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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2022-02-20Epiphany 7, series CLuke 6:27-36Epiphany 7CRev Taylor
2022-01-16Epiphany 2, series CJohn 2:1-11"The Holy Bride of Christ"Rev Taylor
2021-05-23Feast of PentecostJohn 15:26-27,16:4...The Spirit of TruthRev Taylor
2021-04-18Easter 3, series BLuke 24:36-49"The Wounds of Jesus"Rev Taylor
2021-03-07Lent 3, series BExodus 20:1-17What are we to make of the comman...Rev Taylor
2020-09-20Pentecost 16, Proper 20...Matthew 20:1-16"The Unfairness of God"Rev Taylor
2020-07-05Pentecost 5, Proper 9, ...Matthew 11:25-30"Rest in Jesus"Rev Taylor
2020-06-28Pentecost 4, Proper 8, ...Matthew 10:32-43"Your worthiness before God"Rev Taylor
2020-06-07Holy Trinity, series AMatthew 28:16-20"The Eleven Disciples"Rev Taylor
2020-05-13WEaster 6, series AJohn 14:15-21 (Easter 6 A)Rev Taylor
2020-03-11W3rd Mid-Week in LentGenesis 39:1-21,Lu...He was Numbered Among TransgressorsRev Taylor
2020-03-04W2nd Mid-Week in LentGenesis 37:12-36,L...BetrayalRev Taylor
2020-03-01Lent 1, series AMatthew 4:1-11Rev Taylor
2020-02-26WAsh WednesdayMatthew 6:1-6,16-21MotivationsRev Taylor
2020-02-23Transfiguration, series AMatthew 17:1-9"It is Good Lord to be Here"Rev Taylor
2020-02-09Epiphany 5, series AMatthew 5:13-20The Righteousness of GodRev Taylor
2020-02-02Transfiguration, series AMatthew 4:12-25Meaning and Purpose in LifeRev Taylor
2020-01-19Epiphany 2, series AJohn 1:29-37"Lord, I am yours. Save me."Rev Taylor
2019-12-25WThe Nativity of Our LordJohn 1:1-18"The New Creation"Rev Taylor
2019-12-23M1st Sunday after Christ...Matthew 2:13-23"God\'s Son is Called Out of Egypt"Rev Taylor
2019-09-29Pentecost 16, Proper 21...Luke 16:19-31Riches and PovertyRev Taylor
2019-08-25Pentecost 11, Proper 16...Hebrews 12:4-24Home on Mt. ZionRev Taylor
2019-07-14Pentecost 5CLuke 10:25-37Our Good SamaritanRev Taylor
2019-05-26Easter 6, series CJohn 16:23-33Rev Taylor
2018-02-11Transfiguration, series BMark 9:2-9Mark 9:2-9 (Transfiguration Sunday)Rev Taylor
2017-08-13Pentecost 10, Proper 14...Matthew 14:22-33"Lord, I am yours. Save me."Rev Taylor
2017-06-18Pentecost 2, Proper 6, ...Matthew 9:35-10:8Exclusive and InclusiveRev Taylor
2017-06-04Feast of Pentecost, ser...John 7:37-39"Stay thirsty, my friends"Rev Taylor
2017-05-28Easter 7, series A1 Peter 4:12-19,5:...Easter 7ARev Taylor
2017-05-21Easter 6, series A1 Peter 3:13-22"Baptism Now Saves You"Rev Taylor
2017-04-16Easter: The feast of Re...Matthew 28:1-11When Courage Meets its MatchRev Taylor
2017-03-26Lent 4, series AJohn 9:1-7,13-17,3...The Blind SeeRev Taylor
2017-01-08The Baptism of Our LordMatthew 3:13-17The Baptism of Our LordRev Taylor
2016-10-09Pentecost 21, Proper 23...Luke 17:11-19"Declared Clean"Rev Taylor
2016-08-21Pentecost 14, Proper 16...Luke 13:22-30Pentecost 14CRev Taylor
2016-08-14Pentecost 13, Proper 15...Luke 12:49-53Pentecost 13CRev Taylor
2016-08-07Pentecost 12, Proper 14...Luke 12:32-40"Have no fear, little flock"Rev Taylor
