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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2012-03-18Laetare - Fourth in LentJohn 6:1-15Jesus feeds miraculouslyRev Eckert
2012-03-18Lent 4BNumbers 21:4-9Seeing IS BelievingPastor Zirbel
2012-03-18Lent 4, series BSt. John 3.14-21God So Loved the WorldRev Weise
2012-03-18LaetareIsaiah 49:8-13Shout for JoyPastor Fish
2012-03-18Lent 4, series BJohn 3:14ff."Grace" is More than a Girl's Name!Rev Wollenburg
2012-03-18LaetareGalatians 4:21-5:1Children of the free womanPastor Ernst
2012-03-14WLent III MidweekSt. Matthew 15.1-20The Sign of CleannessRev Weise
2012-03-14WMidweek Lent Service #4Romans 6 and Luthe...Basic Christian Instruction: The ...Rev Wollenburg
2012-03-14WLenten Midweek #4Luke 23:8-12Humiliation: Before Herod and the...Pastor Fish
2012-03-11Oculi - Third Sunday in...Luke 11:14-28edited from Dr. LutherRev Eckert
2012-03-11Lent 3, series BJohn 2:13-22"A Sense of the Sacred"Rev Taylor
2012-03-11Lent 3, series BJohn 2:13-25Third Sunday in LentJ. Batchelor
2012-03-11Lent 3 BJohn 2:13-22Blessed Anger?Pastor Zirbel
2012-03-11Lent 3, series BPsalm 69.9,St. Joh...The Zeal of Thine House hath Eate...Rev Weise
2012-03-11Oculi2 Samuel 22:1-7I Will Call Upon the LordPastor Fish
2012-03-11Lent 3, series BJohn 2:13-25Church Tampering: Accidental or O...Rev Wollenburg
2012-03-11Oculi: Third Sunday in ...Gospel,Luke 11:14-28Blessed Are Those Who HearRev Hering
2012-03-11OculiLuke 11:14-28Creator of all things invisiblePastor Ernst
2012-03-07W2nd Wed. in LentRom. 13:1-10authorities are established by GodRev Eckert
2012-03-07WMidweek Lent #3The Lord's Prayer ...Basic Christian Instruction: The ...Rev Wollenburg
2012-03-07W3rd Wednesday in LentMark 14:53-64Hatred: The Trial before CaiaphasPastor Fish
2012-03-04Lent 2 BMark 8:37Salvation: What's the Price?Pastor Zirbel
2012-03-04Lent 2, series BMark 8:27-38"Our Contradictions and God's Gra...Rev Taylor
2012-03-042nd Sun. in LentMatt. 15:21-28Jesus not "mission-minded"Rev Eckert
2012-03-04Lent 2, series BMark 8:27-38Second Sunday in LentJ. Batchelor
2012-03-04Lent 2, series BSt. Mark 8.34-38Take Up Your Cross and Follow MeRev Weise
2012-03-04Reminiscere: Second Sun...Gospel,Matthew 15:...Sent to the House of IsraelRev Hering
2012-03-04ReminiscereIsaiah 45:20-25There Is No Other GodPastor Fish
2012-03-04Lent 2, series BMark 7:27-38 & Rom...The Faithful Confession - No Matt...Rev Wollenburg
2012-03-04Reminiscere1 Thessalonians 4:...The work of sanctificationPastor Ernst
2012-02-29WMidweek Lent #2Basic Christian Instruction: The ...Rev Wollenburg
2012-02-29WWed. of First Sun. in L...Matthew 16:21-26Peter speaks for satanRev Eckert
2012-02-29WLenten Midweek #2Matthew 26:36-46Fear: The Prayer in the GardenPastor Fish
2012-02-29WWednesday of Lent ISt. Matthew 12.38-42The Sign of the Propeht JonahRev Weise
2012-02-29WLenten MidweekSt. John 20.19-23Office of the Keys and ConfessionRev Weise
2012-02-26Lent 1, series BGenesis 22:1-18,Ma..."Facing Temptation"Rev Taylor
2012-02-261st Sunday in LentMatt. 4:1-11Temptation of JesusRev Eckert
2012-02-26Lent 1, series BGenesis 22:1-18; M...First Sunday in LentJ. Batchelor
2012-02-26Lent 1 BGenesis 22:1-18; J...Contradictory Temptations?Pastor Zirbel
