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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2018-01-07Epiphany SuncayMatthew 2:1-12The three mysteries of the EpiphanyPastor Ernst
2017-12-31Circumcision and naming...Luke 2:21The human name of GodPastor Ernst
2017-12-24Christmas SundayJohn 1:1-14The Word made fleshPastor Ernst
2017-12-17Third Sunday of AdventMatthew 11:2-10Who is the faithful preacher?Pastor Ernst
2017-12-10Second Sunday of AdventLuke 21:25-36Salvation is nearPastor Ernst
2017-12-03First Sunday of AdventLuke 3:1-6Repentance firstPastor Ernst
2017-11-26Christ the King SundayMatthew 25:1-13The King will come with justicePastor Ernst
2017-11-19Sunday of the Church Tr...Matthew 25:31-46The foundation of hopePastor Ernst
2017-11-12Sunday of the Final Jud...Matthew 24:1-28We live every moment in hopePastor Ernst
2017-11-05All Saints SundayMatthew 5:1-12With all the heavenly choirPastor Ernst
2017-10-29Reformation SundayRomans 3:21-28The Three SolasPastor Ernst
2017-10-22Nineteenth Sunday after...Genesis 28:10-17The stairway to heavenPastor Ernst
2017-10-15Eighteenth Sunday after...Matthew 22:34-46The Law as the heart\'s desirePastor Ernst
2017-10-0817th Sunday after Trin...Ephesians 4:1-6Let us receive the gift of faith ...Pastor Ernst
2017-10-01Sixteenth Sunday after ...Luke 7:11-16We look forward to the ResurrectionPastor Ernst
2017-09-24Fifteenth Sunday after ...Matthew 6:24-34We trust in God for all thingsPastor Ernst
2017-09-17Fourteenth Sunday after...Luke 17:11-19The blessing above all blessingsPastor Ernst
2017-09-10Thirteenth Sunday after...Luke 10:23-37The foreigner is our neighborPastor Ernst
2017-09-03Twelfth Sunday after Tr...Isaiah 29:17-24The deaf will hear the words of t...Pastor Ernst
2017-08-27Eleventh Sunday after T...Genesis 4:1-15True worshipPastor Ernst
2017-08-20Tenth Sunday after Trin...Luke 19:41-48The days will come upon youPastor Ernst
2017-08-13Ninth Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:11-32Thankful children of GodPastor Ernst
2017-08-06Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7:15-23By their fruits you will know themPastor Ernst
2017-07-30Seventh Sunday after Tr...Isaiah 62:6-12The most secure promisePastor Ernst
2017-07-23Sixth Sunday after Trin...Romans 6:1-11Baptized into His death for new ...Pastor Ernst
2017-07-16Fifth Sunday after Trin...1 Peter 3:8-15Always be preparedPastor Ernst
2017-07-09Fourth Sunday after Tri...Luke 6:36-42Be mercifulPastor Ernst
2017-07-02The VisitationLuke 1:39-56The gift of lifePastor Ernst
2017-06-25Presentation of the Aug...Matthew 10:26-33To confess the faithPastor Ernst
2017-06-18First Sunday after Trin...Deuteronomy 6:4-13The duties of fathersPastor Ernst
2017-06-11Trinity SundayMatthew 28:18-20We baptize in the name of the Tri...Pastor Ernst
2017-06-04PentecostActs 2:1-11The promise of the Holy Spirit fu...Pastor Ernst
2017-05-28Ascension SundayActs 1:1-11The promises of the AscensionPastor Ernst
2017-05-21Fifth Sunday after EasterJohn 16:23-30The power of the Holy Spirit in p...Pastor Ernst
2017-05-14Fourth Sunday after Eas...John 16:5-15He guides us in all truthPastor Ernst
2017-05-07Third Sunday after Easter1 Peter 2:11-20Liberty is not a pretext to do evilPastor Ernst
2017-04-30Second Sunday after Eas...John 10:11-16The pastor cares for the sheepPastor Ernst
2017-04-23First Sunday after EasterJohn 20:19-31Put God to the testPastor Ernst
2017-04-16Easter SundayMark 16:1-8The evidence of the empty tombPastor Ernst