2016-05-22Holy Trinity, series CJohn 8:48-59"Look Harder"Rev Taylor
2016-04-24Easter 5, series CJohn 16:12-22"That You May Have Life"Rev Taylor
2016-04-03Easter 2, series CJohn 20:19-312nd Sunday of EasterRev Taylor
2016-03-06Lent 4, series CLuke 15:1-3,11-32"Home Again"Rev Taylor
2016-02-07Transfiguration, series CLuke 9:28-36"On the Eighth Day"Rev Taylor
2016-01-10Epiphany 1, series C (B...Luke 3:15-22"I am Baptized"Rev Taylor
2015-10-25Reformation - Observed ...Matthew 11:12-19Truth Fights Against ErrorRev Taylor
2015-10-04Pentecost 19, Proper 22...Mark 10:2-16"Divorce & Legality"Rev Taylor
2015-09-20Pentecost 17, Proper 20...Mark 9:30-37Greatness in the Kingdom of GodRev Taylor
2015-09-06Pentecost 15, Proper 18...Mark 7:31-37"O Lord, open Thou my lips"Rev Taylor
2015-08-30Pentecost 14B (Day of P...Ephesians 6:10-20As I Ought to SpeakRev Taylor
2015-08-23Pentecost 13, Proper 16...Mark 7:1-13TraditionRev Taylor
2015-08-16Pentecost 12, Proper 15...John 6:51-65"Your Father's Son / Daughter"Rev Taylor
2015-05-17Easter 7, series BJohn 17:11-19That they may be OneRev Taylor
2015-05-03Easter 5, series BJohn 15:1-8Fruit from Gnarled & Tangled VinesRev Taylor
2015-01-25The Conversion of St. P...Galatians 1:23The Conversion of St. PaulRev Taylor
2014-12-07Advent 2, series BMark 1:1-8Prepared to meet GodRev Taylor
2014-09-28Pentecost 16, Proper 21...Matthew 21:23-27"Authority"Rev Taylor
2014-09-21Pentecost 15, Proper 20...Matthew 20:1-16"Work, Wages and Fairness" (Matth...Rev Taylor
2014-09-14Pentecost 14, Proper 19...Genesis 50:15-21"Forgiveness"Rev Taylor
2014-09-07Pentecost 13, Proper 18...Matthew 18:1-20"Utopia"Rev Taylor
2014-08-31Pentecost 12, Proper 17...Matthew 16:21-26"How Big is Your God?"Rev Taylor
2014-08-24Pentecost 11, Proper 16...Matthew 16:13-20"Absolution"Rev Taylor
2014-08-10Pentecost 9, Proper 14,...Matthew 14:22-33"Rescue from the Sea"Rev Taylor
2014-08-03Pentecost 8, Proper 13,...Matthew 14:13-21"It's a Miracle"Rev Taylor
2014-07-27Pentecost 7, Proper 12,...Matthew 13:44Hidden TreasureRev Taylor
2014-07-06Pentecost 4, Proper 9, ...Matthew 11:25-30"Rest in Jesus'Rev Taylor
2014-06-08Feast of Pentecost, ser...John 17:1-11Called out of the BadlandsRev Taylor
2014-06-01Easter 7, series AJohn 17:1-11"That they may be One"Rev Taylor
2014-03-09Lent 1, series AGenesis 3:1-21"God Brings us out of Hiding"Rev Taylor
2014-03-02Transfiguration, series AMatthew 17:1-9"We will all be changed"Rev Taylor
2014-02-23Epiphany 7, series AMatthew 5:38-48"Forgiven and Forgiving"Rev Taylor
2014-02-16Epiphany 6, series AMatthew 5:21-37"Transplanted Hearts"Rev Taylor
2014-02-02Epiphany 4, series AMatthew 5:1-12"Blessed in Christ"Rev Taylor
2014-01-19Epiphany 2, series AJohn 1:29-42"The Lamb"Rev Taylor
2014-01-16REpiphany 1, series AVariousLenten Series (The Hard Sayings o...Rev Taylor
2014-01-16REpiphany 1, series AVariousLenten Series (The Six Chief Parts)Rev Taylor
2014-01-16REpiphany 1, series AVariousLenten Series (The Spirituality o...Rev Taylor
2013-12-24TChristmas EveLuke 2:1-20"Ye heights of heaven adore Him"Rev Taylor
