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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2019-09-14ASaturday after the 13th...John 10:7-16Funeral for Robert MattijetzRev Eckert
2019-09-08Thirteenth Sunday after...Luke 10:23-37still a bit out of sequenceRev Eckert
2019-08-28WWednesday after the Ele...Romans 6:1-5Eve of the Martyrdom of Saint Joh...Rev Eckert
2019-08-18Tenth after TrinityLuke 19:41-48Rev Eckert
2019-08-11Trinity 92 Samuel 22:26-34.Rev Eckert
2019-08-04Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7:15-23a slight jump in the church yearRev Eckert
2019-07-28Sixth Sunday after Trin...Matthew 5:17-26Pentecost 7, if I was using the t...Rev Eckert
2019-07-21Fifth Sunday after Trin...1 Peter 3:8-15Trinity 5Rev Eckert
2019-07-10WWed. after Trinity 3Acts 14:19-15:5Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2019-07-03WWed. after Second Sunda...Isaiah 11:1-5Visitation (observed)Rev Eckert
2019-06-30Second Sunday after Tri...Luke 14:15-24(largely Johann Gerhardt and Mart...Rev Eckert
2019-06-26WWed. after First Sunday...Joshua 1:1-18Nativity of Saint John Baptist (o...Rev Eckert
2019-06-05WWed. after Easter 7Luke 1:67-80Memorial for Linda McCurdyRev Eckert
2019-06-02Easter 7John 15:26-16:4ExaudiRev Eckert
2019-05-29WWednesday after RogateMark 16:14fAscension EveRev Eckert
2019-05-22WWed. after Easter 5Song of Solomon 6:...Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2019-05-08WWed. after Third Sunday...Jeremiah 3:11-19Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2019-05-01WWed. after Second Sunda...Exodus 24Wed. after QuasimodogenitiRev Eckert
2019-04-21Easter: The feast of Re...Mark 16:1-8The Resurrection of our Lord Jesu...Rev Eckert
2019-04-20AEaster VigilJohn 20:1-18Resurrection textRev Eckert
2019-04-19FGood FridayIsaiah 50:6-9Good FridayRev Eckert
2019-04-14Palm SundayMark 14-15Passion SundayRev Eckert
2019-03-27WWed. after OculiGenesis 16:7-14AnnunciationRev Eckert
2019-03-24Lent 3Ephesians 5:1-9OculiRev Eckert
2019-03-17Lent 2Matthew 15:21-28ReminiscereRev Eckert
2019-03-10Invocabit, First Sunday...2 Corinthians 6,1-10mostly by Martin LutherRev Eckert
2019-02-24SexagesimaMatthew 11:25-30Saint MatthiasRev Eckert
2019-02-20WWed. after SeptuagesimaExodus 11:1-10Evening Prayer sermonRev Eckert
2019-02-03Fourth Sunday after Epi...Matthew 8:23-274th Sunday after EpiphanyRev Eckert
2019-01-27Third Sunday after the ...Romans 1:8-17The Sunday which is the third one...Rev Eckert
2019-01-20Second Sunday after the...John 2:1-11Wedding at CanaRev Eckert
2019-01-16WWednesday after the Fir...Romans 7:1-25mid-week Evening Prayer SermonRev Eckert
2019-01-09WWednesday after the Epi...Romans 3:23-31Baptism of our LordRev Eckert
2018-12-30First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:33-40Sunday after ChristmasRev Eckert
2018-12-23Advent 4Philippians 4:4-7Fourth Sunday after AdventRev Eckert
2018-12-09Advent 2Malachi 4:1-6Second Sunday in AdventRev Eckert
2018-12-02Advent 1Matthew 21:1-9First Sunday in AdventRev Eckert
2018-11-25Last Sunday in the Chur...Matthew 25:1-13Ten VirginsRev Eckert
2018-11-1825th Sun. after TrinityLuke 17:20-30alt. GospelRev Eckert
2018-11-04Twenty-third Sunday aft...Matthew 5:1-12All Saints (observed)Rev Eckert