2017-04-14FGood FridayVarious textsThe last words from the crossPastor Ernst
2017-04-13RMaundy Thursday1 Corinthians 11:2...The mystery of the MassPastor Ernst
2017-04-09Palm SundayMatthew 21:1-9The real triumph of ChristPastor Ernst
2017-04-02Fifth Sunday of LentNumbers 21:4-9The image of deathPastor Ernst
2017-03-26Fourth Sunday of LentJohn 6:1-15Thanksgiving and blessingPastor Ernst
2017-03-19Third Sunday of LentLuke 11:14-28The finger of GodPastor Ernst
2017-03-12Second Sunday of Lent1 Thessalonians 4:...The continuing work of the Holy S...Pastor Ernst
2017-03-05First Sunday of LentGenesis 22:1-14In time of trialPastor Ernst
2017-02-26QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43The eyes of faithPastor Ernst
2017-02-19SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15The seed is the Word of GodPastor Ernst
2017-02-12SeptuagesimaMatthew 20:1-16All receive the same grace of GodPastor Ernst
2017-02-05Transfiguration Sunday2 Peter 1:16-21The testimony of the apostlesPastor Ernst
2017-01-29Fourth Sunday of EpiphanyMatthew 8:23-27The winds and sea obey HimPastor Ernst
2017-01-22Third Sunday of EpiphanyMatthew 8:1-13The trustworthy WordPastor Ernst
2017-01-15Second Sunday of EpiphanyJohn 2:1-11The blessing of marriagePastor Ernst
2017-01-08Baptism of our LordIsaiah 60:1-6Light in the darknessPastor Ernst
2017-01-01Circumcision and Naming...Galatians 3:23-29In the name of ChristPastor Ernst
2016-12-25Christmas DayJohn 1:1-14The Word made fleshPastor Ernst
2016-12-24AChristmas EveLuke 2:1-14The true joy of ChristmasPastor Ernst
2016-12-18Fourth Sunday of AdventJohn 1:19-28We prepare the way of the LordPastor Ernst
2016-12-11Third Sunday of AdventMatthew 11:2-10We are heirs of Old Testament pro...Pastor Ernst
2016-12-04Second Sunday of AdventLuke 21:25-36Let us live in a changing worldPastor Ernst
2016-11-27First Sunday of AdventLuke 3:1-6Why we prepare for ChristmasPastor Ernst
2016-11-20Christ the King Sunday2 Peter 3:8-14At the right timePastor Ernst
2016-11-13Last Judgment SundayMatthew 25:31-46Not by our own meritsPastor Ernst
2016-11-06All Saints SundayRevelation 2:2-17Who are the saints?Pastor Ernst
2016-10-30Reformation SundayJohn 8:31-36Spiritual freedomPastor Ernst
2016-10-23Commemoration of James ...Acts 15:12-22Good news for all nationsPastor Ernst
2016-10-1621st Sunday after TrinityJohn 4:46-54By His Word alonePastor Ernst
2016-10-0920th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:1-14Invitation to a partyPastor Ernst
2016-10-02St. Michael and All Ang...Matthew 18:1-10May your holy angel be with usPastor Ernst
2016-09-2518th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:34-46Prophet, priest, kingPastor Ernst
2016-09-1817th Sunday after TrinityLuke 14:1-11We celebrate the new creationPastor Ernst
2016-09-11Sixteenth Sunday after ...Luke 7:11-16The power and mercy of GodPastor Ernst
2016-09-04Fifteenth Sunday after ...Matthew 6:24-34Let us trust in GodPastor Ernst
2016-08-28!4th Sunday after TrinityLuke 17:11-19The healing of our diseasePastor Ernst
2016-08-2113th Sunday after TrinityLuke 10:23-37Love without limitsPastor Ernst
2016-08-14Twelfth Sunday after Tr...Mark 7:31-37The visible elements of gracePastor Ernst
2016-08-07Eleventh Sunday after T...1 Corinthians 15:1...The two sides to confessionPastor Ernst
2016-07-3110th Sunday after TrinityLuke 19:41-48Let us go to the Lord\'s housePastor Ernst
2016-07-24Ninth Sunday after Trin...1 Corinthians 19:1...The means of gracePastor Ernst