2012-02-26InvocavitGenesis 3:1-21The Beginning of the EndPastor Fish
2012-02-26Lent 1, series BGenesis 22:1-18Abraham's, Isaac's, God's - and Y...Rev Wollenburg
2012-02-26Lent 1: Invocavit:Gospel,Matthew 4:1...When You Call to HimRev Hering
2012-02-26InvocavitGenesis 22:1-14Test of faith or temptation?Pastor Ernst
2012-02-22WTransfiguration, series BExodus 20:1-17Ash WednesdayJ. Batchelor
2012-02-22WAsh WednesdayMatthew 6:16-21FastRev Eckert
2012-02-22WAsh WednesdayJoel 2.12-19Repentance and ReturnRev Weise
2012-02-22WAsh WednesdayMark 14:22-25Love: The Last SupperPastor Fish
2012-02-22WAsh WednesdayGospel,Matthew 6:1...The Fasting of RepentanceRev Hering
2012-02-22WAsh WednesdayExodus 20:1-17Basic Christian Instruction: The ...Rev Wollenburg
2012-02-22WAsh WednesdayPhilippians 3:7-12Losing all to gain ChristPastor Ernst
2012-02-19Transfiguration, series BMark 9:2-9The Transfiguration of Our LordJ. Batchelor
2012-02-19Transfiguration Sunday BMark 9:2-9God's Loving GlimpsePastor Zirbel
2012-02-19Quinquagesima1 Corinthians 13:1...The LoveRev Eckert
2012-02-19Transfiguration, series BII Corinthians 4.6...Christ Our LightRev Weise
2012-02-19QuinquagesimaEpistle,1 Corinthi...See, We Are Going Up to JerusalemRev Hering
2012-02-19Transfiguration, series BMark 9:2-9In the Glorious Presence of the G...Rev Wollenburg
2012-02-19QuinquagesimaIsaiah 35:3-7Two TruthsPastor Fish
2012-02-19Quinquagesima1 Corinthians 13:1...How great is God's lovePastor Ernst
2012-02-12Epiphany 6, series BMark 1:40-49"Anger, Compassion and Disease"Rev Taylor
2012-02-12Epiphany 6Mark 1:40-45So Right...and So WrongPastor Zirbel
2012-02-12Epiphany 6, series BMark 1:40-45Sixth Sunday after the EpiphanyJ. Batchelor
2012-02-12SexagesimaIsaiah 55:10-11Living and Active WordRev Eckert
2012-02-12SexagesimaGospel,Luke 8:4-15To You It Has Been GivenRev Hering
2012-02-12SexagesimaIsaiah 55:10-13The Promise that Challenges UsPastor Fish
2012-02-12Epiphany 6, series B1 Kings 5:1-14 & M...Surprise! You CAN Hope in God!Rev Wollenburg
2012-02-12Sexagesima2 Corinthians 11:1...The authority of the GospelPastor Ernst
2012-02-05Epiphany 5, series BMark 1:29-39Fifth Sunday after the EpiphanyJ. Batchelor
2012-02-05Septuagesima1 Corinthians 9:24...edited from a sermon by Dr. LutherRev Eckert
2012-02-05Epiphany 5Mark 1:29-39Searching for HappinessPastor Zirbel
2012-02-05Epiphany 5, series BIsaiah 40.28-31Come Unto Me, Ye WearyRev Weise
2012-02-05Septuagesima1 Corinthians 9:24...Prepare yourself for trialsPastor Ernst
2012-02-05SeptuagesimaGospel,Matthew 20:...God Is Unfair--ThankfullyRev Hering
2012-02-02RPurification/PresentationSt. Luke 2.22-40/H...The Purification of the Blessed V...Rev Weise
2012-02-01WWed. after Transfigurat...1 Samuel 1:21-28Presentation EveRev Eckert
2012-01-29Life SundayDeuteronomy 30:11-20"Trust God! Choose Life!Rev Taylor
2012-01-29TransfigurationIs. 61:10-11some material borrowed from M. Lu...Rev Eckert
2012-01-29Epiphany 4, series BMark 1:21-28Fourth Sunday after the EpiphanyJ. Batchelor
2012-01-29Epiphany 4Mark 1:21-28"New" Authority?Pastor Zirbel
2012-01-29Epiphany 4, series BMark 1:18-25You Need a Real SaviorRev Wollenburg
