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Don't have a login?  Are you a LCMS or confessional lutheran pastor who wants to post his sermons on this website?  Enter the userID and password below.

The login is used ONLY to add sermons to this system; you see no additional features, so only request one if you intend to post your sermons here.

Note that this system is currently under active development  Check the About page on the left bar to read about other features that will be added shortly.  My goal in this system is to make it easy for you to add sermons.  If it is difficult to do you will get tired of the hassle and will stop adding sermons to this archive.  If you find any problems in adding sermons, contact me and I'll attempt to solve your problems.

Right now I'm looking for pastors who are willing to post their sermons.  These should be people willing to work with the program and perhaps give me suggestions.  I will be looking for comments from you as to how to make this system more user-friendly.  Given that the system is under active development, your comments may result in immediate improvements to the system.

Creation of new accounts has been made manual to preclude spammers from creating accounts. Please contact me if you want to have a login created on this site.

By creating a login on this system you are agreeing to post only your sermons, and enter a valid email address so people can contact you with questions about your sermons.  After creating the userID, you are taken to a page where you enter your shortname, biographical information, and copyright information (which goes at the bottom of the sermons).  You may change this information at any time, so you may enter it later if you want.

By using this site you are also agreeing to abide by any decisions made by the webmaster regarding the appropriateness of your postings.  Inappropriate (advertising or other spam-type) material will be removed without warning.  Posting restrictions may be added without warning in the future if this system is abused.

This site is intended to be a sermon and other writings archive for LCMS or Confessional Lutheran pastors. 

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