2016-07-17Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7:15-23A legitimate callPastor Ernst
2016-07-10Seventh Sunday after Tr...Mark 8:1-9The fount of blessingsPastor Ernst
2016-07-03Sixth Sunday after Trin...Matthew 5:20-26Spiritual libertyPastor Ernst
2016-06-26Fifth Sunday after Trin...Luke 5:1-11Fishers of menPastor Ernst
2016-06-19Fourth Sunday after Tri...Luke 6:36-42Therefore be mercifulPastor Ernst
2016-06-12Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:1-10Seek those who are lostPastor Ernst
2016-06-05Second Sunday after Tri...Luke 14:15-24Do not miss the partyPastor Ernst
2016-05-29First Sunday after Trin...Deuteronomy 6:4-13Love the Lord your GodPastor Ernst
2016-05-22Trinity SundayMatthew 28:18-20Teach them all I have commanded youPastor Ernst
2016-05-15PentecostJohn 14:23-31He will teach you all thingsPastor Ernst
2016-05-08Ascension SundayActs 1:1-11He lives and reignsPastor Ernst
2016-05-01Fifth Sunday after EasterJohn 16:23-30We ask everything in the name of ...Pastor Ernst
2016-04-24Fourth Sunday after Eas...John 16:5-15To guide us in all truthPastor Ernst
2016-04-17Third Sunday after Easter1 Peter 2:11-20We are foreigners and pilgrimsPastor Ernst
2016-04-10Second Sunday after Eas...John 10:11-16The sheep know their ShepherdPastor Ernst
2016-04-03First Sunday after EasterJohn 20:19-31Peace be with youPastor Ernst
2016-03-27Easter SundayMark 16:1-8The empty tombPastor Ernst
2016-03-25FGood FridayJohn 19:16-30Farewell to His motherPastor Ernst
2016-03-20Palm SundayZechariah 9:9-12The King has arrivedPastor Ernst
2016-03-13Fifth Sunday in LentJohn 8:46-59The declaration of divinityPastor Ernst
2016-03-06Fourth Sunday in LentJohn 6:1-15Our daily breadPastor Ernst
2016-02-28Third Sunday in LentLuke 11:14-28Spiritual warfarePastor Ernst
2016-02-21Second Sunday in LentMatthew 15:21-28We can always trust in the mercy ...Pastor Ernst
2016-02-14First Sunday in LentMatthew 4:1-11Test of faithPastor Ernst
2016-02-10WAsh Wednesday1 John 1:5-9His blood cleanses us from sinPastor Ernst
2016-02-07QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43Savior, not superheroPastor Ernst
2016-01-31SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15We have been given to know the my...Pastor Ernst
2016-01-24Septuagesima1 Corinthians 9:24...By grace alonePastor Ernst
2016-01-17Transfiguration Sunday2 Peter 1:16-21The prophetic WordPastor Ernst
2016-01-10First Sunday after Epip...Luke 2:41-52Let's listen to God's WordPastor Ernst
2016-01-03Epiphany SundayIsaiah 60:1-6The light that brought them to Ch...Pastor Ernst
2015-12-31RCircumcision and Naming...Luke 2:21Let us count the daysPastor Ernst
2015-12-27First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:33-40The fall and rise of manyPastor Ernst
2015-12-24RChristmas EveLuke 2:1-14Fear notPastor Ernst
2015-12-20Fourth Sunday of AdventJohn 1:19-28The testimony of the prophetsPastor Ernst
2015-12-13Third Sunday of Advent1 Corinthians 4:1-5The mysteries of GodPastor Ernst
2015-12-06Second Sunday of AdventLuke 21:25-36Let's stay alertPastor Ernst
2015-11-29First Sunday of AdventMatthew 21:1-9The journey beginsPastor Ernst
2015-11-22Christ the King SundayMatthew 25:1-13Let's be ready!Pastor Ernst
2015-11-15Sunday of the Church Tr...Matthew 25:31-46The successful lifePastor Ernst
2015-11-08Sunday of the Last Judg...Matthew 24:15-28The days will be shortenedPastor Ernst
2015-11-01All Saints SundayRevelation 7:2-17Who are the saints?Pastor Ernst
