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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2014-11-0921st Sunday after TrinityJohn 4:46-54BelievingPastor Fish
2014-11-09Twenty-First Sunday aft...John 4:46-54Perfect TimingRev Hering
2014-11-09Sunday of the Final Jud...Matthew 24:15-28The days will be shortenedPastor Ernst
2014-11-02Pentecost 21, Proper 26...Revelation 7:217Feast of All Saints (Observed)J. Batchelor
2014-11-02All Saints SundayRevelation 7:9-17;...Promises and Realities of SainthoodPastor Zirbel
2014-11-0220th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:1-14Called - and ChosenPastor Fish
2014-11-02All Saints' Day--transf...Revelation 7:2-17Washed in the Blood of the LambRev Hering
2014-11-02All Saints SundayMatthew 5:1-12So they persecuted the prophets w...Pastor Ernst
2014-10-26Pentecost 20, Proper 25...Reformation (Observed)J. Batchelor
2014-10-26Reformation SundayJohn 8:31-36Christian Slavery/FreedomPastor Zirbel
2014-10-26Reformation Day [Transf...John 8:31-36The Son Sets You FreeRev Hering
2014-10-26Reformation SundayJohn 8:31-36By Word alonePastor Ernst
2014-10-26ReformationRevelation 14:6-7Fear God and Worship HimPastor Schlamann
2014-10-2619th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 9:1-8The Look of Faith and of UnbeliefPastor Fish
2014-10-22WPentecost 19, Proper 24...Luke 24:1335+ In Memoriam - Donald E. Buhrmes...J. Batchelor
2014-10-19Pentecost 19, Proper 24...Matthew 22:1522Nineteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-10-1918th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:34-40God Means What He SaysPastor Fish
2014-10-19Eighteenth Sunday after...Matthew 22:34-46What Do You Think about the Christ?Rev Hering
2014-10-1918th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:34-46Who is the Son of David?Pastor Ernst
2014-10-12Pentecost 18, Proper 23...Matthew 22:114Eighteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-10-12Seventeenth Sunday afte...Luke 14:1-11Two QuestionsRev Hering
2014-10-1217th Sunday after TrinityLuke 14:1-11How we honor the SabbathPastor Ernst
2014-10-1217th Sunday after TrinityLuke 14:1-11HumilityPastor Fish
2014-10-05Pentecost 17, Proper 22...Ephesians 5:19LWML SundayJ. Batchelor
2014-10-05Sixteenth Sunday after ...Luke 7:11-16What Have You against Me?Rev Hering
2014-10-0516th Sunday after TrinityEphesians 3:13-21Much more than we can ask or unde...Pastor Ernst
2014-10-0516th Sunday after TrinityLuke 7:11-17Jesus Felt CompassionPastor Fish
2014-10-03FPentecost 16, Proper 21...Revelation 19:9; J...+ In Memorium: Charles Henry Schu...J. Batchelor
2014-09-28Pentecost 16, Proper 21...Matthew 21:23-27"Authority"Rev Taylor
2014-09-28Pentecost 16, Proper 21...Ezekiel 18:14,25...Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-09-2815th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 6:24-34Do Not Be AnxiousPastor Fish
2014-09-28Fifteenth Sunday after ...Matthew 6:24-34What Does Tomorrow Hold?Rev Hering
2014-09-2815th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 6:24-34We trust in God for everythingPastor Ernst
2014-09-21Pentecost 15, Proper 20...Matthew 20:116Fifteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-09-2114th after TrinityMatthew 9:9-13St. MatthewRev Eckert
2014-09-21Pentecost 15, Proper 20...Matthew 20:1-16"Work, Wages and Fairness" (Matth...Rev Taylor
2014-09-21Pentecost 15, Proper 20...Matthew 20:1-16Tell It Like It Is!Pastor Zirbel
