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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2018-10-21Pentecost 22, Proper 24...Hebrews 4.1-13Rest With GodRev Weise
2018-10-14Pentecost 21, Proper 23...St. Mark 10.17-22Jesus is Our TreasureRev Weise
2018-10-07Pentecost 20, Proper 22...Genesis 2.18-25/St...Marriage BlessingsRev Weise
2018-09-23Pentecost 18, Proper 20...St. Mark 9.30-37True GreatnessRev Weise
2018-09-16Pentecost 17, Proper 19...St. Mark 9.14-29Lord, I Believe. Help My UnbeliefRev Weise
2018-09-09Pentecost 16, Proper 18...Isaiah 35.3-7/St. ...God Will Come And Save YouRev Weise
2018-09-02Pentecost 15, Proper 17...Ephesians 6.10-20/...Create In Me a Clean Heart, O GodRev Weise
2018-08-26Pentecost 14, Proper 16...St. Mark 7.1-13/Ep...The Word Above All ElseRev Weise
2018-08-19Pentecost 13, Proper 15...Ephesians 5.6-21Redeem The TimeRev Weise
2018-08-15WSt. Mary, the Mother of...Isaiah 61,7-11/St....Double HonorRev Weise
2018-08-12Pentecost 12, Proper 14...Ephesians 4.17-5.2Be Imitators of GodRev Weise
2018-08-05Pentecost 11, Proper 13...St. John 6.22-35Getting God RightRev Weise
2018-07-29Pentecost 10, Proper 12...Ephesians 3.13-21/...Jesus Rescues Us From DangerRev Weise
2018-07-01Pentecost 6, Proper 8, ...Lamentations 3.22-...Do Not Be Afraid. Only Believe.Rev Weise
2018-06-24Nativity of St. John th...Isaiah 40.1-5/St L...God Keeps His PromisesRev Weise
2018-06-17Pentecost 4, Proper 6, ...II Corinthians 5.1...We Are All Going to Die. And We ...Rev Weise
2018-05-20Feast of Pentecost, ser...Acts 2.1-21/St. Jo...Pentecost: The Beginning of the ...Rev Weise
2018-05-13Sunday after AscensionSt. John 17.11b-19Unity in ChristRev Weise
2018-05-10RThe Ascension of Our LordEphesians 4.7-10Christ Fills All ThingsRev Weise
2018-05-06Easter 6, series BI John 5.1-8/St. J...Love As You Are LovedRev Weise
2018-04-29Easter 5, series BSt. John 15.1-8Abide in ChristRev Weise
2018-04-22Easter 4, series BPsalm 23/St. John ...Christ the Good ShepherdRev Weise
2018-04-15Easter 3, series BSt. Luke 24.36-49Peace to Calm Your Troubled HeartRev Weise
2018-04-08Easter 2, series BSt. John 20.19-31/...The Office of the KeysRev Weise
2018-04-01Easter: The feast of Re...I Corinthians 15.1...This is the DayRev Weise
2018-03-31AEaster VigilSt. John 20.1-18From Bad to Worse to Greater than...Rev Weise
2018-03-25Palm SundayZechariah 9.9-12/P...Obedience, Faithfulness, HumilityRev Weise
2018-03-18Lent 5, series BSt. Mark 10.29-34Walking With JesusRev Weise
2018-03-11Lent 4, series BSt. John 3.14-21God Loves YouRev Weise
2018-03-04Lent 3, series BI Corinthians 1.18...The Message of the Cross is Fooli...Rev Weise
2018-02-25Lent 2, series BCollect of the Day...I am Weak, But He is StrongRev Weise
2018-02-18Lent 1, series BGenesis 22.1-18/Ja...Jesus, Lead Thou OnRev Weise
2018-02-14WAsh WednesdayGenesis 3/Joel 2.1...Dust You Are, And Unto Dust You S...Rev Weise
2018-02-11Transfiguration, series B2 Corinthians 3.12...Restored in the Image of GodRev Weise
2018-02-07WWednesday of Epiphany VJob 6.1-13God Will Never Give Up On YouRev Weise
2018-02-04Epiphany 5, series BIsaiah 40.21-31/St...Why Are You Here?Rev Weise
2018-01-28Epiphany 4, series BDeuteronomy 18.15-...Listen to JesusRev Weise
2018-01-21Epiphany 3, series BJonah 3.1-10/1Cori...You\'re Not Good EnoughRev Weise