2012-01-29The Transfiguration of ...Gospel,Matthew 17:...It Is Good That We Are HereRev Hering
2012-01-29Transfiguration SundayMatthew 17: 1-9The image of gloryPastor Ernst
2012-01-25WWed. after Third Sunday...Gal. 1:11-24Conversion of St. PaulRev Eckert
2012-01-25WEpiphany 3, series BJames 5.13-16/Isai...Service of Prayer for HealingRev Weise
2012-01-22Third Sunday after Epip...Matthew 8:1-13leper and centurionRev Eckert
2012-01-22Epiphany 3, series B1 Samuel 3:1-20; J...Second Sunday after the Epiphany ...J. Batchelor
2012-01-22Epiphany 3Jonah 3:1-5,10; Ma...Immediate Faithful ResponsePastor Zirbel
2012-01-223rd Sunday after EpiphanyJeremiah 33:6-9Trembling for JoyPastor Fish
2012-01-22Epiphany 3, series BJonah 3:1-5,10 & M...Getting Past What is PastRev Wollenburg
2012-01-22Epiphany 3, HistoricGospel,Matthew 8:1-3Be CleanRev Hering
2012-01-22Third Sunday after Epip...John 1:29-34Behold the Lamb of GodPastor Ernst
2012-01-15Second Sunday after the...John 2:1-11water into wineRev Eckert
2012-01-15Epiphany 2John 1:43-51To Know and Be Known By ChristPastor Zirbel
2012-01-15Epiphany 2, series BMark 1:4-11Baptism of Our Lord (Observed)J. Batchelor
2012-01-15Epiphany 2, series BSt. John 1.43-51Come and SeeRev Weise
2012-01-152nd Sunday after EpiphanyDeuteronomy 18:15-19The Prophet Like MosesPastor Fish
2012-01-15Epiphany 2, series BJohn 1:43-51We Just HAVE to Tell the World!Rev Wollenburg
2012-01-15Second Sunday after Epi...John 2:1-11The shape of things to comePastor Ernst
2012-01-08First Sunday after Epip...Luke 2:41-52The Boy Jesus in the TempleRev Eckert
2012-01-08The Baptism of Our LordMark 1:4-11How God Sees YouRev Taylor
2012-01-08Epiphany 1, series BMatthew 2:1-12Epiphany (Observed)J. Batchelor
2012-01-08Epiphany (Observed)Matthew 2:1-12Epiphany RevelationsPastor Zirbel
2012-01-08Epiphany 1, series BSt. Matthew 3.13-17The Baptism of Our LordRev Weise
2012-01-081st Sunday after EpiphanyIsaiah 61:1-3The Favorable YearPastor Fish
2012-01-08Epiphany 1, series BMark 1:4-11Why Was Jesus Baptized?Rev Wollenburg
2012-01-08First Sunday after Epip...Luke 2:41-52Never too earlyPastor Ernst
2012-01-06FEpiphanyEphesians 3:2-12The Epiphany of our LordRev Eckert
2012-01-06FEpiphanyIsaiah 49:1-7The Light of the NationsPastor Fish
2012-01-06FEpiphanyMatthew 2:1-12Christ for all the nationsPastor Ernst
2012-01-01The Circumcision and Na...St. Luke 2.21The Holy Name of JesusRev Weise
2012-01-01Circumcision of JesusLuke 2:21Full Fulfilment...in ChristPastor Zirbel
2012-01-01Sunday after ChristmasGal. 3:23-29New Year's DayRev Eckert
2012-01-01First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:21The Circumcision and Name of JesusJ. Batchelor
2012-01-01Circumcision & Name of ...St. Luke 2:21His Name Says It AllPastor Schlamann
2012-01-01New Year's Day SundayIsaiah 55:1-9Listen, That You May LivePastor Fish
2012-01-01The Circumcision and Na...Num. 6:22-27; Gal....MY Name is . . . !Rev Wollenburg
2012-01-01Circumcision and Naming...Luke 2:21No other namePastor Ernst
2011-12-31AChristmas Day, series BRomans 8:31b-39New Year's EveJ. Batchelor
2011-12-31ANew Year's EveIsaiah 42:1-7God's Ways and God's PlansPastor Fish
2011-12-31ANew Year's EvePsalm 130 & Jeremi...The Sweetest Words EVER!Rev Wollenburg