2018-10-2822nd after TrinityRevelation 14:6-7Reformation (observed)Rev Eckert
2018-09-3018th Sun. after TrinityMatthew 18:1-11St. Michael and All AngelsRev Eckert
2018-09-16Trinity 161 Corinthians 1:18...Holy Cross (observed)Rev Eckert
2018-09-12WWed. after Trinity 15Philippians 4:1-20Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2018-08-29WWed. after 13th Sun. af...Matthew 14:1fMartyrdom of St. John the BaptistRev Eckert
2018-08-22WWed. after Trinity 121 Corinthians 15:5...Mid-week Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2018-08-15WWed. after Trinity 112 Samuel 5:1-25BVMRev Eckert
2018-08-08WWed. after 10th Sunday ...1 Kings 11:1-40midweek Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2018-07-299th Sunday after TrinityLuke 16:1-9no servant can serve two mastersRev Eckert
2018-07-25WSaint James, ElderMatthew 5:33-48Wed. after the Eighth Sun. after ...Rev Eckert
2018-07-228th Sunday after TrinityProverbs 31:10-31St. Mary MagdaleneRev Eckert
2018-07-18WWed. after 7th Sun. aft...Galatians 6:1-18Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2018-06-24Fourth Sunday after Tri...Luke 1:57-80Nativity of Saint John the BaptistRev Eckert
2018-06-10Second Sunday after Tri...Luke 14:15-24shamelessly borrowing (somewhat a...Rev Eckert
2018-06-03First Sunday after Trin...Genesis 15:1-6Second Sunday after PentecostRev Eckert
2018-05-27Holy TrinityJohn 3:1-17one-year seriesRev Eckert
2018-05-23WPentecost WednesdayJohn 10:1-10Midweek Evening Prayer SermonRev Eckert
2018-05-20Feast of PentecostJohn 14:23-31WhitsundayRev Eckert
2018-05-13Easter 7John 15:26-16:4ExaudiRev Eckert
2018-05-06Easter 6Numbers 21:4-9RogateRev Eckert
2018-04-29Easter 5, CantateJohn 16:5-15mainly quotes from the ConfessionsRev Eckert
2018-04-18WWed. after Easter 3Luke 7:36-50Wed. after Misericordia DominiRev Eckert
2018-04-11WWed. after Quasimodogen...Luke 1:26-38AnnunciationRev Eckert
2018-04-01Easter: The feast of Re...John 20:1-18Easter DawnRev Eckert
2018-04-01Easter: The feast of Re...Luke 24:13-35Easter EveningRev Eckert
2018-03-30FGood FridayMatthew 26 and 27Tenebrae VespersRev Eckert
2018-03-21WWednesday after Lent 5Mark 10:32-45Wednesday after JudicaRev Eckert
2018-03-18Lent 5John 8:42-59JudicaRev Eckert
2018-03-11Lent 4John 6:1-15LaetareRev Eckert
2018-03-04Lent 3 - OculiLuke 11:14-28borrows from Dr. Norman NagelRev Eckert
2018-02-25Second Sunday in LentGenesis 32:22-32ReminiscereRev Eckert
2018-02-18Lent 1Matthew 4:1-11Martin LutherRev Eckert
2018-02-14WAsh WednesdayJoel 2:12-19Wed. after QuinquagesimaRev Eckert
2018-02-11QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43sorry, not the TransfigurationRev Eckert
2018-02-04SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15Parable of the SowerRev Eckert
2018-01-21Last Sunday in EpiphanyMatthew 17:1-9TransfigurationRev Eckert
2018-01-14Epiphany 2Matthew 13:24-30,3...from the Gospel for 5th Sunday af...Rev Eckert
2018-01-07Epiphany 1Matthew 3:13-17Baptism of our LordRev Eckert
2017-12-31First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:33-40some shameless borrowing, adaptin...Rev Eckert
2017-12-25MChristmas DayLuke 2:1-20The Nativity of our LordRev Eckert
