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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2015-03-25WLent 5, MidweekLuke 1:38An Exhortation to Confession—Bein...Rev Hering
2015-03-22Lent 5, series BJeremiah 31:34Our Forgetful GodRev Hering
2015-03-18WLent 4, MidweekMark 10:38-39The Sacrament of Holy Baptism—Bur...Rev Hering
2015-03-15Lent 4, series BPsalm 107 & John 3...Delivered from Your DistressRev Hering
2015-03-12RLent 3 Midweek1 Peter 4:12-19Catechesis: The Lord's PrayerRev Hering
2015-03-08Lent 3, series BJohn 2:13-25Zeal for His Father's HouseRev Hering
2015-03-04WLent 2, MidweekJohn 1:1-14,Catechesis: The Apostles' CreedRev Hering
2015-03-01Lent 2, series BRomans 5:2b-4; Mar...The Glory of the FatherRev Hering
2015-02-25WLent 1, MidweekExodus 20:1-6Catechesis: The Ten CommandmentsRev Hering
2015-02-22Lent 1, series BMark 1:9-15The Kingdom of God Is at HandRev Hering
2015-02-18WAsh Wednesday, series BMatthew 6:1-6,16-21The Fast of RepentanceRev Hering
2015-02-15Transfiguration, series BMark 2:2-9It Is Good That We Are HereRev Hering
2015-02-08Epiphany 5, series BIsaiah 40:22-23; M...Grasshoppers and the Kingdom of H...Rev Hering
2015-01-25The Transfiguration of ...Matthew 17:1-9It Is Good That We Are HereRev Hering
2015-01-18Second Sunday after the...John 2:1-11Christ-Marriage-ChurchRev Hering
2015-01-17AThe Joining Together of...John 2:1-11The Wedding at Cana and a Wedding...Rev Hering
2015-01-17AThe Joining Together of...John 2:1-11The Wedding at Cana and a Wedding...Rev Hering
2015-01-17AThe Joining Together of...John 2:1-11The Wedding at Cana and a Wedding...Rev Hering
2015-01-11The Baptism of Our LordMatthew 3:13-17Baptism Opens Heaven to YouRev Hering
2015-01-04Second Sunday after Chr...Matthew 2:13-23He Shall Be Called a NazareneRev Hering
2014-12-28First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:25-35Depart in PeaceRev Hering
2014-12-25RThe Nativity of Our LordLuke 2:11-12Behold! The Christmass TreeRev Hering
2014-12-21Fourth Sunday in AdventJohn 1:19-28Among You Stands One You KnowRev Hering
2014-12-14Third Sunday in AdventIntroit: Ph. 4:4-5...Rejoice!? Really?!Rev Hering
2014-12-07Second Sunday in AdventMalachi 4:1-2; Luk...Behold, the Day Is ComingRev Hering
2014-11-23Last Sunday of the Chur...Matthew 25:1–13The Hour Is at HandRev Hering
2014-11-09Twenty-First Sunday aft...John 4:46-54Perfect TimingRev Hering
2014-11-02All Saints' Day--transf...Revelation 7:2-17Washed in the Blood of the LambRev Hering
2014-10-26Reformation Day [Transf...John 8:31-36The Son Sets You FreeRev Hering
2014-10-19Eighteenth Sunday after...Matthew 22:34-46What Do You Think about the Christ?Rev Hering
2014-10-12Seventeenth Sunday afte...Luke 14:1-11Two QuestionsRev Hering
2014-10-05Sixteenth Sunday after ...Luke 7:11-16What Have You against Me?Rev Hering
2014-09-28Fifteenth Sunday after ...Matthew 6:24-34What Does Tomorrow Hold?Rev Hering
2014-09-21Fourteenth Sunday after...Luke 17:11-19Rise and Go Your WayRev Hering
2014-09-14Thirteenth Sunday after...Luke 10:22-37And Who Is My Neighbor?Rev Hering
2014-09-07Twelfth Sunday after Tr...Mark 7:31-37Be OpenedRev Hering
2014-08-31Eleventh Sunday after T...Luke 18:9-14"God, Be Merciful to Me, a Sinner!"Rev Hering
2014-08-24St. Bartholomew, ApostleJohn 1:43-51In Whom There Is Nothing FalseRev Hering
2014-08-17Pentecost 10, Proper 15...Luke 16:1-13Ashamed to BegRev Hering