2018-01-14Epiphany 2, series BGenesis 28.12b-15a...Can Anything Good Come Out of Naz...Rev Weise
2018-01-07The Baptism of Our LordRomans 6.1-11/St. ...Jesus Takes Your Sins AwayRev Weise
2018-01-05FThe Epiphany of Our Lor...Ephesians 3.1-12/S...The Savior Of All HumanityRev Weise
2017-12-31First Sunday after Chri...Galatians 4.4-7Children of GodRev Weise
2017-12-24Christmas EveSt. Luke 2.1-20For Unto You is Born this Day a S...Rev Weise
2017-12-24Advent 4, series BSt. Luke 1.26-38The Promise FulfilledRev Weise
2017-12-20WSt. Thomas (Observed)St. John 20.24-29The Saints of Advent: St. ThomasRev Weise
2017-12-17Advent 3, series B1 Thessalonians 5....Rejoice. Pray. Give Thanks.Rev Weise
2017-12-13WSt. Lucy, Virgin and Ma...II Corinthians 10....The Saints of Advent: St. Lucy--...Rev Weise
2017-12-10Advent 2, series BIsaiah 40.1-11/St....Prepare the Way of the LordRev Weise
2017-12-06WFeast of St. NicholasHebrews 13.7-17The Saints of Advent: St. Nichol...Rev Weise
2017-12-03Advent 1, series BSt. Mark 11.1-10/C...Come, Lord JesusRev Weise
2017-11-26Last Sunday after Pente...St. Matthew 25.31-46Sheep Who Serve Their KingRev Weise
2017-11-22WThanksgiving EvePhilippians 4.6-20Give ThanksRev Weise
2017-11-19Pentecost 24, Proper 28...St. Matthew 25.14-...Put Your Faith to WorkRev Weise
2017-11-12Pentecost 23, Proper 27...Amos 5.18-24/I The...Jesus is ComingRev Weise
2017-11-07TTuesday of Pentecost XX...St. Matthew 16.1-12Beware the Doctrine of the Pharis...Rev Weise
2017-11-05Pentecost 22, Proper 26...St. Matthew 23.1-12True HumilityRev Weise
2017-11-01WAll Saints DayRevelation 7.9-17All SaintsRev Weise
2017-10-29Reformation SundaySt. Matthew 4.17/R...Repent!Rev Weise
2017-10-22Pentecost 20, Proper 24...Isaiah 45.1-7The Most Important ThingRev Weise
2017-10-20FPentecost 19, Proper 23...James 5.13-16/St. ...Service of Prayer for HealingRev Weise
2017-10-15Pentecost 19, Proper 23...Philippians 4.4-13Contentment in ChristRev Weise
2017-10-08Pentecost XVIIIIsaiah 5.1-7/St. M...Built on the RockRev Weise
2017-09-24Pentecost 16, Proper 20...Philippians 1.12-1...To Live is Christ. To Die is GainRev Weise
2017-09-10Pentecost 14, Proper 18...Ezekiel 33.7-11/St...Turn From Your Evil Ways and LiveRev Weise
2017-08-27Pentecost 12, Proper 16...St. Matthew 16.13-20Who Do You Say That I AmRev Weise
2017-08-20Pentecost 11, Proper 15...Isaiah 56.1,6-8 & ...God Gathers His OutcastsRev Weise
2017-08-06Pentecost 9, Proper 13,...Isaiah 55.1-5/St. ...Christ Provides All We NeedRev Weise
2017-07-30Pentecost 8, Proper 12,...Romans 8.28-39/St....Jesus is Looking for YouRev Weise
2017-07-23Pentecost 7, Proper 11,...St. Matthew 13.24-...Are You Ready?!Rev Weise
2017-07-16Pentecost 6, Proper 10,...Isaiah 55.10-13/St...The Power of the WordRev Weise
2017-07-09Pentecost VRomans 7.14-25/St....Come Unto Me, Ye WearyRev Weise
2017-06-04PentecostActs 2.1-21THE END IS NEAR!Rev Weise
2017-05-28Easter 7, series AI Peter 4.12-19; 5...Jesus Lives, the Victory\'s WonRev Weise
2017-05-21Easter 6, series AI Peter 3.13-22/St...You Have Hope Because You Have Ch...Rev Weise
2017-05-14Easter 5, series ASt. John 14.1-14At Home With JesusRev Weise
2017-05-07Easter 4, series AI Peter 2.19-25/St...The Good ShepherdRev Weise
2017-04-30Easter 3, series ASt. Luke 24.13-35Abide With MeRev Weise