2013-12-22Advent 4, series AMatthew 1:18-25"The Second Adam Came"Rev Taylor
2013-12-08Advent 2, series AMatthew 3:1-12"A Sinner or a Brood of a Viper"Rev Taylor
2013-12-04WMid-Week Advent SeriesMultiple"The Nicene Creed - Banishing Ign...Rev Taylor
2013-11-03Pentecost 24, Proper 26...Revelation 7:1-19"Knit Together in One Communion"Rev Taylor
2013-09-29St. Michael & All AngelsRevelation 12:7-12"The Good Fight of Faith"Rev Taylor
2013-09-22Pentecost 18, Proper 20...Luke 16:1-15What Shall I Do?Rev Taylor
2013-09-08Pentecost 16, Proper 18...Luke 14:25-35"The Cost of Discipleship"Rev Taylor
2013-09-01Pentecost 15, Proper 17...Luke 14:7-14"Walking Humbly before God"Rev Taylor
2013-08-04Pentecost 11, Proper 13...Luke 12:13-21"For Your Sakes Christ Became Poor"Rev Taylor
2013-06-30Pentecost 6, Proper 8, ...Luke 9:51-62"The Cost of Discipleship"Rev Taylor
2013-05-19Feast of Pentecost, ser...John 14:23-31"The Clarity of God's Word"Rev Taylor
2013-05-12Easter 7, series CActs 1:12-23"You, Me, and Judas"Rev Taylor
2013-04-28Easter 5, series CRevelation 21:1-7"Jerusalem, My Happy Home"Rev Taylor
2013-04-21Easter 4, series CJohn 10:22-30"In God's Hands"Rev Taylor
2013-04-14Easter 3, series CJohn 21:1-19Reconciled to GodRev Taylor
2013-03-24Palm SundayJohn 12:20-43"A Love / Hate Relationship"Rev Taylor
2013-02-24Lent 2, series CJeremiah 26:8-15"The god of open options"Rev Taylor
2013-01-27Epiphany 3, series CI Corinthians 12:1..."Honoring the Weakest"Rev Taylor
2013-01-13Epiphany 2, series CLuke 3:15-22"What is and what will be"Rev Taylor
2012-12-16Advent 3, series CLuke 7:18-28"The One"Rev Taylor
2012-11-11Pentecost 24, Proper 27...I Kings 17:8-16,Ma...In whom or in what do you trust?Rev Taylor
2012-10-28Reformation SundayMatthew 11:12-19Forward in VigilanceRev Taylor
2012-09-30Pentecost 18, Proper 21...Mark 9:38-50"Have Salt in Yourselves"Rev Taylor
2012-09-23Pentecost 17BMark 9:34-37"An Upside Down World"Rev Taylor
2012-09-16Pentecost 16, Proper 19...Mark 9:14-27"The Cry of the Faithful"Rev Taylor
2012-08-26Pentecost 13, Proper 16...Mark 7:1-13"The Audacity of Truth"Rev Taylor
2012-08-19Pentecost 12, Proper 15...Joshua 24:1-2,14-18"Mugwumps"Rev Taylor
2012-08-12Pentecost 11, Proper 14...I Kings 19:1-8"The Highs and Lows of Life"Rev Taylor
2012-07-29Pentecost 9, Proper 12,...Mark 6:45-56"The Healer of Broken Hearts"Rev Taylor
2012-07-22Pentecost 8, Proper 11,...Mark 6:30-44"Beggars seated with Angels"Rev Taylor
2012-06-17Pentecost 3, Proper 6, ...Mark 4:26-35"The Mysterious Power of God's Wo...Rev Taylor
2012-06-10Pentecost 2, Proper 5, ...Genesis 3:8-15"God Brings us Out of Hiding"Rev Taylor
2012-06-03Holy Trinity, series BJohn 3:1-17"The Incomprehensible God"Rev Taylor
2012-05-27Feast of Pentecost, ser...Ezekiel 37:1-14"De'm Bones"Rev Taylor
2012-05-13Easter 6, series BJohn 15:9-17"As I have Loved You"Rev Taylor
2012-04-29Easter 4, series BJohn 10:11-18"Letting go of Control"Rev Taylor
2012-04-22Easter 3, series BI John 3:1-7"Children of the Heavenly Father"Rev Taylor
