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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2013-04-28Cantate SundayJohn 16:5-15WORK, WORK, WORKRev. Wurst
2013-04-21Jubilate SundayJohn 16:16-22A Little WhileRev. Wurst
2013-04-14Misericordias DominiJohn 10:11-16THE SHEPHERD AND HIS SHEEPRev. Wurst
2013-04-07Quasimodo GenitiJohn 20:10-31Freedom in Christ!Rev. Wurst
2013-03-31Easter SundayChrysostom's Paschal HomilyRev. Wurst
2013-03-29FGood FridayIsaiah 53:9A Rich BurialRev. Wurst
2013-03-28RMaundy ThursdayIsaiah 52:15BLOODBATHRev. Wurst
2013-03-24Palm SundayJohn 12:12-19Here Comes the KingRev. Wurst
2013-03-20WLent 6 midweekIsaiah 53:8Is There No Justice?Rev. Wurst
2013-03-17Judica SundayJohn 8:42-59What Is Truth?Rev. Wurst
2013-03-13WLent midweekIsaiah 53:7Knowing When to Keep QuietRev. Wurst
2013-03-10Laetare SundayJohn 6:1-15REJOICERev. Wurst
2013-03-06WIsaiah 53:6Stray SheepRev. Wurst
2013-02-27WLent midweekIsaiah 53:4-5By His Wounds We Are HealedRev. Wurst
2013-02-24ReminiscereMatthew 15:21-28Jesus invites you into His kingdom.Rev. Wurst
2013-02-20WLent midweekIsaiah 52:14; 53:2-3Appearance Can Be DeceivingRev. Wurst
2013-02-171st Sun. in Lent (Invoc...Matthew 4:1-11Live by Every Word of GodRev. Wurst
2013-02-13WAsh WednesdayIsaiah 53:1Who Has Believed?Rev. Wurst
2013-02-10QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43Faith AloneRev. Wurst
2013-02-03SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15Scripture AloneRev. Wurst
2013-02-01FKFUO-AM2 Timothy 4:1-18PREACH THE WORD!Rev. Wurst
2013-01-27SeptuagesimaMatthew 20:1-16Sola GratiaRev. Wurst
2013-01-13The Baptism of our LordMatthew 3:13-17The Word Saves YouRev. Wurst
2013-01-07MMatins on KFUO AMRomans 1:1-17The Just Shall Live by FaithRev. Wurst
2013-01-06The Epiphany of our LordMatthew 2:1-12Jesus Revealed to YouRev. Wurst
2013-01-02WThe Circumcision and Na...Luke 2:21My Blood Shed for YouRev. Wurst
2012-12-30The First Sunday after ...Luke 2:33-40The Sword of the SpiritRev. Wurst
2012-12-25TThe Nativity of our LordJohn 1:1-14Your Savior is BornRev. Wurst
2012-12-23The Fourth Sunday in Ad...John 1:19-28RepentRev. Wurst
2012-12-19WAdvent feria III (midwe...John 1:1-5The Athanasian CreedRev. Wurst
2012-12-16The Third Sunday in Adv...Isaiah 40:1-8Rejoice!Rev. Wurst
2012-12-12WAdvent feria II (midweek)Luke 1:46-56The Magnificat (Mary's Song)Rev. Wurst
2012-12-09The Second Sunday in Ad...Luke 21:25-36The Signs of the ParousiaRev. Wurst
2012-12-05WAdvent feria I (midweek)Luke 1:5-25,57-80The Benedictus (Song of Zachariah)Rev. Wurst
2012-12-02The First Sunday in Adv...Matthew 21:1-9Advent is About JesusRev. Wurst
2011-10-02Epiphany 5, series ALuke 19:41-48Rev. Wurst
2011-08-04RTrinity 8Matthew 7:15-23Hearers and Doers of the WordRev. Wurst
2011-07-31Trinity 6, Historic Lec...Matthew 5:20-26Be reconciled with your neighbor.Rev. Wurst

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