2017-04-26WWednesday of Easter IIJonah 2.1-10/St. M...The Sign of JonahRev Weise
2017-04-23Easter 2, series ASt. John 20.19-31Believing with ThomasRev Weise
2017-04-16Easter: The feast of Re...St. Matthew 28.1-10Christ is Risen! He is Risen, In...Rev Weise
2017-04-16Easter: The feast of Re...St. Matthew 28.1-10Christ is Risen! He is Risen, In...Rev Weise
2017-04-13RLent 6, series AVerbaThe Sacrament is for SinnersRev Weise
2017-04-09Palm SundayZechariah 9/Isaiah...Behold Your King!Rev Weise
2017-04-05WLent 5, series ASt. John 10.22-38The Disciplines of Lent: Faithfu...Rev Weise
2017-04-02Lent 5, series ASt. John 11.17-27,...Dust Destined for LifeRev Weise
2017-03-29WMidweek Lent IVSt. John 9.1-7The Disciplines of Lent: WorkRev Weise
2017-03-26Lent 4, series AIsaiah 42.14-21/Ep...The Light of the WorldRev Weise
2017-03-22WWednesday of Lent IIISt. Matthew 15.1-9The Disciplines of Lent: WorshipRev Weise
2017-03-19Lent 3, series ARomans 5.3-5Rejoicing in SufferingRev Weise
2017-03-15WWednesday of Lent IISt. Matthew 20.17-28The Disciplines of Lent: ServiceRev Weise
2017-03-12Lent 2, series ASt. John 3.16God So Loved the WorldRev Weise
2017-03-08WWednesday of Lent ISt. Matthew 12.46-50The Disciplines of Lent: ObedienceRev Weise
2017-03-05Lent 1, series AGenesis 3.1-21/St....Lead Us Not Into TemptationRev Weise
2017-03-01WAsh WednesdayGenesis 3.1-19You are Dust, and Unto Dust You S...Rev Weise
2017-02-26Transfiguration, series ASt. Matthew 17.1-9Listen to JesusRev Weise
2017-02-19Epiphany 7, series A1 Corinthians 3.10...All Things are YoursRev Weise
2017-02-12Epiphany 6, series ASt. Matthew 5.21-37The Perfect Law of God Requires t...Rev Weise
2016-03-27Easter: The feast of Re...1 Corinthians 15.1...By Man Came Death--By Man Also Ca...Rev Weise
2016-03-26ALent 6, series CSt. John 20.1-18Christ is RsienRev Weise
2016-03-25FLent 6, series CSt. John 17.30It Is FinishedRev Weise
2015-03-01Lent 2, series BRomans 5.1-11/St. ...Who Do You Say That I Am?Rev Weise
2015-02-22Lent 1, series BJames 1.12-18/St. ...Blessed Is The Man Who Endures Te...Rev Weise
2015-02-18WAsh WednesdayGenesis 3.19/Joel ...Repent!Rev Weise
2015-02-15Transfiguration, series BExodus 34.29-35/II...Listen to JesusRev Weise
2015-02-08Epiphany 5, series BIsaiah 40.21-31/St...I Will Raise You UpRev Weise
2015-02-01Epiphany IVDeuteronomy 18.15-...The Authority of ChristRev Weise
2014-04-06Lent 5, series ASt. John 11.17-27,...Dust Destined for LifeRev Weise
2014-03-30Lent IVIsaiah 42.14-21/St...Was Blind But Now I SeeRev Weise
2014-03-19WMidweek of Lent III Peter 2.19-25Carrying the Cross: Suffer Patie...Rev Weise
2014-03-16Lent 2, series AJohn 3.1-17God So Loved the WorldRev Weise
2014-03-12WMidweek Lent I: Circui...St. Matthew 27.11-26Who Do You Say That I Am: PilateRev Weise
2014-03-12WMidweek Lent 1I Peter 1.13-21Carrying the Cross: Be HolyRev Weise
2014-03-09Lent 1, series AGenesis 3.1-24/St....Lead Us Not Into TemptationRev Weise
2014-03-05WAsh WednesdayJoel 2.12-19/St. M...Take up Your CrossRev Weise
2014-03-02Transfiguration, series ASt. Matthew 17.1-9Listen to JesusRev Weise
2014-02-16Epiphany 6, series ADeuteronomy 30.15-...Choose LifeRev Weise
2014-02-05WWed. of Epiph. IVI Corinthians 1.18...We Preach Christ CrucifiedRev Weise
2014-02-02The Presentation of Our...St. Luke 2.22-40The Presentation of Our LordRev Weise