2014-08-10Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7:15-23Beware of False ProphetsRev Hering
2014-08-03Seventh Sunday after Tr...Mark 8:1-9Set Before ThemRev Hering
2014-07-27Sixth Sunday after Trin...Matthew 5:17-26Your Righteousness ExceedsRev Hering
2014-07-20Fifth Sunday after Trin...Luke 5:1-11They Left EverythingRev Hering
2014-07-13Fourth Sunday after Tri...Luke 6:36-42Your Father Is MercifulRev Hering
2014-07-06Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:1-10This Man Receives SinnersRev Hering
2014-06-29St. Peter & St. Paul, A...Matthew 16:13-19The Rock and the Hard PlaceRev Hering
2014-06-22First Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:19-31I Am LazarusRev Hering
2014-06-15The Feast of the Holy T...John 3:1-17Believing Is SeeingRev Hering
2014-06-08Feast of PentecostGenesis 11:1-9; Ac...The LORD Dispersed ThemRev Hering
2014-06-01Easter 7, series AEzekiel 36:22-28I Will Cleanse YouRev Hering
2014-05-25Rogate: Easter 61 Timothy 2:1–4; J...Ask in My NameRev Hering
2014-05-18Cantate: Easter 5John 16:5-15The Spirit of TruthRev Hering
2014-05-11Jubilate.Easter 4John 16:16-22Sorrow Will Turn into JoyRev Hering
2014-05-04Misericordias Dimini, E...John 10:11-16; 1 P...Jesus: from Sacrificial Lamb to G...Rev Hering
2014-04-27Quasimodogeniti: Easter 2John 20:19-31Peace Be with YouRev Hering
2014-04-20The Resurrection of Our...Mark 16:1-8There You Will See HimRev Hering
2014-04-17RMaundy ThursdayJohn 13:34 & 1 Cor...Received and DeliveredRev Hering
2014-04-13Palmarum & Passion Sun...John 12:12-19When Jesus Was GlorifiedRev Hering
2014-04-09WJudica MidweekPsalm 116:15A Share in Our Savior's SufferingRev Hering
2014-04-06Judica: Fifth Sunday in...John 8:42-59Jesus Hid HimselfRev Hering
2014-03-30Laetare: Fourth Sundau ...John 6:1-15Where Are We to Buy Bread?Rev Hering
2014-03-26WOculi MidweekJohn 12:20-27The Art of Prayer and the Fruit o...Rev Hering
2014-03-23Oculi: Third Sunday in ...Luke 11:14-28; Eph...Beloved Children and the Kingdom ...Rev Hering
2014-03-19WReminiscere MidweekMatthew 10:16-23The Constancy of the MartyrsRev Hering
2014-03-16Reminiscere: Second Sun...Matthew 15:21-28Lord, Help MeRev Hering
2014-03-12WInvocavit MidweekRevelation 2:8-11Lent and the Martyrdom of Polycar...Rev Hering
2014-03-09Invocavit: First Sunday...Hebrews 4:14-16Tempted As We AreRev Hering
2014-03-05WAsh Wednesday1 Corinthians 6:2-10Up from the AshesRev Hering
2014-03-02QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43Where Jesus GoesRev Hering
2014-02-23SexagesimaLuke 7:4-15Just DirtRev Hering
2014-02-16SeptuagesimaMatthew 20:1-16The Vineyard of Our LORDRev Hering
2014-02-09The Transfiguration of ...Matthew 17:1-9It Is Good That We Are HereRev Hering
2014-02-02The Pirification of Mar...Luke 2:22-32My Eyes Have Seen Your SalvationRev Hering
2014-01-26Third Sunday after the ...Matthew 8:1-4I Want to Do ItRev Hering
2014-01-19Second Sunday after the...John 2:1-11Christ-Marriage-ChurchRev Hering
2014-01-12The First Sunday after ...Luke 2:41-52I Must Be in My Father's HouseRev Hering
2014-01-05The Epiphany of Our Lor...Matthew 2:1-12When They Saw the StarRev Hering
2013-12-31TThe Circumcision and Na...Luke 2:21On the Eighth Day of Christmas Go...Rev Hering
2013-12-29First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:22-40The Fall and Rising of ManyRev Hering