2017-12-20WWed. after GaudeteLuke 1:39-56Third Wed. in AdventRev Eckert
2017-12-17Advent 3Isaiah 40:1-11GaudeteRev Eckert
2017-12-13WWed. after Advent 2Micah 4:1-13Second MidweekRev Eckert
2017-12-03Advent 1Matthew 21:1-9The Season of AdventRev Eckert
2017-11-29WWed. after 24th Sunday ...Matthew 4:18-22Eve of Saint AndrewRev Eckert
2017-11-2624th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 9:18-26Last Sunday in the Church YearRev Eckert
2017-11-1222nd Sunday after TrinityMatthew 18:21-3522nd Sunday after TrinityRev Eckert
2017-11-08WWed. after 21st Sun. af...Psalm 47Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2017-10-29Twentieth Sunday after ...John 8:31-36Reformation (observed)Rev Eckert
2017-10-2219th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 28:10-17mostly unabashedly borrowed from ...Rev Eckert
2017-10-11WWed. after 17th Sunday ...Matthew 11:20-30midweek vespersRev Eckert
2017-10-08Seventeenth Sunday afte...Luke 14:1-1417TRev Eckert
2017-09-2415th Sun. after TrinityLuke 10:17-20St. Michael & All Angels (observed)Rev Eckert
2017-09-17Fourteenth Sunday after...John 12:20-33Holy Cross (observed)Rev Eckert
2017-09-1013th Sun. after TrinityLuke 10:23-37One YearRev Eckert
2017-09-031 year seriesMark 7:31-3712th after TrinityRev Eckert
2017-08-30WWed. after Eleventh Sun...Revelation 6:9-11Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist...Rev Eckert
2017-08-2711th Sun. after TrinityLuke 18:9-14Pharisee and Tax CollectorRev Eckert
2017-08-13Ninth Sunday after Trin...1 Corinthians 10:6...Matins sermonRev Eckert
2017-08-02WWed. after 7th Sunday a...1 Samuel 17:20-47 ...Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2017-07-26WWed. after Sixth Sunday...1 Kings 19:9-18Saint James, ElderRev Eckert
2017-07-19WWed. after Fifth Sunday...1 Samuel 2:18-36midweek VespersRev Eckert
2017-07-12WWed. after Fourth Sunda...Galatians 1:1-24mid-week Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2017-07-05WWed. after the Third Su...Acts 12:1-25midweek VespersRev Eckert
2017-06-21WWednesday after First S...Leviticus 26:40-45midweek VespersRev Eckert
2017-06-18First Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:19-31First Sunday after TrinityRev Eckert
2017-06-14WWed. after Holy TrinityJoshua 4:1-24midweek VespersRev Eckert
2017-05-215th Sun. after EasterJohn 16:23b-30RogateRev Eckert
2017-05-07JubilateJohn 16:16-224th of EasterRev Eckert
2017-04-26WWed. after Second Sunda...Hebrew 10:4-10Annunciation (observed)Rev Eckert
2017-04-14FGood FridayLuke 23:46last in series on Seven Last Word...Rev Eckert
2017-04-13RMaundy ThursdayJohn 13:1-15,34-35Holy ThursdayRev Eckert
2017-04-05WWednesday after Fifth S...John 19:30Wednesday after JudicaRev Eckert
2017-03-22WWed. after OculiMark 15:34Wed. after Third Sunday in LentRev Eckert
2017-03-15WWed. after ReminiscereJohn 19:26-27Wed. after Second Sunday in LentRev Eckert
2017-03-15WWed. after LaetareJohn 19:28Wed. after Fourth Sunday in LentRev Eckert
2017-03-15WWed. after ReminiscereJohn 19:26-27Wed. after Second Sunday in LentRev Eckert
2017-03-08WWed. after First Sunday...Luke 23:43Wed. after InvocavitRev Eckert
2017-03-01WWednesday after Quinqua...Luke 23:34Ash WednesdayRev Eckert