2014-09-21St. MatthewSt. Matthew 1:22-2...God with Us: Yesterday, Today, Fo...Pastor Schlamann
2014-09-2114th Sunday after TrinityLuke 17:11-19Your Faith Has Saved YouPastor Fish
2014-09-21Fourteenth Sunday after...Luke 17:11-19Rise and Go Your WayRev Hering
2014-09-2114th Sunday after TrinityGalatians 5:16-24Good works are the fruit of faithPastor Ernst
2014-09-14Pentecost 14, Proper 19...Matthew 18:2135Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-09-14Pentecost 14, Proper 19...Matthew 18:21-35Zero Returns - Zero ExpectationsPastor Zirbel
2014-09-1413th Sunday after TrinityLuke 10:23-37Who Is My Neighbor?Pastor Fish
2014-09-14Pentecost 14, Proper 19...Genesis 50:15-21"Forgiveness"Rev Taylor
2014-09-14Thirteenth Sunday after...Luke 10:22-37And Who Is My Neighbor?Rev Hering
2014-09-14St. Matthew's DayMatthew 9:9-13The healthy do not need a doctorPastor Ernst
2014-09-07Pentecost 13, Proper 18...Matthew 18:1-20"Utopia"Rev Taylor
2014-09-07Pentecost 13, Proper 18...Matthew 18:120Thirteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-09-07Pentecost 13, Proper 18...Ezekiel 33:7-9Truth & ConsequencesPastor Zirbel
2014-09-07Twelfth Sunday after Tr...Mark 7:31-37Be OpenedRev Hering
2014-09-0712th Sunday after TrinityMark 7:31-37He Can Make You HearPastor Fish
2014-09-0712th Sunday after TrinityMark 7:31-37How the Lord touches usPastor Ernst
2014-08-31Pentecost 12, Proper 17...Matthew 16:21-26"How Big is Your God?"Rev Taylor
2014-08-31Pentecost 12, Proper 17...Matthew 16:2128Twelfth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-08-31Eleventh Sunday after T...Tenth CommandmentCatechetical SermonRev Eckert
2014-08-3111th Sunday after TrinityLuke 18:9-14The Pharisee and the PublicanPastor Fish
2014-08-31Eleventh Sunday after T...Luke 18:9-14"God, Be Merciful to Me, a Sinner!"Rev Hering
2014-08-31Eleventh Sunday after T...1 Corinthians 15:1...For I delivered unto you first of...Pastor Ernst
2014-08-31Pentecost 12, Proper 17...Matthew 16:21-28Good Intentions(?)Pastor Zirbel
2014-08-24Pentecost 11, Proper 16...Matthew 16:13-20"Absolution"Rev Taylor
2014-08-24Tenth Sunday after Trin...Ninth CommandmentCatechetical SermonRev Eckert
2014-08-24Pentecost 11, Proper 16...Isaiah 51:1-6; Mat...Know Your Family HistoryPastor Zirbel
2014-08-24Pentecost 11, Proper 16...Matthew 16:1320Eleventh Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-08-2410th Sunday after TrinityLuke 19:41-48The Things which Make for PeacePastor Fish
2014-08-24St. Bartholomew, ApostleJohn 1:43-51In Whom There Is Nothing FalseRev Hering
2014-08-24St. Bartholomew's DayJohn 1:43-51Thou shalt see greater things tha...Pastor Ernst
2014-08-17Pentecost 10, Proper 15...Matthew 15:2128Tenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-08-17Pentecost 10, Proper 15...Matthew 15:21-28A Lesson in Blind LovePastor Zirbel
2014-08-179th Sunday after TrinityLuke 16:1-9Using What You HavePastor Fish
2014-08-17Pentecost 10, Proper 15...Luke 16:1-13Ashamed to BegRev Hering
2014-08-17Ninth Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:1-9What is most important to usPastor Ernst
2014-08-16ASaturday after the Eigh...Matthew 19:4-6Wedding SermonRev Eckert
2014-08-10Eighth Sunday after Tri...Seventh CommandmentCatechetical SermonRev Eckert
2014-08-10Pentecost 9, Proper 14,...Matthew 14:22-33"Rescue from the Sea"Rev Taylor
2014-08-10Pentecost 9, Proper 14,...Matthew 14:22-33Ninth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-08-10Pentecost 9, Proper 14,...Matthew 14:13-22Un-Terrified TrustPastor Zirbel
