same Old Thing All Over Again  Pastor Fish
2014-12-01  Christmas Is . . .  Pastor Fish
2014-11-01  In Everything Give Thanks  Pastor Fish
2014-10-01  What God Ordains  Pastor Fish
2014-09-01  Grace or Works  Pastor Fish
2014-08-01  Invisible  Pastor Fish
2014-07-01  Common Sense  Pastor Fish
2014-06-01  The Church Is the Lord’s  Pastor Fish
2014-05-01  Signs  Pastor Fish
2014-04-01  April Showers  Pastor Fish
2014-03-01  Good Old St. Pat  Pastor Fish
2014-02-01  The Ordinariness of Life  Pastor Fish
2014-01-01  There Is Nothing New  Pastor Fish
2013-12-01  Christmas Is Getting Old  Pastor Fish
2013-11-01  Something’s Happening Here  Pastor Fish
2013-10-01  Customs and Traditions  Pastor Fish
2013-09-01  We Stand or We Fall  Pastor Fish
2013-08-01  What Is It All About?  Pastor Fish
2013-07-01  July 2013 Parish Newsletter  Rev Wollenburg
2013-07-01  Christians and the State  Pastor Fish
2013-06-01  Abide with Me  Pastor Fish
2013-05-01  The Silent Partner  Pastor Fish
2013-04-01  So, Now What?  Pastor Fish
2013-03-01  Out Like a Lamb . . .  Pastor Fish
2013-02-01  The Big Thing This Month  Pastor Fish
2013-01-01  A New Year  Pastor Fish
2012-12-01  It Just Ain't the Same!  Pastor Fish
2012-11-01  Thanksgiving?  Pastor Fish
2012-10-01  This Month We Celebrate . . .  Pastor Fish
2012-09-01  Living In Two Worlds  Pastor Fish
2012-08-01  What God Ordains . . .  Pastor Fish
2012-07-01  How Do You Know?  Pastor Fish
2012-06-12  Fellowship As the Body of Christ:...  Rev Hering
2012-06-01  Vows  Pastor Fish
2012-05-01  Thy Will Be Done  Pastor Fish
2012-04-01  Easter Is  Pastor Fish
2012-03-01  Not Now  Pastor Fish
2012-02-01  Repentance  Pastor Fish
2012-01-01  Sometimes The Truth  Pastor Fish
2011-12-01  He's Coming!  Pastor Fish
2011-11-01  Dear Brother Martin  Pastor Fish
2011-10-19  Pastor Puppy  Rev Hering
2011-10-01  The World Hates the Gospel  Pastor Fish
2011-09-01  New Creatures  Pastor Fish
2011-09-01  Our Monthly Newsletter  Rev Wollenburg
2011-08-01  Looking Forward, Looking Back  Pastor Fish
2011-07-01  Mid-Summer Musings  Pastor Fish
2011-06-01  Storms  Pastor Fish
2011-05-01  That's the Way (Uh huh, uh huh) I...  Pastor Fish
2011-04-01  Death and Taxes  Pastor Fish
2011-03-01  Saying Goodbye  Pastor Fish
2011-02-04  The Passion and Confession of Chu...  Rev Hering
2011-02-01  What Are You All About?  Pastor Fish
2011-01-01  A Contradiction in Terms  Pastor Fish
2010-12-01  The Unexpected  Pastor Fish
2010-11-01  Recovery  Pastor Fish
2010-10-01  The Reformation We Need  Pastor Fish
2010-09-01  How to Be a Christian in a Changi...  Pastor Fish
2010-08-01  Nobody Is Cheering  Pastor Fish
2010-07-01  What Does the Gospel Mean?  Pastor Fish
2010-06-01  The Demonstration of the Truth of...  Pastor Fish
2010-05-01  Wow! What a Thing!  Pastor Fish
2010-04-01  Hopes and Dreams  Pastor Fish
2010-03-01  Great Gain  Pastor Fish
2010-02-01  Groundhog Day  Pastor Fish
2010-01-04  A Time to Swear  Rev Hering
2010-01-01  New, New, New  Pastor Fish
2009-12-01  The End Is Coming  Pastor Fish
2009-11-01  All Hallows Day  Pastor Fish
2009-10-23  REFORMATION & REPENTANCE  Rev Hering
2009-10-22  Reformation and All Saints at Tri...  Rev Hering
2009-10-01  Winter Is Coming  Pastor Fish
2009-09-29  What We Do Confesses Who (and Who...  Rev Hering
2009-09-29  BEING LUTHERAN: What does this me...  Rev Hering
2009-09-01  Look for Solid Lutheran Preaching...  Rev Hering
2009-09-01  The New Paganism  Pastor Fish
2009-08-11  Membership Matters--As Does What ...  Rev Hering
2009-08-01  Change  Pastor Fish
2009-07-01  The Church  Pastor Fish
2009-06-01  The Trinity  Pastor Fish
2009-05-19  A Father's Message to a Graduate  Rev Hering
2009-05-06  A Hill to Die On  Rev Hering
2009-05-01  The Holy Spirit  Pastor Fish
2009-04-01  Hope and Change  Pastor Fish
2009-03-01  Prayer and Comfort  Pastor Fish
2009-02-01  The Season of *Wait*  Pastor Fish
2009-01-07  Alexa's Baptism--Bumpa's Smile  Rev Hering
2009-01-01  Your Name  Pastor Fish
2008-12-01  Christmas Is . . ...  Pastor Fish