2014-01-26Epiphany 3, series AIsaiah 9.1-4/St. M...Light of LightRev Weise
2014-01-15WEpiphany 1, series AII Cor. 4.16-5.9/J...Service of Prayer for HealingRev Weise
2014-01-12The Baptism of Our LordSt. Matthew 3.13-17Thank God I'm BaptizedRev Weise
2014-01-06MThe Epiphany of Our LordSt. Matthew 2.1-12Gifts of the MagiRev Weise
2014-01-05Second Sunday after Chr...Isaiah 55.6/St. Lu...Seek the LORD While He May be FoundRev Weise
2014-01-01WThe Name of JesusSt. Luke 2.21The Holy Name of JesusRev Weise
2013-12-31TNew Year's EveSt. Luke 12.35-40New Year's EveRev Weise
2013-12-29First Sunday after Chri...St. Matthew 2.13-23Monsters Made Children of GodRev Weise
2013-12-24TChristmas EveTitus 3.4-7/St. Lu...Glory to God in the HighestRev Weise
2013-12-22Advent 4, series AIsaiah 7.10-17/St....Do Not Be AfraidRev Weise
2013-12-18WWed of Advent IIIJames 5.7-11Be PatientRev Weise
2013-12-15Advent 3, series ASt. Matthew 11.2-1...Are You "The One"?Rev Weise
2013-12-11WWednesday of Advent IIRomans 15.4-13Christ our HopeRev Weise
2013-12-04WWednesday of Advent IRomans 13.8-14Wake UpRev Weise
2013-11-27WThanksgiving EvePhilippinas 4.6-10...Thanksgiving EveRev Weise
2013-11-24Christ the KingColossians 1.13-20...Christ the KingRev Weise
2013-11-17Trinity XXVI Thessalonians 4....Thy Kingdom ComeRev Weise
2013-11-13WWednesday of Trinity XXIVSt. John 5.24-29The Hour is ComingRev Weise
2013-11-10Trinity XXIVColossians 1.9-14/...Be Of Good Cheer, Your Faith Has ...Rev Weise
2013-11-03All SaintsMatthew 5 .4Blessed are They Who MournRev Weise
2013-11-03Trinity XXIIISt. Matthew 22.15-11Render unto Caesar . . . Render u...Rev Weise
2013-10-30WWednesday of Trinity XXIISt. Matthew 18.10-14Christ has Come to Save That whic...Rev Weise
2013-10-27ReformationSt. John 8.31-36/R...Freedom in ChristRev Weise
2013-10-23WSt. James, Brother of J...Acts 15.12-22aSt. James the JustRev Weise
2013-10-20Trinity XXIEphesians 6.10-17Fight the Good FightRev Weise
2013-10-13Trinity XXSt. Matthew 22.1-14The Clothes Make the ManRev Weise
2013-10-06Trinity XIXGenesis 28.10-17/(...I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsak...Rev Weise
2013-09-29St. Michael and All Ang...Daniel 10.10-14,12...St. Michael and All AngelsRev Weise
2013-09-25WWednesday of Trinity XVIISt. Mark 2.18-20Fast or Feast?Rev Weise
2013-09-22Trinity XVIIProverbs 25.6-14/E...Christian HumilityRev Weise
2013-09-15Trinity XVISt. Luke 7.11-17AriseRev Weise
2013-09-11WWednesday of Trinity XVSt. Luke 10.38-42One Thing's NeedfulRev Weise
2013-09-08Trinity XVSt. Matthew 6.24-34Seek First the Kingdom of GodRev Weise
2013-09-04WWednesday of Trinity XIVActs 3.1-10/St. Jo...We Are Beggars. This is True.Rev Weise
2013-09-01Trinity XIVSt. Luke 17.11-19/...Jesus, Master, Have Mercy on UsRev Weise
2013-08-25Trinity XIIILuke 10.23-37The Good SamaritanRev Weise
2013-08-21WWed. of Trinity XIIPsalm 141.3/James ...Set A Guard, O LORD, Over My MouthRev Weise
2013-08-18Trinity XIIIsaiah 29.17-24/St...Promise and GloryRev Weise
2013-08-15RSt. Mary, the Mother of...St. Luke 1.46-55St. Mary, the Mother of Our LordRev Weise
2013-08-04Trinity XJer. 8.4-12/I Cor....Know Jesus--Know PeaceRev Weise
2013-07-24WWed. of Trinity VIIISt. Matthew 7.22-29Built on the RockRev Weise
2013-07-14Trinity VIIGenesis 2.7-17/Rom...Jesus Brings EdenRev Weise
