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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2022-01-23Epiphany 3, series CNehemiah 8:1-3,5-6...Revealing RealityPastor Zirbel
2022-01-16Epiphany 2, series CJohn 2:1-11Purposefully Manifested GloryPastor Zirbel
2022-01-09Baptism of JesusIsaiah 43:1-7; Rom...The Voice of PeacePastor Zirbel
2022-01-02Second Sunday after Chr...Luke 2:40-52Questions on Faithful Maturity an...Pastor Zirbel
2021-12-26First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:22-38Impatient AssumptionsPastor Zirbel
2021-12-19Advent 4, series CLuke 1:39-56Christ-Centered ClarityPastor Zirbel
2021-12-12Advent 3, series CLuke 7:18-28Offensive Expectations and Scanda...Pastor Zirbel
2021-12-05Advent 2, series CLuke 3:1-14Necessary TruthPastor Zirbel
2021-11-28Advent 1, series CLuke 19:28-40Advent PrioritiesPastor Zirbel
2021-11-21Last Sunday in Church Y...Matthew 25:1-13Warnings, Wisdom, and ChangePastor Zirbel
2021-11-1424th Sunday after TrinityIsaiah 51:9-16; Co...Prayers, Patience, and PerseverancePastor Zirbel
2021-11-07All Saints Sunday1 John 3:1-3Beloved Children... Right NowPastor Zirbel
2021-10-31Reformation SundayRevelation 14:6-7;...Reformation RevelationPastor Zirbel
2021-10-24Pentecost 22, Proper 25...Mark 10:46-52Customer Service Jesus(?)Pastor Zirbel
2021-10-1720th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:1-14Right Picture - Wrong FocusPastor Zirbel
2021-10-1019th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 9:1-8Difficult, Easy, and Differences ...Pastor Zirbel
2021-10-0318th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:34-46; ...Laws, Love, and Lacking NothingPastor Zirbel
2021-09-2617th Sunday after TrinityEphesians 4:1-6; P...Walking BaptismallyPastor Zirbel
2021-09-1916th Sunday after TrinityLuke 7:11-17; 1 Ki...Suffering, Compassion, and ChristPastor Zirbel
2021-09-1215th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 6:24-34Anxieties, Priorities, and Proper...Pastor Zirbel
2021-09-0514th Sunday after TrinityLuke 17:11-19; Pro...Priorities, Presence, and PraisePastor Zirbel
2021-08-29Martyrdom of John the B...Mark 6:14-29; Reve...Celebrating Martyrdom(?)Pastor Zirbel
2021-08-2212th Sunday after TrinityMark 7:31-37The Sigh of SalvationPastor Zirbel
2021-08-1511th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 4:1-15; 1 ...Christian PrioritiesPastor Zirbel
2021-08-0810th Sunday after TrinityJeremiah 8:4-12; R...Unashamed Peace - Then & NowPastor Zirbel
2021-08-019th Sunday after Trinity2 Samuel 22:26-34;...Connect the DotsPastor Zirbel
2021-07-187th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 2:7-17; Ro...Divine SatisfactionPastor Zirbel
2021-07-116th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 5:17-26; E...Baptismal RighteousnessPastor Zirbel
2021-07-045th Sunday after Trinity1 Peter 3:8-15; 1 ...Unity: For Better and WorsePastor Zirbel
2021-06-274th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 50:15-21; ...What If...?Pastor Zirbel
2021-06-203rd Sunday after TrinityLuke 15:1-32Properly-Identified LovePastor Zirbel
2021-06-132nd Sunday after TrinityProverbs 9:1-10; 1...Centered WisdomPastor Zirbel
2021-06-06First Sunday after Trin...1 John 4:16-21; Ge...Fear, Confidence, and Loving Fait...Pastor Zirbel
2021-05-30Holy Trinity SundayRomans 11:33-36; I...Almighty WisdomPastor Zirbel
2021-05-23Pentecost SundayActs 2:1-21; John ...Two-Sided MiraclePastor Zirbel
2021-05-167th Sunday of EasterJohn 15:26-16:4; 1...Hard Truth for Good ReasonPastor Zirbel
2021-05-096th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:23-33Knowing and/or BelievingPastor Zirbel