2008-11-01  The Will of God  Pastor Fish
2008-10-01  He Did It!  Pastor Fish
2008-09-01  Faith  Pastor Fish
2008-08-01  Troglodytes  Pastor Fish
2008-07-01  Independence Day...  Pastor Fish
2008-06-01  P.O.T.A.C.  Pastor Fish
2008-05-01  Where's Waldo?  Pastor Fish
2008-04-11  Confirmation: Termination OR Cont...  Rev. Handrick
2008-04-01  Easter Use'Ta  Pastor Fish
2008-03-08  Christmas, Easter, & Snow  Rev. Handrick
2008-03-01  Can You Deal with It?  Pastor Fish
2008-02-01  Perseverance  Pastor Fish
2008-02-01  Bells, Bells, Bells  Rev. Handrick
2008-01-01  All of Life  Pastor Fish
2007-12-17  The Reality of Christmas  Rev Hering
2007-12-01  What They Don't Want You to Know  Pastor Fish
2007-11-01  Let's Pray Together  Rev. Handrick
2007-11-01  'Tis the Season  Pastor Fish
2007-10-01  What's Going On Here?  Pastor Fish
2007-09-01  I Don't Know What to Do  Pastor Fish
2007-09-01  A Feature of LSB: [silence]  Pastor Leistico
2007-08-01  Disciple = Learner  Rev. Handrick
2007-08-01  Life Without Drama  Pastor Fish
2007-07-01  The Son Declares Your Independenc...  Pastor Leistico
2007-07-01  It's a Dog's Life  Pastor Fish
2007-06-01  “Surthrival” Guide for Small Chur...  Rev Hering
2007-06-01  Hymnals are for the Home too  Pastor Leistico
2007-06-01  Persecution  Pastor Fish
2007-05-31  Walking Together Down Different R...  Rev Hering
2007-05-31  Creation is a blast!  Rev Hering
2007-05-14  The Ascended Christ Sends News of...  Pastor Leistico
2007-05-13  The Strawmen of Dead Orthodoxy & ...  Rev Hering
2007-05-01  The Gift of the Holy Spirit  Pastor Fish
2007-05-01  PCELS  Rev. Handrick
2007-04-30  Worship Always Teaches Something:...  Rev Hering
2007-04-21  Best Bumper Sticker/Church Marquee  Rev Hering
2007-04-17  Gratitude for Two Friends  Pastor Leistico
2007-04-03  Confirmation Verses  Rick
2007-04-01  The Most Exciting Time in History  Pastor Fish
2007-03-01  How Can It All Be True?  Pastor Fish
2007-02-01  The Lenten Fast  Pastor Fish
2007-01-01  Trust How Far?  Pastor Fish
2006-12-26  Not the Spirit of Christmas, but ...  Pastor Leistico
2006-12-01  The Best Thing About Christmas  Pastor Fish
2006-12-01  A Singing Church  Pastor Wright
2006-11-01  Thanksgiving  Pastor Fish
2006-11-01  Reconciliation  Pastor Wright
2006-10-10  True Greatness  Pastor Leistico
2006-10-01  Family  Pastor Fish
2006-09-01  Old-Fashioned, Out of Date, and O...  Pastor Fish
2006-08-01  Who Are You Calling a Liar?  Pastor Fish
2006-07-01  Independence Day  Pastor Fish
2006-06-01  The DaVinci Code  Pastor Fish
2006-05-08  Mothers, God, and Discipline  Pastor Leistico
2006-05-01  Some People Are Waiting  Pastor Fish
2006-04-01  Insignificant ME  Pastor Fish
2006-03-01  Passionate  Pastor Fish
2006-02-26  Marriage is like Ice Skating  Pastor Leistico
2006-02-01  What's In It for Me?  Pastor Fish
2006-01-01  Isn't Jesus Enough?  Pastor Fish
2005-12-01  Old Saint Nick  Pastor Fish
2005-11-01  The Judgment  Pastor Fish
2005-10-01  The Single Article  Pastor Fish
2005-09-13  It's not fair, thanks be to God!  Pastor Leistico
2005-09-01  The Hard Way  Pastor Fish
2005-08-01  The Kingdom Without Signs  Pastor Fish
2005-07-01  Common Sense  Pastor Fish
2005-06-19  God's Water Promises  Pastor Leistico
2005-06-01  Living the ‘Christian’ Life  Pastor Fish
2005-05-26  Ascension and the Steadfast Work ...  Rev Hering
2005-05-01  Myth and Reality  Pastor Fish
2005-04-01  Life Begins at Baptism  Pastor Fish
2005-03-28  Rain, Water, and Easter  Pastor Leistico
2005-03-01  The End of Days  Pastor Fish
2005-02-01  Sharing  Pastor Fish
2005-01-01  Something New!!  Pastor Fish
2004-12-01  It’s not about the Crèche  Pastor Fish
2004-11-01  Thanksgiving  Pastor Fish
2004-10-01  The Great Reformer  Pastor Fish
2004-09-01  It’s About Time  Pastor Fish
2004-08-01  Already a Defeat  Pastor Fish
2004-07-01  Welcome  Pastor Fish
2004-02-02  February 2nd's Promises for Tomor...  Pastor Leistico
2003-11-17  Guilt and Gifts  Pastor Leistico
1969-12-31  Continue Steadfastly  Rev Hering

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