2011-12-28WfuneralPsalm 27:1No Fear! Only Jesus!Pastor Schlamann
2011-12-28WWed. after Christmas DayMatthew 2:13-18Holy InnocentsRev Eckert
2011-12-26MSecond Christmas DayMatthew 23:34-39St. StephenRev Eckert
2011-12-25Christmas DayLuke 2:14Nativity of our LordRev Eckert
2011-12-25Christmas Day, series BJohn 1:1-18Christmas DayJ. Batchelor
2011-12-25Christmas Day, series BLuke 2:1-20"Unto You is Born a Savior"Rev Taylor
2011-12-25Christmas DayJohn 1:14Christmas ExpectationsPastor Zirbel
2011-12-25Christmas Day, series BSt. John 1.1-14Christmas--The BeginningRev Weise
2011-12-25The Nativity of Our Lor...St. John 1:1-18The Light Shines forth upon UsPastor Schlamann
2011-12-25Christmas DayMicah 5:2-4The Game ChangerPastor Fish
2011-12-25Christmas SundayJohn 1:1-14The mystery of the IncarnationPastor Ernst
2011-12-24AChristmas EveLuke 2:1-14Christmas Eve VigilRev Eckert
2011-12-24AThe Eve of the Nativity...John 1:1-5,14"We Beheld His Glory"Rev Taylor
2011-12-24AAdvent 4, series BLuke 2:1-20Christmas EveJ. Batchelor
2011-12-24AChristmas EveIsaiah 7.10-10/St....Christmas EveRev Weise
2011-12-24AChristmas EveLuke 2:1-20Christ: Right or Gift?Pastor Zirbel
2011-12-24AChristmas EveIsaiah 7:14Immanuel, God with UsPastor Fish
2011-12-24AThe Nativity of Our Lor...St. Luke 2:8-20Why This Night Is Different from ...Pastor Schlamann
2011-12-24AChristmas EveLuke 2:1-14The light will shine in your dark...Pastor Ernst
2011-12-21WWed. after 4th Sunday i...Ephesians 1:3-14St. ThomasRev Eckert
2011-12-21WSt. ThomasSt. John 20.24-29The Feast of St. ThomasRev Weise
2011-12-21WAdvent 4, series B2 Samuel 7:1-11,16Fourth Midweek in AdventJ. Batchelor
2011-12-21WAdvent 4, series B2 Samuel 7:1-11,16Fourth Midweek in AdventJ. Batchelor
2011-12-21WAdvent 4, series BRev. 22:7-11,Rev. ...The 3 Comings of Jesus: #3 - The ...Rev Wollenburg
2011-12-21WMidweek Advent 4The Third ArticleThe Ultimate HopePastor Fish
2011-12-18Advent 4, series BLuke 1:26-38"The Verdict"Rev Taylor
2011-12-18Advent 4, series BLuke 1:26-38Fourth Sunday in AdventJ. Batchelor
2011-12-184th Sun. in AdventJohn 1:19-28John gives his testimonyRev Eckert
2011-12-18Advent 4Luke 1:26-38Rejoice in the Good NewsPastor Zirbel
2011-12-18Advent IV (Rorate coeli)St. John 1:19-28Prepare the Way of the Lord!Pastor Schlamann
2011-12-18Advent 4: Rorate CoeliOT,Deuteronomy 18:...Done for and Done toRev Hering
2011-12-184th Sunday in AdventIsaiah 40:1-8The Message Is Still the SamePastor Fish
2011-12-18Advent 4, series BLuke 1:26-38What Made Mary 'Worthy?'"Rev Wollenburg
2011-12-18Fourth Sunday of AdventJohn 1:19-28Why then baptize?Pastor Ernst
2011-12-14WWed. after the 3rd Sund...John 15:9-17loveRev Eckert
2011-12-14WMidweek Advent 3The Third ArticleThe Spirit Who Works Among UsPastor Fish
2011-12-14WMidweek Advent III, 2011I Thessalonians 5....Growing in Holiness During AdventRev Weise
2011-12-11Third Sunday in AdventMatthew 11:2-10what did you come to see?Rev Eckert
2011-12-11Advent 3, series BIsaiah 61:10-11"When it is better to receive tha...Rev Taylor
2011-12-11Advent 3, series BJohn 1:6-8,19-28Third Sunday in AdventJ. Batchelor
2011-12-11Advent 3Isaiah 61:1-2; Joh...The Joy of AdventPastor Zirbel
2011-12-113rd Sunday in AdventMalachi 3:1-6My MessengerPastor Fish