2021-05-02Easter 5, series BActs 8:26-40; John...What PREVENTS Me...?Pastor Zirbel
2021-04-254th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:16-22; Isa...Peace and Joy in the PresentPastor Zirbel
2021-04-183rd Sunday of EasterJohn 10:11-16; Psa...The Voice of the Good ShepherdPastor Zirbel
2021-04-11Second Sunday of EasterJohn 20:19-31Redefining and RefusingPastor Zirbel
2021-03-28Palm SundayLuke 19:29-42Hosanna... from What?Pastor Zirbel
2021-03-215th Sunday in LentJohn 8:42-59; Gene...Reason to Rejoice... Even in the ...Pastor Zirbel
2021-03-144th Sunday in LentNumbers 21:4-9; Jo...Seeing IS Believing!Pastor Zirbel
2021-03-073rd Sunday in LentLuke 11:14-28; Exo...Either/OrPastor Zirbel
2021-02-282nd Sunday in LentGenesis 32:22-32; ...Blessed WrestlingsPastor Zirbel
2021-02-21First Sunday in LentGenesis 3:1-21; Ma...It\'s All About JesusPastor Zirbel
2021-02-14Quinquagesima1 Samuel 16:1-13; ...Blind Love - Blind FaithPastor Zirbel
2021-02-07SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15; Isaia...Seed, Soils, and RealityPastor Zirbel
2021-01-31SeptuagesimaExodus 17:1-7; 1 C...The Insanity of It All!Pastor Zirbel
2021-01-24Transfiguration Sunday ...Luke 9:28-36; Exod...Seeing Change(?)Pastor Zirbel
2021-01-172nd Sunday after EpiphanyExodus 33:12-23; J...The Not-So-Unprecedented Backside...Pastor Zirbel
2021-01-10The Baptism of JesusIsaiah 42:1-7; Mat...Baptismal (In)JusticePastor Zirbel
2021-01-03Second Sunday after Chr...Matthew 2:13-23; 1...Mysterious Joy & Current EventsPastor Zirbel
2020-12-27First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:22-40Patient and Faithful ContentednessPastor Zirbel
2020-12-25FChristmas DayJohn 1:1-14Jesus: The Verb of GodPastor Zirbel
2020-12-24RChristmas EveLuke 2:1-20Peace on Earth: What Does This M...Pastor Zirbel
2020-12-204th Sunday in AdventLuke 1:26-38; Phil...Rejoice in the Good NewsPastor Zirbel
2020-12-133rd Sunday in AdventMatthew 11:2-10Great Expectations: The 2020 Edi...Pastor Zirbel
2020-12-062nd Sunday in AdventMalachi 4:1-6; Rom...Gospel in the MidstPastor Zirbel
2020-11-29First Sunday in AdventMatthew 21:1-9Advent in Proper FocusPastor Zirbel
2020-11-25WThanksgiving EveLamentations 3:17-...Thanks and LamentationsPastor Zirbel
2020-11-22Last Sunday of the Chur...Matthew 25:1-13; 3...Can\'t, Won\'t, Repentance and Me...Pastor Zirbel
2020-11-1523rd Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:15-22Faithfully Focused RenderingPastor Zirbel
2020-11-0822nd Sunday after TrinityMatthew 18:21-35A Very Necessary and Timely Lesso...Pastor Zirbel
2020-11-01All Saints DayRevelation 7:2-4,9...Presently BlessedPastor Zirbel
2020-10-25Reformation SundayPsalm 46Stillness and Peace: Nothing NewPastor Zirbel
2020-10-1819th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 9:1-8Actions, Words, and Visible Faith...Pastor Zirbel
2020-10-1118th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:34-46What Does the Christ Think of You?Pastor Zirbel
2020-10-0417th Sunday after TrinityEphesians 4:1-6; P...Walking HumblyPastor Zirbel
2020-09-2716th Sunday after TrinityLuke 7:11-17; 1 Ki...Suffering, Compassion, and ChristPastor Zirbel
2020-09-2015th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 6:24-34Anxieties, Concerns, and PrioritiesPastor Zirbel
2020-09-1314th Sunday after TrinityLuke 17:11-19; Pro...Faith in MotionPastor Zirbel
2020-09-0613th Sunday after TrinityLuke 10:23-37Likewise LovePastor Zirbel
2020-08-3012th Sunday after Trinity2 Corinthians 3:4-...Good Enough for Government Work(?)Pastor Zirbel
2020-08-2311th Sunday after Trinity1 Corinthians 15:1...Christian PrioritiesPastor Zirbel
2020-08-1610th Sunday after TrinityJeremiah 8:4-12; L...Unashamed PeacePastor Zirbel