2013-12-24TChristmas Eve: The Nati...Luke 2:1-24A Savior of Flesh and BloodRev Hering
2013-12-22Fourth Sunday in Advent...John 1:19-28Who Are You?Rev Hering
2013-12-15Third Sunday in Advent:...Matthew 11:2-11Poor EvangelismRev Hering
2013-12-08Second Sunday in Advent...Luke 21:25-36Your Redemption Is Drawing NearRev Hering
2013-12-01Advent 1: Ad Te LevaviMatthew 21:1-9Coming to You, HumbleRev Hering
2013-11-24Last Sunday of the Chur...Matthew 25:1-13Yet, You DoRev Hering
2013-11-17Twenty-Fifth Sunday aft...Matthew 24:15-28A Gathering of EaglesRev Hering
2013-11-10Twenty-Fourth Sunday af...Matthew 9:18-26I Will Be HealedRev Hering
2013-11-03All Saints SundayMatthew 5:3-12A Prayer for HumilityRev Hering
2013-10-27Reformation SundayJohn 8:31-36The Truth Will Set You FreeRev Hering
2013-10-20Twenty-First Sunday aft...John 4:46-54Perfect TimingRev Hering
2013-10-19ASaturday [Trinity 20]Matthew 14:22-36ComplineRev Hering
2013-10-13Twentieth Sunday after ...Matthew 22:1-14The Kingdom of HeavenRev Hering
2013-10-06Pentecost 20, Proper 22...Matthew 9:1-8Take Heart, Your Sins Are ForgivenRev Hering
2013-09-29St. Michael and All Ang...Matthew 18:1-11These Little OnesRev Hering
2013-09-22Seventeenth Sunday afte...Luke 14:1-11Sabbath HealingRev Hering
2013-09-15Sixteenth Sunday after ...Luke 7:11-17"Man, I Say to You, Arise"Rev Hering
2013-09-08Fifteenth Sunday after ...Matthew 6:24-O Me of Little FaithRev Hering
2013-09-01Fourteenth Sunday after...Luke 17:11-19Your Faith--Your JesusRev Hering
2013-08-25Thirteenth Sunday after...Luke 10:23-37"Which One of These Are we?"Rev Hering
2013-08-18Twelfth Sunday after Tr...Mark 7:31-37Our Hands-On GodRev Hering
2013-08-11Eleventh Sunday after T...Luke 18:9-14The One Who Humbles Himself Will ...Rev Hering
2013-08-04Tenth Sunday after Trin...Luke 19:41-48The Time of Your VisitationRev Hering
2013-07-28Ninth Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:1-9How Much Do You Owe?Rev Hering
2013-07-21Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7:15-23The Will of My FatherRev Hering
2013-07-14Seventh Sunday after Tr...Mark 8:1-9The Compassion of ChristRev Hering
2013-07-07Sixth Sunday after Trin...Matthew 5:17-26Until All Is AccomplishedRev Hering
2013-06-30Fifth Sunday after Trin...1 Corinthians 1:18...The Foolishness of GodRev Hering
2013-06-16Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:11-32This My Son Was DeadRev Hering
2013-06-09Second Sunday after Tri...Luke 14:15-24Taste My BanquetRev Hering
2013-06-02First Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:Two Rich MenRev Hering
2013-05-26Feast of The Holy TrinityJohn 3:[1-15],16-17Born of Flesh, Born of SpiritRev Hering
2013-05-19Feast of Pentecost 1 Ye...John 14:23-31The Helper, the Holy SpiritRev Hering
2013-05-12The Ascension of Our Lo...Ephesians 1:15-23He Fills All in AllRev Hering
2013-05-05Rogate: Easter 6John 16:23-30Prayer Is for the AskingRev Hering
2013-04-28Cantate: Easter 5John 16:5-15Where Are You Going?Rev Hering
2013-04-21Jubilate: Easter 4John 16:16-22A Little WhileRev Hering
2013-04-14Easter 3: Misericordias...John 10:11-16The Suffering Heart of Our ShepherdRev Hering
2013-04-07Quasimodogeniti: Easter 2John 20:19-23The Spirit Breathes LifeRev Hering
2013-03-31Easter: The feast of Re...1 Corinthians 15:5...Jesus' Resurrection Is Your Resur...Rev Hering