2014-08-108th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 7:15-23The Four Most Horrible WordsPastor Fish
2014-08-10Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7:15-23Beware of False ProphetsRev Hering
2014-08-10Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7:15-23By their fruits ye shall know themPastor Ernst
2014-08-03Pentecost 8, Proper 13,...Matthew 14:13-21"It's a Miracle"Rev Taylor
2014-08-03Seventh Sunday after Tr...Sixth CommandmentCatechetical SermonRev Eckert
2014-08-03Pentecost 8, Proper 13,...Matthew 14:1321Eighth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-08-03Pentecost 8, Proper 13,...Matthew 14:13-21True Christian SatisfactionPastor Zirbel
2014-08-037th Sunday after TrinityMark 8:1-9Compassion and SupplyPastor Fish
2014-08-03Seventh Sunday after Tr...Mark 8:1-9Set Before ThemRev Hering
2014-08-03Seventh Sunday after Tr...Isaiah 62:6-12Say to the daugher of Zion, behol...Pastor Ernst
2014-07-27Pentecost 7, Proper 12,...Matthew 13: 4452Seventh Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-07-27Pentecost 7, Proper 12,...Matthew 13:44Hidden TreasureRev Taylor
2014-07-27Sixth Sunday after Trin...Matthew 5:17-26Your Righteousness ExceedsRev Hering
2014-07-276th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 5:20-26Better Than the BestPastor Fish
2014-07-27Sixth Sunday after Trin...Romans 6:1-11We are baptized into His death an...Pastor Ernst
2014-07-20Pentecost 6, Proper 11,...Matthew 13: 2430,...Sixth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-07-20Pentecost 6, Proper 11,...Isaiah 44:6-8I Told You So!Pastor Zirbel
2014-07-20Fifth Sunday after Trin...Luke 5:1-11They Left EverythingRev Hering
2014-07-205th Sunday after TrinityLuke 5:1-11Success Is the Lord'sPastor Fish
2014-07-20Fifth Sunday after Trin...Luke 5:1-11From now on you will catch menPastor Ernst
2014-07-13Fourth Sunday after Tri...Third Commandmentmeditation read by elders while P...Rev Eckert
2014-07-13Pentecost 5, Proper 10,...Matthew 13:19,1823Fifth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-07-134th Sunday after TrinityLuke 6:36-42Forrest Gump Was RightPastor Fish
2014-07-13Fourth Sunday after Tri...Luke 6:36-42Your Father Is MercifulRev Hering
2014-07-13Fourth Sunday after Tri...Luke 6:36-42The quality of mercyPastor Ernst
2014-07-134th Sunday after TrinityLuke 6:36; Genesis...Rules & Realities in ChristPastor Zirbel
2014-07-06Third Sunday after Trin...Second CommandmentCatechetical SermonRev Eckert
2014-07-06Pentecost 4, Proper 9, ...Matthew 11:25-30"Rest in Jesus'Rev Taylor
2014-07-06Pentecost 4, Proper 9, ...Matthew 11:2530Fourth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-07-06Pentecost 4, Proper 9, ...Matthew 11:25-30Learning ChristPastor Zirbel
2014-07-063rd Sunday after TrinityLuke 15:1-10The Joy of SalvationPastor Fish
2014-07-06Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:1-10This Man Receives SinnersRev Hering
2014-07-06Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:1-10Joy in heavenPastor Ernst
2014-07-05ASaturday after the Seco...Ephesians 5:1-2,22...Wedding SermonRev Eckert
2014-06-30MPentecost 3, Proper 8, ...In Memorium + Helen Betty Brown +J. Batchelor
2014-06-29Pentecost 3, Proper 8, ...Matthew 10:3442Third Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-06-29Pentecost 3, Proper 8, ...Matthew 10:34-42Christ's Surgical LovePastor Zirbel