2020-08-099th Sunday after Trinity1 Corinthians 10:6...History: Doomed or Blessed Repet...Pastor Zirbel
2020-08-028th Sunday after TrinityJeremiah 23:16-29;...Learning ExperiencesPastor Zirbel
2020-07-267th Sunday after TrinityMark 8:1-9Satisfying PerspectivePastor Zirbel
2020-07-196th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 5:17-26Righteousness in ActionPastor Zirbel
2020-07-125th Sunday after Trinity1 Kings 19:9-18; L...Present Powerful PeacePastor Zirbel
2020-07-054th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 50:15-21; ...What If...?Pastor Zirbel
2020-06-283rd Sunday after TrinityLuke 15:1-3,11-32Knowing and Being KnownPastor Zirbel
2020-06-212nd Sunday after TrinityChrist-Centered FeastPastor Zirbel
2020-06-141st Sunday after TrinityLuke 16:19-31; Gen...This, Too, Shall Pass(?)Pastor Zirbel
2020-06-07Holy Trinity SundayIsaiah 6:1-7; John...The Fear of GodPastor Zirbel
2020-05-31Pentecost SundayJohn 14:23-31; Act...The Gift of PeacePastor Zirbel
2020-05-247th Sunday of EasterJohn 15:26-16:4Persecution and PeacePastor Zirbel
2020-05-176th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:23-33; Num...Prayer and PeacePastor Zirbel
2020-05-105th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:5-15Completed JoyPastor Zirbel
2020-05-034th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:16-22; Isa...Seeing Peace in the PresentPastor Zirbel
2020-04-263rd Sunday of EasterJohn 10:1-10The Voice of the Good ShepherdPastor Zirbel
2020-04-192nd Sunday of EasterJohn 20:19-31; Eze...Terms and Conditions May Apply(?)Pastor Zirbel
2020-04-12Easter SundayMark 16:1-8Situational Unbelief(?)Pastor Zirbel
2020-04-09RMaundy ThursdayMore Than Meets the EyePastor Zirbel
2020-04-05Palm SundayLuke 19:29-42Hosanna... from What?Pastor Zirbel
2020-03-295th Sunday in LentGenesis 22:1-14; J...Your Father\'s ChildPastor Zirbel
2020-03-224th Sunday in LentExodus 16:2-21; Jo...Our Toilet Paper King(?)Pastor Zirbel
2020-03-153rd Sunday in LentExodus 8:16-24; Lu...Who\'s In Charge Here?!Pastor Zirbel
2020-03-082nd Sunday in LentGenesis 32:22-32; ...Faithful ReminiscencePastor Zirbel
2020-03-011st Sunday in LentGenesis 3:1-21; Ma...It\'s All About JesusPastor Zirbel
2020-02-23QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43; 1 S...20/20 Blind FaithPastor Zirbel
2020-02-16SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15; Isaia...Waste of Time(?)Pastor Zirbel
2020-02-09SeptuagesimaMatthew 20:1-6; Ex...Divine UnfairnessPastor Zirbel
2020-02-02Transfiguration SundayLuke 9:28-36Hearing GloryPastor Zirbel
2020-01-263rd Sunday after Epiphany2 Kings 5:1-15; Ma...Faithful Humility/AuthorityPastor Zirbel
2019-12-082nd Sunday in AdventLuke 21:25-36Faithful Sign-SeeingPastor Zirbel
2019-11-1722nd Sunday after TrinityMatthew 18:21-35Merciful MotivationPastor Zirbel
2019-11-1021st Sunday after TrinityJohn 4:46-54; Gene...Powerful, Efficacious WordPastor Zirbel
2019-11-03All Saints SundayRevelation 7:9-17;...Present-Tense HolinessPastor Zirbel
2019-10-27Reformation SundayRevelation 14:6-7;...Reformation RevelationPastor Zirbel
2019-10-2018th Sunday after Trinity1 Corinthians 1:4-9Christocentric CharismaPastor Zirbel
2019-10-1317th Sunday after TrinityEphesians 4:1-6; P...Exalted Baptismal InstructionPastor Zirbel
2019-10-0616th Sunday after Trinity1 Kings 17:17-24; ...Miraculously FocusedPastor Zirbel
2019-09-29St. Michael and All Ang...Daniel 10:10-14; 1...Behind the ScenesPastor Zirbel
2019-09-2214th Sunday after TrinityLuke 17:11-19Proper Praise and ThanksgivingPastor Zirbel
2019-09-0812th Sunday after TrinityMark 7:31-37; 2 Co...Christocentric OrthodoxyPastor Zirbel