2013-03-29FGood FridayIsaiah 52:13-53:12He Bore the Sins of ManyRev Hering
2013-03-28RMaundy ThursdayJohn !3:1-15,34-35You Are CleanRev Hering
2013-03-24PalmarumPhilippians 2:5-11Where Did They Go Wrong?Rev Hering
2013-03-17Judica: Lent VJohn 8:42-59He Who Keeps God's Word Keeps YouRev Hering
2013-03-10Laetare: Lent 4Gospel,John 6:1-15That Nothing May Be LostRev Hering
2013-03-07R+ Perpetua & Felicias, ...Hebrews 10:35-39Martyrdom: No Shrinking BackRev Hering
2013-03-03Oculi: Lent 3Luke 11:14-28Casting Out DemonsRev Hering
2013-02-24Reminiscere: Second Sun...Matthew 15:21-28Great Is Your FaithRev Hering
2013-02-17Lent 1: InvocavitMAtthew 4:1-11Led Up By the SpiritRev Hering
2013-02-13WAsh WednesdayMatthew 6:1Of Ashes and CrossRev Hering
2013-02-10QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43Love Never EndsRev Hering
2013-02-03SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15Rooted in Good SoilRev Hering
2013-01-27SeptuagesimaMatthew 20:1-16The Generosity of Our LordRev Hering
2013-01-20Transfiguration of Our ...Matthew 17:1-9My Hour Has not Yet ComeRev Hering
2013-01-13Baptism of Our LordMatthew 3:13-17Up from the WaterRev Hering
2012-12-30First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:25-35What Does Tomorrow Hold?Rev Hering
2012-12-24MChristmas EveLuke 2:6b-12And This Will Be a Sign for YouRev Hering
2012-12-23Advent 4, Rorate CoeliLuke 1:39-50His Mercy Is forThose Who Fear HimRev Hering
2012-12-16Advent 3: GaudeteIntroit Antiphon--...Rejoice!--Really?Rev Hering
2012-12-02Advent I: Ad Te LevaviMatthew 21:5 & Psa...For You I Wait All the Day LongRev Hering
2012-11-25Last Sunday of the Chur...Matthew 25:1-13You Know Neither the Day Nor the ...Rev Hering
2012-11-21WThanksgiving EveTimothy 4:1-6Thanksgiving FaithRev Hering
2012-11-18Second Last SundayMathew 25:31-46My Brothers, My SheepRev Hering
2012-11-04All Saints\' Day [Trans...Matthew 5:1-12Blessed Are YouRev Hering
2012-10-21Trinity 22 (Michaelmast...Matthew 18:21-35I Had Mercy on YouRev Hering
2012-10-14Trinity 21 (Michaelmast...Genesis 1And God Said, ... and I Was So.Rev Hering
2012-10-07Trinity 20 (Michaelmast...Matthew 22:1-14ChosenRev Hering
2012-09-23Sixteenth Sunday after ...Luke 7:11-17I Say to You AriseRev Hering
2012-09-16Fifteenth Sunday after ...Matthew 6:24-34O You of Little FaithRev Hering
2012-09-02Thirteenth Sunday after...Luke 10:23-37Blessed Are the Eyes That See Wha...Rev Hering
2012-07-22Seventh Sunday after Tr...Mark 8:1-9"It's Left Over Time"Rev Hering
2012-07-15Sixth Sunday after Trin...Matthew 5:17-26The Last PennyRev Hering
2012-07-08Fifth Sunday after Trin...Luke 5:1-11I Am a Sinful ManRev Hering
2012-07-01Fourth Sunday after Tri...Romans 8:18-23The Pains of ChildbirthRev Hering
2012-06-24Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:1-10Rejoice with This Man Who Receive...Rev Hering
2012-06-17Second Sunday after Tri...That My House May Be FilledRev Hering
2012-06-11MSt. Barnabas, ApostleSons of ConsolatioinRev Hering
2012-06-10First Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:19-31Feasting SumptuouslyRev Hering
2012-06-03Holy TrinityGospel,John 3:3-8You Must Be Born AgainRev Hering
2012-04-29Jubilate: Easter 4John 16:16-22Your Sorrow Will Turn to JoyRev Hering
2012-04-15Easter 2, Quasimodo Gen...1 John 5:4-10The Testimony of GodRev Hering