2013-07-07Trinity VIPsalm 1/Exodus 20....Blessed is the ManRev Weise
2013-05-12Sunday after AscensionI Peter 4.12-14Fiery Trials, Suffering, and Repr...Rev Weise
2013-05-05RogateSt. John 16.23-33Pray!Rev Weise
2013-05-01WSt. Philip and St. JamesSt. John 14.1-14St. Philip and St. JamesRev Weise
2013-04-28CantateJames 1.16-21/St. ...The Spirit Convicts of Sin, Right...Rev Weise
2013-04-24WSt. Mark, EvangelistSt. Mark 16.14-20St. Mark, EvangelistRev Weise
2013-04-21JubilateSt. John 16.16-22RejoiceRev Weise
2013-04-17WThe Annunciation--Trans...St. Luke 1.26-38The AnnunciationRev Weise
2013-04-14Misercordias DominiSt. John 10.11-16Jesus: The Good ShepherdRev Weise
2013-04-11RService of Prayer for H...I Peter 5.6-11Humble Yourselves Under the Might...Rev Weise
2013-03-31The Resurrection of Our...St. Mark 16.1-8Christ is RisenRev Weise
2013-03-30AEaster Eve/Family Easte...St. John 20.1-18Christ is RisenRev Weise
2013-03-28RHoly ThursdayVerbaThis Do In Remembrance of MeRev Weise
2013-03-27WWednesday of Holy WeekSt. John 12.24-50Walk in the LightRev Weise
2013-03-26TTuesday in Holy WeekSt. John 12.20-33Media Vita in Morte SummusRev Weise
2013-03-25MMonday in Holy WeekSt. John 12.1-11Humility. Devotion. FaithfulnessRev Weise
2013-03-24Palm SundaySt. Matthew 21.1-11Blessed is HeRev Weise
2013-03-20WWed. after JudicaSt. John 10.22-38The Disciplines of Lent: Faithfu...Rev Weise
2013-03-17Judica/Lent V/St. PatrickSt. John 8.46-59Argument or ConfessionRev Weise
2013-03-13WWed. after LaetareSt. John 9.1-7The Disciplines of Lent: WorkRev Weise
2013-03-10Lent IV--LaetareSt. JOhn 6.1-15Give Us This Day Our Daily BreadRev Weise
2013-03-06WWednesday of Lent III/O...St. Matthew 15.1-9The Disciplines of Lent: WorshipRev Weise
2013-03-03Lent III/OculiSt. Luke 11.14-28Christ Our Great ExorcistRev Weise
2013-02-27WWednesday of ReminiscereSt. Matthew 20.17-28The Disciplines of Lent: ServiceRev Weise
2013-02-24Lent 2/ReminiscereSt. Matthew 15.21-28Desperate Times Call For Desperat...Rev Weise
2013-02-20WWed. of InvocabitSt. Matthew 12.46-50The Disciplines of Lent: ObedienceRev Weise
2013-02-18MMonday of Lent 1Psalm 16.11In Memoriam: Julia M. JohnsonRev Weise
2013-02-17Lent ISt. Matthew 4.1-11Lead Us Not Into TemptationRev Weise
2013-02-13WAsh WednesdayGenesis 3.19/St. M...Dust Thou Art, and Unto Dust Shal...Rev Weise
2013-02-10QuinquagesimaI Corinthians 13.1...The Love of ChristRev Weise
2013-02-03SexagesimaII Corinthians 11....Christ's Strength Made Perfect in...Rev Weise
2013-01-27SeptuagesimaI Corinthians 9.24...Christ Our rockRev Weise
2013-01-20The Transfiguration of ...St. Matthew 17.1-9Transfigured Jesus--Transfigured ...Rev Weise
2012-12-16Advent IIIIsaiah 40.1-11/St....The Comfort of ChristRev Weise
2012-12-02Advent I: Ad Te LevaviJeremiah 23.5-8/St...Stir Up Thy Power O Lord, and ComeRev Weise
2012-11-28WLast Sunday after Pente...Romans 10.8b-18/St...St. Andrew, Apostle (transferred)Rev Weise
2012-11-21WThanksgiving EveLamentations 3.21-...Give ThanksRev Weise
2012-11-18Pentecost 25, Proper 28...St. Mark 13.1-13He Who Endures Shall Be SavedRev Weise
2012-11-11Pentecost 24, Proper 27...I Kings 17.8-16/St...Trust MeRev Weise
2012-11-04Pentecost 23, Proper 26...Deuteronomy 6.1-9/...The Great Commandments of GodRev Weise

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