2019-09-0111th Sunday after Trinity1 Corinthians 15:1...Christian PrioritiesPastor Zirbel
2019-08-2510th Sunday after TrinityLuke 19:41-48; Jer...Teary TruthPastor Zirbel
2019-08-189th Sunday after Trinity1 Corinthians 10:6...What Can You Handle?Pastor Zirbel
2019-08-118th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 7:15-23; J...Sheep, Wolves, and the Good Sheph...Pastor Zirbel
2019-08-047th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 2:7-17; Ma...Divine SatisfactionPastor Zirbel
2019-07-286th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 5:17-26Simple Saving RighteousnessPastor Zirbel
2019-07-215th Sunday after TrinityLuke 5:1-11; 1 Kin...Powerful WhispersPastor Zirbel
2019-07-144th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 50:15-21; ...Fruitful MercyPastor Zirbel
2019-07-073rd Sunday after TrinityLuke 15:1-10Forests, Trees, Repentance, and R...Pastor Zirbel
2019-06-302nd Sunday after TrinityProverbs 9:1-10; 1...Centered WisdomPastor Zirbel
2019-06-23First Sunday after Trin...Genesis 15:1-6; Lu...Great Is Thy FaithfulnessPastor Zirbel
2019-06-027th Sunday of EasterJohn 15:26-16:4Unseen Peace(?)Pastor Zirbel
2019-05-266th Sunday of EasterNumbers 21:4-9; 1 ...Mysterious PeacePastor Zirbel
2019-05-195th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:5-15Convicted FaithPastor Zirbel
2019-05-124th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:16-22Pronouns, Perspective, and PeacePastor Zirbel
2019-05-053rd Sunday of EasterJohn 10:11-18The Shepherd\'s Living LovePastor Zirbel
2019-04-282nd Sunday of EasterJohn 20:19-31; Eze...The Breath of LifePastor Zirbel
2019-04-21Easter SundayMark 16:1-8Focused Resurrection Joy/PeacePastor Zirbel
2019-04-14Palm SundayLuke 19:29-42Hosanna...from What?Pastor Zirbel
2019-04-075th Sunday in LentGenesis 22:1-14; J...True Life: Reason to RejoicePastor Zirbel
2019-03-314th Sunday in LentExodus 16:2-21; Jo...Big Peace - Little PackagesPastor Zirbel
2019-03-243rd Sunday in LentExodus 8:16-24; Ep..."Seeing" FaithPastor Zirbel
2019-03-172nd Sunday in LentGenesis 32:22-32; ...Wrestling in FaithPastor Zirbel
2019-03-101st Sunday in LentMatthew 4:1-11Fasting FaithPastor Zirbel
2019-03-03QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43; 1 C..."Charity Cases" and "Getting It"Pastor Zirbel
2019-02-24SexagesimaIsaiah 55:10-13; L...God\'s Batting AveragePastor Zirbel
2019-02-17SeptuagesimaExodus 17:1-7; 1 C...Divine UnfairnessPastor Zirbel
2019-02-10Transfiguration SundayExodus 34:29-35; L...Glory and Peace RevealedPastor Zirbel
2019-02-034th Sunday after EpiphanyMatthew 8:23:27Simple PeacePastor Zirbel
2019-01-273rd Sunday after EpiphanyMatthew 8:2-13The Purifying Word of PeacePastor Zirbel
2019-01-202nd Sunday after EpiphanyJohn 2:1-11Righteous Joy Abundantly ManifestedPastor Zirbel
2019-01-13First Sunday after Epip...Luke 2:41-52Necessary Treasures RevealedPastor Zirbel
2019-01-06EpiphanyMatthew 2:1-12The Wisdom of FaithPastor Zirbel
2019-01-05A2nd Sunday after Christ...Matthew 2:13-23; G...Mysterious JoyPastor Zirbel
2018-12-30First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:22-40Truth RevealedPastor Zirbel
2018-12-25TChristmas DayLuke 2:1-20; John ...Seeing SalvationPastor Zirbel
2018-12-234th Sunday in AdventJohn 1:19-28The "Not" Confession of FaithPastor Zirbel
2018-12-163rd Sunday in AdventMatthew 11:2-10Great ExpectationsPastor Zirbel
2018-12-09Second Sunday in AdventLuke 21:25-36; Mal...Signs, Perspective, and RedemptionPastor Zirbel
2018-12-02First Sunday in AdventMatthew 21:1-9; Je...The Tone of AdventPastor Zirbel
2018-11-25Last Sunday in the Chur...Matthew 25:1-13Patient Wisdom Burning BrightlyPastor Zirbel