2015-10-25Reformation SundayJohn 8:31-36Abide in My WordPastor Ernst
2015-10-18Day of St. Luke the Eva...2 Timothy 4:5-11Fulfill your ministryPastor Ernst
2015-10-11Nineteenth Sunday after...Matthew 9:1-8Your sins are forgivenPastor Ernst
2015-10-04Eighteenth Sunday after...Matthew 22:34-46The Law and lovePastor Ernst
2015-09-27Seventeenth Sunday afte...Ephiesians 4:1-6United in one Lord, one faith, on...Pastor Ernst
2015-09-20Sixteenth Sunday after ...Luke 7:11-16Comfort for the afflictedPastor Ernst
2015-09-13Fifteenth Sunday after ...Matthew 6:24-34Do not worryPastor Ernst
2015-09-06Fourteenth Sunday after...Luke 17:11-19The best giftPastor Ernst
2015-08-30Thirteenth Sunday after...Luke 10: 23-27The figure of ChristPastor Ernst
2015-08-23Twelfth Sunday after Tr...2 Corinthians 3: 4...The ministry of justificationPastor Ernst
2015-08-16Eleventh Sunday after T...1 Corinthians 15: ...Violence in the name of GodPastor Ernst
2015-08-09Tenth Sunday after Trin...Luke 19:41-48Reverent worshipPastor Ernst
2015-08-02Ninth Sunday after Trin...Luke 16: 1-9We merit nothing, have received ...Pastor Ernst
2015-07-31FOpening service, Region...1 Samuel 16: 1-23A brave and faithful heartPastor Ernst
2015-07-26Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7: 15-23Wolves in sheep's clothingPastor Ernst
2015-07-19Seventh Sunday after Tr...Mark 8: 1-9Complete confidence in GodPastor Ernst
2015-07-12Sixth Sunday after Trin...Romans 6:1-11A new foundation for obediencePastor Ernst
2015-07-05Fifth Sunday after Trin...Luke 5: 1-11Our examples of faithPastor Ernst
2015-06-28Fourth Sunday after Tri...Luke 6:36-42Mercy, the response to mercyPastor Ernst
2015-06-21Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15: 1-32The love of the FatherPastor Ernst
2015-06-14Second Sunday after Tri...Luke 14: 15-24Invitation to dinnerPastor Ernst
2015-06-07First Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:19-31Do not trust in richesPastor Ernst
2015-05-31Trinity SundayJohn 3: 1-15Baptism in the name of the Three ...Pastor Ernst
2015-05-24PentecostActs 2: 1-11The Holy Spirit poured out over t...Pastor Ernst
2015-05-17Ascension Sunday2 Kings 2: 9-15To receive the Holy SpiritPastor Ernst
2015-05-10Fifth Sunday after EasterJohn 16: 23-30How may we approach God?Pastor Ernst
2015-05-03Fourth Sunday after Eas...John 16: 5-15The Holy Spirit and the means of ...Pastor Ernst
2015-04-26Third Sunday after EasterJohn 16: 11-20We mourn, yet pray and rejoicePastor Ernst
2015-04-19Second Sunday after Eas...John 10: 11-16Protecting the sheepPastor Ernst
2015-04-12First Sunday after EasterJohn 20: 19-31Evidence and faithPastor Ernst
2015-04-05Easter Sunday1 Corinthians 15: ...He conquered death with His powerPastor Ernst
2015-04-03FGood FridayJohn 19: 17-24Christ's humiliation on the crossPastor Ernst
2015-03-29Palm SundayZechariah 9: 9-12A peace treaty that never endsPastor Ernst
2015-03-25WThe AnnunciationLuke 1: 26-38A tale of two donkeysPastor Ernst
2015-03-22Fifth Sunday of LentJohn 8: 46-59The name of GodPastor Ernst
2015-03-15Fourth Sunday in LentJohn 6: 1-15Loaves and fishesPastor Ernst
2015-03-08Third Sunday of LentLuke 11: 14-28Do not leave the house emptyPastor Ernst
2015-03-01Second Sunday in LentMatthew 15: 21-28He has power over demonsPastor Ernst
2015-02-22First Sunday in LentGenesis 22: 1-14Who was the Angel of the Lord?Pastor Ernst
2015-02-18WAsh WednesdayPsalm 51What the ashes meanPastor Ernst