2012-04-15Easter 2, series BJohn 20:19-31"Believing what we cannot See"Rev Taylor
2012-04-08Easter: The feast of Re...Mark 16:1-7"Easter with the Two Mary's"Rev Taylor
2012-04-01Sunday of the PassionMark 15:1-47"Lord, Is it I?"Rev Taylor
2012-03-25Lent 5, series BMark 10:35-45Served to ServeRev Taylor
2012-03-11Lent 3, series BJohn 2:13-22"A Sense of the Sacred"Rev Taylor
2012-03-04Lent 2, series BMark 8:27-38"Our Contradictions and God's Gra...Rev Taylor
2012-02-26Lent 1, series BGenesis 22:1-18,Ma..."Facing Temptation"Rev Taylor
2012-02-12Epiphany 6, series BMark 1:40-49"Anger, Compassion and Disease"Rev Taylor
2012-01-29Life SundayDeuteronomy 30:11-20"Trust God! Choose Life!Rev Taylor
2012-01-08The Baptism of Our LordMark 1:4-11How God Sees YouRev Taylor
2011-12-25Christmas Day, series BLuke 2:1-20"Unto You is Born a Savior"Rev Taylor
2011-12-24AThe Eve of the Nativity...John 1:1-5,14"We Beheld His Glory"Rev Taylor
2011-12-18Advent 4, series BLuke 1:26-38"The Verdict"Rev Taylor
2011-12-11Advent 3, series BIsaiah 61:10-11"When it is better to receive tha...Rev Taylor
2011-12-04Advent 2, series BMark 1:1-8Black Friday and Cyber Monday...N...Rev Taylor
2011-11-20Last Sunday after Pente...Matthew 25:31-46"Bad" Sheep and "Good" GoatsRev Taylor
2011-11-13Pentecost 22, Proper 28...Matthew 25:14-30"The Lord of all Faithfulness"Rev Taylor
2011-11-06All Saints Day (Observed)Revelation 7:9-17"With all the Company of Heaven"Rev Taylor
2011-10-30ReformationJohn 8:31-28"Free Indeed"Rev Taylor
2011-10-23St. James of JerusalemJames 1:1-12"Blessed is the man who remains s...Rev Taylor
2011-10-16Pentecost 18, Proper 24...Matthew 22:15-22"Our Feet in Two Kingdoms"Rev Taylor
2011-10-09Pentecost 17, Proper 23...Matthew 22:1-14"The Suit that Suits"Rev Taylor
2011-10-02Pentecost 16, Proper 22...Matthew 21:33-46"Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Praise"Rev Taylor
2011-09-18Pentecost 14, Proper 20...Matthew 20:1-16"Envy Gives Way to Thanksgiving"Rev Taylor
2011-09-11Mission FestivalRomans 1:16"The Church's Glorious ConfidenceRev Taylor
2011-08-28Pentecost 11, Proper 17...Matthew 16:13-20"The Things of God and the Things...Rev Taylor
2011-08-21Pentecost 10, Proper 16...Matthew 16:13-20Losing What We Cannot Afford to L...Rev Taylor
2011-08-14Pentecost 9, Proper 15,...Matthew 15:21-28"When God Becomes My Enemy"Rev Taylor
2011-08-07Pentecost 8, Proper 14,...Matthew 14:22-33Let There Be LightRev Taylor
2011-07-31Pentecost 7, Proper 13,...Matthew 14:13-21Divine PossibilitiesRev Taylor
2011-07-24Pentecost 6, Proper 12,...Matthew 13:44-52Something of Great ValueRev Taylor
2011-07-17Pentecost 5, Proper 11,...Matthew 13:24-30,3...The Utopian DreamRev Taylor
2011-06-26Pentecost 2, Proper 8, ...Matthew 10:34-42To Confess the Name of JesusRev Taylor
2011-06-12Feast of Pentecost, ser...John 7:37-39The Great DayRev Taylor
2011-06-05Easter 7, series AI Peter 4:12-19,5:...A Theology of SufferingRev Taylor

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