2011-12-11Advent 3, series BIsaiah 61:1-4,8-11The Glorious gift of Second ChancesRev Wollenburg
2011-12-11Third Sunday in AdventMatthew 11:2-10Who spoke by the prophetsPastor Ernst
2011-12-11Advent 3: GaudeteOT,Isaiah 40:1-11Behold Your GodRev Hering
2011-12-07W2nd Wed. in AdventPhilemonPhilemonRev Eckert
2011-12-07WMidweek Advent 2Second ArticleThe Savior Who CamePastor Fish
2011-12-04Second Sunday in AdventLuke 21:25-36edited from a sermon by Dr. LutherRev Eckert
2011-12-04Advent 2, series BMark 1:1-8Black Friday and Cyber Monday...N...Rev Taylor
2011-12-04Advent 2, series BMark 1:1-8Second Sunday in AdventJ. Batchelor
2011-12-04Advent 22 Peter 3:8-14God's Precious CommodityPastor Zirbel
2011-12-04Advent II (Populus Zion)Luke 21:25-36Your Redemption Is NearPastor Schlamann
2011-12-042nd Sunday in AdventMicah 4:1-7God's New OrderPastor Fish
2011-12-04Second Sunday in AdventRomans 15:4-13Endurance trainingPastor Ernst
2011-12-04Advent 2: Populus ZionOT,Malachi 4:1-3Behold, the Day Is ComingRev Hering
2011-12-04Advent 2, series BSt. Mark 1.1-8Prepare Ye the Way of the LordRev Weise
2011-11-30WFirst Wednesday in AdventJohn 1:35-42St. AndrewRev Eckert
2011-11-30WMidweek Advent 1First ArticleCreatorPastor Fish
2011-11-30WMidweek Advent 1/St. An...St. John 1.35-42aFeast of St. Andrew, ApostleRev Weise
2011-11-271st Sunday in Advent1 Corinthians 1:3-9Faithfully WaitingPastor Zirbel
2011-11-27First Sunday in AdventJeremiah 33:14-18Branch of RighteousnessRev Eckert
2011-11-27Advent 1, series BMark 11:1-10First Sunday in AdventJ. Batchelor
2011-11-27First Sunday in AdventJeremiah 23:5-8The Promised Time of PeacePastor Fish
2011-11-27Advent 1, Ad te levaviMatthew 21:1-9He ComesPastor Schlamann
2011-11-27First Sunday in AdventLuke 3:1-6The Gospel in real timePastor Ernst
2011-11-27Advent 1: Ad Te LevaviOT,Jeremiah 33:5-8A Righteous BranchRev Hering
2011-11-24RThanksgiving DayPsalm 100; Luke 17...Thanks in ALL CircumstancesPastor Zirbel
2011-11-24RThanksgiving1 Thessalonians 5:...Rejoice, Pray, and Give ThanksPastor Fish
2011-11-23WWednesday after the Las...Philippians 4:16-20Eve of ThanksgivingRev Eckert
2011-11-23WThanksgiving EveLuke 12:13-21Thanksgiving EveJ. Batchelor
2011-11-23WThanksgiving EveDeuteronomy 8.1-10Thanksgiving EveRev Weise
2011-11-20Last Sunday in Church Y...Matthew 25:31-46Judging a Book by the Cover?Pastor Zirbel
2011-11-2027th (Last) Sunday afte...Matthew 25:1-13ten virginsRev Eckert
2011-11-20Last Sunday after Pente...Matthew 25:31-46"Bad" Sheep and "Good" GoatsRev Taylor
2011-11-20Last Sunday after Pente...Matt 25:31-46Today Viewed from TomorrowPastor Wright
2011-11-20Last Sunday after Pente...Matthew 25:31-46Last Sunday of the Church YearJ. Batchelor
2011-11-20Last Sunday in the Chur...Matthew 25:1-13And So, We WaitPastor Fish
2011-11-20Last Sunday of the Chur...Gospel,Matthew 25:...Here Is the Bridegroom!Rev Hering
2011-11-20Christ the King Sunday2 Peter 3:8-14One day or a thousand yearsPastor Ernst
2011-11-20Christ the KingSt. Matthew 25.31-46Servants of the KingRev Weise
2011-11-13Pentecost 22Matthew 25:14-30Perception versus RealityPastor Zirbel

      3236 sermons found ... page 6 of 17  

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