2018-11-1825th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 24:15-28; ...The Locus of ThanksgivingPastor Zirbel
2018-11-1124th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 9:18-26Taking HoldPastor Zirbel
2018-11-04All Saints SundayMatthew 5:1-12The State of BlessednessPastor Zirbel
2018-10-28Reformation SundayJohn 8:31-36The Truth About the TruthPastor Zirbel
2018-10-2121st Sunday after TrinityJohn 4:46-54Provisos, Promises, and PeacePastor Zirbel
2018-10-1420th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:1-14Reception PerceptionPastor Zirbel
2018-10-0719th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 9:1-8The Eye of the BeholderPastor Zirbel
2018-09-3018th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:34-46"It\'s All About Jesus"(?)Pastor Zirbel
2018-09-2317th Sunday after TrinityLuke 14:1-11Looking in Exalted HumilityPastor Zirbel
2018-09-1616th Sunday after TrinityLuke 7:11-17; 1 Ki...Divine RecognitionPastor Zirbel
2018-09-0915th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 6:24-34Slaves and Master(s)Pastor Zirbel
2018-09-0214th Sunday after TrinityLuke 17:11-19; Pro...Eucharistic, Christocentric Journ...Pastor Zirbel
2018-08-2613th Sunday after TrinityLuke 10:23-37Likewise LovePastor Zirbel
2018-08-1912th Sunday after Trinity2 Cor 3:4-11; Isai...Christo-SufficiencyPastor Zirbel
2018-08-1211th Sunday after TrinityLuke 18:9-14Proper Sacrificial FocusPastor Zirbel
2018-08-0510th Sunday after TrinityJeremiah 8:4-12; L...Tears, Lack of Blushing, and PeacePastor Zirbel
2018-07-299th Sunday after Trinity2 Samuel 22:26-34;...Divine Show and TellPastor Zirbel
2018-07-228th Sunday after TrinityJeremiah 23:16-29;...Sweet Comfort and Peace(?)Pastor Zirbel
2018-07-157th Sunday after TrinityMark 8:1-9Truly SatisfiedPastor Zirbel
2018-07-086th Sunday after TrinityExodus 20:1-17; Ro...Baptismal RighteousnessPastor Zirbel
2018-07-015th Sunday after Trinity1 Kings 19:9-18; L...Where ISN\'T God?Pastor Zirbel
2018-06-24Nativity of John the Ba...Luke 1:57-80Summer Nativity JoyPastor Zirbel
2018-06-173rd Sunday after TrinityLuke 15:11-32Seeing Things the Way They Really...Pastor Zirbel
2018-06-173rd Sunday after TrinityLuke 15:11-32Known and Being Known (preached)Pastor Zirbel
2018-06-102nd Sunday after TrinityLuke 14:15-24Merciful Love, Properly UnderstoodPastor Zirbel
2018-06-031st Sunday after TrinityGenesis 15:1-6; Lu...Unheard & HeardPastor Zirbel
2018-05-27Holy Trinity SundayJohn 3:16Trinitarian ChristocentricityPastor Zirbel
2018-05-20Pentecost SundayJohn 14:23-31The Gift of PeacePastor Zirbel
2018-05-137th Sunday of EasterEzekiel 36:22-28; ...Reason for ActionPastor Zirbel
2018-05-10RAscension2 Kings 2:5-15Where Is Yahweh?Pastor Zirbel
2018-05-066th Sunday of EasterNumbers 21:4-9; Jo...Peace In FocusPastor Zirbel
2018-04-295th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:5-15Origination and DestinationPastor Zirbel
2018-04-28AWedding1 Corinthians 13Christ-Centered LovePastor Zirbel
2018-04-224th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:16-22Pronouns, Perspective, and PeacePastor Zirbel
2018-04-153rd Sunday of EasterPsalm 23The Good Shepherd\'s WorkPastor Zirbel
2018-04-082nd Sunday of EasterEzekiel 37:1-14; J...Powerful WordPastor Zirbel
2018-04-01Easter SundayMark 16:1-8Foolish Saving FaithPastor Zirbel
2018-03-25Palm SundayMatthew 21:1-11What\'s the Answer?Pastor Zirbel
2018-03-185th Sunday in LentGenesis 22:1-14Seeing and RejoicingPastor Zirbel
2018-03-114th Sunday in LentExodus 16:2-21Unrecognized, Over-Abundant GracePastor Zirbel
2018-03-043rd Sunday in LentExodus 8:16-24; Lu...The Sore Thumb of GodPastor Zirbel

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