2017-02-26QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43not TransfigurationRev Eckert
2017-02-15WWednesday after Septuag...John 5:19-29midweek VespersRev Eckert
2017-02-09RThurs. after Transfigur...Matthew 11:25-30Funeral for Richard ChristensonRev Eckert
2017-02-05TransfigurationMatthew 17:1-9last Sunday after the EpiphanyRev Eckert
2017-01-18WWed. after the Second S...Acts 4:8-13Confession of Saint PeterRev Eckert
2017-01-11WWednesday after the Fir...Matthew 3:13-17The Baptism of our LordRev Eckert
2017-01-06FThe Epiphany of our LordMatthew 2:1-12EpiphanyRev Eckert
2017-01-04WWed. after First Sunday...Isaiah 56:1-8midweek VespersRev Eckert
2016-12-28WWednesday after Christm...Matthew 2:13-18Holy InnocentsRev Eckert
2016-12-25Christmas DayJohn 1:1-18The Nativity of our LordRev Eckert
2016-12-11Advent 3Matthew 11:2-11Third Sunday in AdventRev Eckert
2016-12-04Advent 2Luke 21:25-36Second Sunday in AdventRev Eckert
2016-11-06Twenty-fourth Sunday af...1 John 3:1-3All SaintsRev Eckert
2016-10-2322nd Sunday after TrinityMatthew 13:53-58Saint James of JerusalemRev Eckert
2016-10-1621st Sunday after TrinityJohn 4:46-54Rev Eckert
2016-10-12WWednesday after 20th Su...Matthew 12:1-21midweek VespersRev Eckert
2016-09-25Eighteenth Sunday after...Matthew 18:1-11Saint Michael and All Angels (obs...Rev Eckert
2016-09-23FFriday after the Sevent...Romans 5:1-11Ruth Lawrence Memorial ServiceRev Eckert
2016-09-18Seventeenth Sunday afte...John 12:20-33Holy Cross (observed)Rev Eckert
2016-09-07WWednesday after 15th Su...2 Kings 4:38-5:14Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2016-08-31WWednesday after the Fou...Mark 6:14-25Martyrdom of Saint John the BaptistRev Eckert
2016-08-28Fourteenth Sunday after...Proverbs 4:10-23HearRev Eckert
2016-08-24WWed. after 13th Sunday ...Luke 22:28-30Saint BartholomewRev Eckert
2016-08-17WWed. after Twelfth Sund...Luke 1:46fSaint Mary, Mother of GodRev Eckert
2016-08-03WWednesday after the Ten...1 Samuel 17:48-18:9Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2016-07-24Ninth Sunday after Trin...Conclusion of the ...Catechetical sermonRev Eckert
2016-07-17Eighth Sunday after Tri...Seventh Petition o...borrows heavily from Dr. M.L.Rev Eckert
2016-07-10Seventh Sunday after Tr...Sixth Petition of ...Catechetical SermonRev Eckert
2016-07-03Trinity 6Fifth Petition of ...Visitation observedRev Eckert
2016-06-22WWednesday after the Fou...Luke 1:57-80Nativity of Saint John Baptist (s...Rev Eckert
2016-06-19Fourth Sunday after Tri...Third Petition of ...Catechetical sermonRev Eckert
2016-06-01WWed. after First Sunday...John 9:24-41VespersRev Eckert
2016-05-25WWednesday after Holy Tr...Esther 2:5-11,16-1...Saint EstherRev Eckert
2016-05-18WWednesday after PentecostActs 8:14-17 and 1...Evening Prayer SermonRev Eckert
2016-05-11WWednesday after ExaudiPsalm 61Evening Prayer SermonRev Eckert
2016-05-04WWednesday after RogateLuke 24:44fAscension EveRev Eckert
2016-05-01Easter 6Numbers 21:4-9RogateRev Eckert
2016-04-20WWednesday after JubilateLeviticus 16:1-24ScapegoatRev Eckert
2016-04-17Easter 4John 16:16-22JubilateRev Eckert
2016-04-13WWednesday after Miseric...Exodus 34-38,selec...Evening PrayerRev Eckert