2015-02-15QuinquagesimaLuke 18: 31-43The purpose of His lifePastor Ernst
2015-02-08SexagesimaLuke 8: 4-15To sow God's WordPastor Ernst
2015-02-01Septuagesima1 Corinthians 9:24...We are saved by waterPastor Ernst
2015-01-25Sunday of TransfigurationMatthew 17:1-9His face shone like the sunPastor Ernst
2015-01-18Second Sunday after Epi...John 2:1-11The best is yet to comePastor Ernst
2015-01-11First Sunday after Epip...Luke 2:41-52Jesus, our TeacherPastor Ernst
2015-01-04Epiphany Sunday (oberved)Ephesians 3: 1-12Christ for all the nationsPastor Ernst
2014-12-31WCircumcision and Naming...Galatians 3:23-29Clothed in ChristPastor Ernst
2014-12-28Day of the Holy InnocentsMatthew 2:13-18The mystery of evilPastor Ernst
2014-12-24WChristmas EveLuke 2: 1-14No room for ChristPastor Ernst
2014-12-21Fourth Sunday of AdventJohn 1:19-28Why do we baptize?Pastor Ernst
2014-12-14Third Sunday of AdventMatthew 11:2-10Not a reed shaken in the windPastor Ernst
2014-12-07Second Sunday in AdventLuke 21:25-36Your redemption is nearPastor Ernst
2014-11-30First Sunday in AdventLuke 3:1-6Prepare the way of the LordPastor Ernst
2014-11-23Christ the King SundayMatthew 25:1-13No one knows the day or hourPastor Ernst
2014-11-16Sunday of the Church Tr...Matthew 25:31-46Come, blessed of my FatherPastor Ernst
2014-11-09Sunday of the Final Jud...Matthew 24:15-28The days will be shortenedPastor Ernst
2014-11-02All Saints SundayMatthew 5:1-12So they persecuted the prophets w...Pastor Ernst
2014-10-26Reformation SundayJohn 8:31-36By Word alonePastor Ernst
2014-10-1918th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:34-46Who is the Son of David?Pastor Ernst
2014-10-1217th Sunday after TrinityLuke 14:1-11How we honor the SabbathPastor Ernst
2014-10-0516th Sunday after TrinityEphesians 3:13-21Much more than we can ask or unde...Pastor Ernst
2014-09-2815th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 6:24-34We trust in God for everythingPastor Ernst
2014-09-2114th Sunday after TrinityGalatians 5:16-24Good works are the fruit of faithPastor Ernst
2014-09-14St. Matthew's DayMatthew 9:9-13The healthy do not need a doctorPastor Ernst
2014-09-0712th Sunday after TrinityMark 7:31-37How the Lord touches usPastor Ernst
2014-08-31Eleventh Sunday after T...1 Corinthians 15:1...For I delivered unto you first of...Pastor Ernst
2014-08-24St. Bartholomew's DayJohn 1:43-51Thou shalt see greater things tha...Pastor Ernst
2014-08-17Ninth Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:1-9What is most important to usPastor Ernst
2014-08-10Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7:15-23By their fruits ye shall know themPastor Ernst
2014-08-03Seventh Sunday after Tr...Isaiah 62:6-12Say to the daugher of Zion, behol...Pastor Ernst
2014-07-27Sixth Sunday after Trin...Romans 6:1-11We are baptized into His death an...Pastor Ernst
2014-07-20Fifth Sunday after Trin...Luke 5:1-11From now on you will catch menPastor Ernst
2014-07-13Fourth Sunday after Tri...Luke 6:36-42The quality of mercyPastor Ernst
2014-07-06Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:1-10Joy in heavenPastor Ernst
2014-06-29St. Peter and St. Paul,...Matthew 16:13-19Upon this rock I will build My ch...Pastor Ernst
2014-06-22First Sunday after Trin...1 John 4:16-21Because God is lovePastor Ernst
2014-06-15Trinity SundayJohn 3:1-15The person and work of Jesus ChristPastor Ernst

      463 sermons found ... page 1 of 3

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