2014-06-29SS. Peter & PaulMatthew 16:13-19If He Has Called Them, He Indeed ...Pastor Schlamann
2014-06-29St. Peter & St. Paul, A...Matthew 16:13-19The Rock and the Hard PlaceRev Hering
2014-06-292nd Sunday after trinityLuke 14:16-24Setting PrioritiesPastor Fish
2014-06-29St. Peter and St. Paul,...Matthew 16:13-19Upon this rock I will build My ch...Pastor Ernst
2014-06-25WWednesday after the Fir...Romans 10:5-17Presentation of the Augsburg Conf...Rev Eckert
2014-06-22Pentecost 2, Proper 7, ...Matthew 10:5a,2133Second Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-06-22Pentecost 2, Proper 7, ...Matthew 10:5a,21-33No SurprisesPastor Zirbel
2014-06-22First Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:19-31A Picture of RealityPastor Fish
2014-06-22First Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:19-31I Am LazarusRev Hering
2014-06-22Trinity ISt. Luke 16:19-31Believe (in) God's Word!Pastor Schlamann
2014-06-22First Sunday after Trin...1 John 4:16-21Because God is lovePastor Ernst
2014-06-15Holy Trinity, series AMatthew 28:1620Feast of the Holy TrinityJ. Batchelor
2014-06-15Holy Trinity, series AGenesis 1:1-2:4a; ...Creatio Ex Nihilo: The Triune Go...Pastor Zirbel
2014-06-15Holy TrinityJohn 3:1-15Baptism - Birth from AbovePastor Fish
2014-06-15The Feast of the Holy T...John 3:1-17Believing Is SeeingRev Hering
2014-06-15Trinity SundayJohn 3:1-15The person and work of Jesus ChristPastor Ernst
2014-06-08Feast of Pentecost, ser...Acts 2:121Feast of PentecostJ. Batchelor
2014-06-08Feast of Pentecost, ser...John 7:37-39Extraordinarily Ordinary & AdequatePastor Zirbel
2014-06-08Feast of Pentecost, ser...John 17:1-11Called out of the BadlandsRev Taylor
2014-06-08Feast of Pentecost, ser...John 14:23-31Loving JesusPastor Fish
2014-06-08Feast of PentecostGenesis 11:1-9; Ac...The LORD Dispersed ThemRev Hering
2014-06-08Feast of Pentecost, One...John 14:23-31The Holy Spirit Teaches Us All Th...Pastor Schlamann
2014-06-08Pentecost SundayJohn 14:23-31He guides us in all truthPastor Ernst
2014-06-01Easter 7, series AJohn 17:3Choices, Options, and SinPastor Zirbel
2014-06-01Easter 7, series AJohn 17:1-11"That they may be One"Rev Taylor
2014-06-01Exaudi SundayJohn 15:26-16:4These Things They Will DoPastor Fish
2014-06-01Easter 7, series AEzekiel 36:22-28I Will Cleanse YouRev Hering
2014-06-01Ascension SundayMark 16:14-20The Ascension and the missionPastor Ernst
2014-05-25RogateJohn 16:23-28Therefore, Pray!Pastor Fish
2014-05-25Rogate: Easter 61 Timothy 2:14; J...Ask in My NameRev Hering
2014-05-25RogateJohn 16:23-30Ask in My namePastor Ernst
2014-05-18Easter 5, series AActs 7:51-60Hash-Tag Evangelism/Faith?Pastor Zirbel
2014-05-18Cantate: Easter 5John 16:5-15The Spirit of TruthRev Hering
2014-05-18Cantate SundayJohn 16:5-15The Spirit of TruthPastor Fish
2014-05-18CantateJames 1:16-21Every Good Gift Christ Freely GivesPastor Schlamann
2014-05-18CantateJohn 16:5-15The Spirit of truthPastor Ernst
2014-05-11Easter 4, series AJohn 10:110Fourth Sunday of EasterJ. Batchelor
2014-05-11JubilateJohn 16:16-23A Little Sorrow, A Lot of JoyPastor Fish
2014-05-11Jubilate.Easter 4John 16:16-22Sorrow Will Turn into JoyRev Hering
2014-05-11JubilateJohn 16:16-22Worth the painPastor Ernst
2014-05-04Easter 3, series ALuke 24:1335Third Sunday of EasterJ. Batchelor
2014-05-04Misericordias Dimini, E...John 10:11-16; 1 P...Jesus: from Sacrificial Lamb to G...Rev Hering
2014-05-04Misericordias DominiJohn 10:11-16The Good ShepherdPastor Fish