2012-04-08Easter: The Feast of Re...Gospel,Mark 16:1-8Unbelievable!Rev Hering
2012-04-06FGood FridayNoonday Sentences & CollectsRev Hering
2012-04-06FGood FridayGospel,John 18-19Our Place in the Passion of Our L...Rev Hering
2012-03-11Oculi: Third Sunday in ...Gospel,Luke 11:14-28Blessed Are Those Who HearRev Hering
2012-03-04Reminiscere: Second Sun...Gospel,Matthew 15:...Sent to the House of IsraelRev Hering
2012-02-26Lent 1: Invocavit:Gospel,Matthew 4:1...When You Call to HimRev Hering
2012-02-22WAsh WednesdayGospel,Matthew 6:1...The Fasting of RepentanceRev Hering
2012-02-19QuinquagesimaEpistle,1 Corinthi...See, We Are Going Up to JerusalemRev Hering
2012-02-12SexagesimaGospel,Luke 8:4-15To You It Has Been GivenRev Hering
2012-02-05SeptuagesimaGospel,Matthew 20:...God Is Unfair--ThankfullyRev Hering
2012-01-29The Transfiguration of ...Gospel,Matthew 17:...It Is Good That We Are HereRev Hering
2012-01-22Epiphany 3, HistoricGospel,Matthew 8:1-3Be CleanRev Hering
2011-12-18Advent 4: Rorate CoeliOT,Deuteronomy 18:...Done for and Done toRev Hering
2011-12-11Advent 3: GaudeteOT,Isaiah 40:1-11Behold Your GodRev Hering
2011-12-04Advent 2: Populus ZionOT,Malachi 4:1-3Behold, the Day Is ComingRev Hering
2011-11-27Advent 1: Ad Te LevaviOT,Jeremiah 33:5-8A Righteous BranchRev Hering
2011-11-20Last Sunday of the Chur...Gospel,Matthew 25:...Here Is the Bridegroom!Rev Hering
2011-11-13Trinity 26/Second Last ...Gospel,Matthew 25:...Right Hand or Left?Rev Hering
2011-11-06All Saints\\\' [Transfe...Gospel,Matthew 5:3...Blessed Are All SaintsRev Hering
2011-10-16Michealmas 3 [Twenty-Se...Matthew 18:21-35How Often Will My Brother Sin Aga...Rev Hering
2011-10-09Michealmas 2 [Twenty-Fi...John 4:46-54At the Point of DeathRev Hering
2011-10-02Fifteenth Sunday after ...Matthew 6:24-34Why Are You Anxious?Rev Hering
2011-09-25Fourteenth Sunday after...Luke 17:11-19Rise and Go Your Way!Rev Hering
2011-09-18Thirteenth Sunday after...Luke 10:23-37Who Is the One Who Shows Mercy?Rev Hering
2011-09-11Twelfth Sunday after Tr...Mark 7:31-37Be Opened!Rev Hering
2011-09-04Eleventh Sunday after T...Luke 18:9-14The Lord Lifts Up the LowlyRev Hering
2011-08-28Tenth Sunday after Trin...Luke 19:41-48Hanging on His WordsRev Hering
2011-08-21Ninth Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:1-5How Much Do You Owe?Rev Hering
2011-08-14Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7:15-23Beware of False ProphetsRev Hering
2011-08-07Seventh Sunday after Tr...Mark 8:1-9The Miracle of Daily BreadRev Hering
2011-07-24Fifth Sunday after Trin...Luke 5:1-11Fishing for MenRev Hering
2011-07-17Fourth Sunday after Tri...Luke 6:36-42You Will See ClearlyRev Hering
2011-07-10Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:1-7One Sinner Who RepentsRev Hering
2011-07-03Second Sunday after Tri...Luke 14:15-24Come, for Everything Is Now ReadyRev Hering
2011-06-26First Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:19-21Presentation of The Augsburg Conf...Rev Hering
2011-06-19Feast of The Holy TrinityJohn 3:1-17Lifted UpRev Hering
2011-06-12PentecostJohn 14:23-31So That the World May KnowRev Hering
2011-06-05Exaudi: Easter 7John 15:26-16:4The Spirit of TruthRev Hering
2011-05-22Cantate: Easter 5John 16:5-15When He ComesRev Hering
2011-05-15Jubilate: Easter 4John 16:16-22No One Will Take Your Joy from YouRev Hering

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