2016-04-06WAnnunciation (observed)Luke 1:26-38borrows a little from J. GerhardRev Eckert
2016-03-27Easter: The feast of Re...Luke 24:13-35Easter EveningRev Eckert
2016-03-27Easter: The feast of Re...John 20:1-18Easter DawnRev Eckert
2016-03-16WVespersPhilippians 3:4b-14Wednesday after JudicaRev Eckert
2016-03-09WWednesday after the Fou...2 Corinthians 5:16...Midweek after LaetareRev Eckert
2016-03-06Lent 4Acts 2:41-47LaetareRev Eckert
2016-03-02WWednesday after the 3rd...Exodus 8:16-24Midweek VespersRev Eckert
2016-02-28Lent 3Luke 11:14-28OculiRev Eckert
2016-02-21Lent 2Matthew 15:21-28ReminiscereRev Eckert
2016-02-15MMonday after InvocabitMark 3:1-19Winkel sermonRev Eckert
2016-01-24SeptuagesimaActs 16:1-5St. TimothyRev Eckert
2016-01-20WWednesday after the Sec...Mark 8:27-35Confession of Saint PeterRev Eckert
2016-01-06WThe Epiphany of our LordMatthew 2:1-12The Epiphany of our LordRev Eckert
2015-12-24RChristmas EveLuke 2:1-14The Nativity of our LordRev Eckert
2015-12-24RThe Nativity of our LordMatthew 1:18-25Christmas EveRev Eckert
2015-12-23WWednesday after the Fou...Hebrews 12:15-29Fourth Midweek VespersRev Eckert
2015-12-06Advent 2Romans 15:4-13One Year EpistleRev Eckert
2015-12-02WWednesday after the Fir...Jeremiah 33:14-16midweek VespersRev Eckert
2015-11-29First Sunday in AdventRomans 13:8-14One-Year SeriesRev Eckert
2015-11-18WWednesday after the Twe...Matthew 27:33-56Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2015-11-11WWednesday after Twenty-...Jeremiah 23:21-40midweek VespersRev Eckert
2015-11-07ASaturday after the Twen...Isaiah 26:1-4,19memorial service for Joanne SalyerRev Eckert
2015-11-04WWednesday after Twenty-...Jeremiah 5:1-19VespersRev Eckert
2015-10-25twenty-first Sunday aft...John 8:31-36Reformation festivalRev Eckert
2015-10-25twenty-first Sunday aft...Matthew 11:12-19Reformation (observed)Rev Eckert
2015-09-16WWednesday after the Fif...2 Chronicles 35:1-...Evening PrayerRev Eckert
2015-09-10RThursday after the Four...Philippians 2:12-30evening prayerRev Eckert
2015-09-02WWed. after Thirteenth S...1 Kings 18:20-40Evening PrayerRev Eckert
2015-08-27RThursday after Twelfth ...John 1:43-51Saint BartholomewRev Eckert
2015-08-19WWednesday after Elevent...1 Corinthians 11:1...Evening PrayerRev Eckert
2015-08-15ASaturday after Tenth Su...Matthew 27:45-54; ...Funeral Sermon for George EngdahlRev Eckert
2015-07-30RThursday after 8th Sund...1 Samuel 15:10-35Midweek VespersRev Eckert
2015-07-18ASaturday after the Sixt...Mark 10:13-16Funeral of Allyne GrimmRev Eckert
2015-07-09RThursday after Fifth Su...Judges 4:1-24midweek VespersRev Eckert
2015-07-05from a sermon by Doctor...Luke 1:39-45Visitation (transferred)Rev Eckert
2015-06-21Third after TrinityLuke 15:1-10Third after TrinityRev Eckert
2015-06-18RThursday after 2nd Sund...Proverbs 20:5-25Midweek VespersRev Eckert
2015-06-07First Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:19-31Second Sunday after PentecostRev Eckert
2015-05-31Holy TrinityIsaiah 6:1-7Holy TrinityRev Eckert
2015-05-26TPentecost TuesdayJohn 10:1-10Funeral of Ruth LotanRev Eckert
2015-05-24Feast of PentecostJohn 14:23-31WhitsundayRev Eckert

      610 sermons found ... page 1 of 4

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