2014-05-04Misericordias DominiIsaiah 25:7-9A refuge for lost sheepPastor Ernst
2014-05-02FFriday after Quasimodog...Isaiah 54:10Millie Lange funeralRev Eckert
2014-04-27Easter 2, series AJohn 20:1931Second Sunday of EasterJ. Batchelor
2014-04-27Easter 2, series AJohn 20:19-21"Peace" - What Does This Mean?Pastor Zirbel
2014-04-27Quasimodogeniti: Easter 2John 20:19-31Peace Be with YouRev Hering
2014-04-27QuasimodogenitiJohn 20:19-31Peace Be With YouPastor Fish
2014-04-27Quasimodo genitiJohn 20:19-31Who do you trust?Pastor Ernst
2014-04-20Easter: The feast of Re...John 20:118The Feast of the Resurrection of ...J. Batchelor
2014-04-20Easter: The feast of Re...John 20:1-18SunriseRev Eckert
2014-04-20Easter: The feast of Re...Colossians 3:1-4; ...Seeking ChristPastor Zirbel
2014-04-20Easter1 Corinthians 5:6-8The Easter Feast Is the Lamb of GodPastor Schlamann
2014-04-20Easter: The feast of Re...Isaiah 53:10-12The Servant Shares the Victorious...Pastor Fish
2014-04-20The Resurrection of Our...Mark 16:1-8There You Will See HimRev Hering
2014-04-20Easter Sunday1 Corinthians 5:6-8What kind of party is this?Pastor Ernst
2014-04-18FLent 6, series ASeven Contrasts of the PassionJ. Batchelor
2014-04-18FGood FridayIsaiah 53:4-10The Servant Saves By Suffering in...Pastor Fish
2014-04-18FGood FridayIsaiah 52:12-53:13He hath borne our griefs and carr...Pastor Ernst
2014-04-17RMaundy ThursdayIsaiah 52:13-53:3The Servant Blesses with Hidden A...Pastor Fish
2014-04-17RMaundy ThursdayJohn 13:34 & 1 Cor...Received and DeliveredRev Hering
2014-04-13Palm SundayMatthew 27:11-54Palm SundayRev Eckert
2014-04-13Lent 6, series AJohn 12:12-43Palm SundayJ. Batchelor
2014-04-13Palm Sunday 2014Luke 19:29-48Processing with PurposePastor Zirbel
2014-04-13Palmarum & Passion Sun...John 12:12-19When Jesus Was GlorifiedRev Hering
2014-04-13Palm SundayMatthew 21:1-9After the ParadePastor Fish
2014-04-13Palm SundayMatthew 21:1-9True peacePastor Ernst
2014-04-09WJudica MidweekPsalm 116:15A Share in Our Savior's SufferingRev Hering
2014-04-09WLenten Midweek #6Isaiah 52:7-10The Servant Has Beautiful FeetPastor Fish
2014-04-06Lent 5, series AJohn 11:153Fifth Sunday in LentJ. Batchelor
2014-04-06Lent 5, series AJohn 11:1-45Death-Defying FaithPastor Zirbel
2014-04-06Judica: Fifth Sunday in...John 8:42-59Jesus Hid HimselfRev Hering
2014-04-06JudicaJohn 8:46-47What Are You Hearing?Pastor Fish
2014-04-06Lent 5, series ASt. John 11.17-27,...Dust Destined for LifeRev Weise
2014-04-06Judica: Fifth Sunday of...Numbers 21:4-9The image of wrath turned to mercyPastor Ernst
2014-04-02WLenten Midweek #5Isaiah 50:4-11The Servant Is Focused on His WorkPastor Fish
2014-03-30Lent 4, series AJohn 9:1-41Why? Why Not?!Pastor Zirbel
2014-03-30Lent 4, series AJohn 9:141Fourth Sunday in LentJ. Batchelor
2014-03-30Lent IVIsaiah 42.14-21/St...Was Blind But Now I SeeRev Weise
2014-03-30Laetare: Fourth Sundau ...John 6:1-15Where Are We to Buy Bread?Rev Hering
2014-03-30LaetareJohn 6:1-15More Than You Will Ever NeedPastor Fish
2014-03-30Laetare: Fourth Sunday ...John 6:1-15Abundant gracePastor Ernst
2014-03-26WLenten Midweek #4Isaiah 49:8-18The Servant - From Forgotten to R...Pastor Fish
2014-03-26WOculi MidweekJohn 12:20-27The Art of Prayer and the Fruit o...Rev Hering
2014-03-23Lent 3, series AJohn 4:5-26Location! Location! Location!Pastor Zirbel

      4415 sermons found ... page 6 of 23  

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