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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2020-03-29Lent 5, JudicaHebrews 9:11-15Sacrament, Not SacrificePastor Schlamann
2020-03-04WLenten Vespers IJohn 13:31-33A Lenten GloriaPastor Schlamann
2020-03-011st Sun. in LentGenesis 3:1-21God’s Mercy in Times of Temptat...Pastor Schlamann
2020-02-26WAsh WednesdayPsalm 51:1-13Confession AND Absolution: Beginn...Pastor Schlamann
2019-07-286th Sunday after TrinityRomans 6:1-11Remember Your Baptism!Pastor Schlamann
2019-05-19CantateIsaiah 12:1–6Why We Christians SingPastor Schlamann
2019-04-19FGood FridayPsalm 31:5In the Best Hands of AllPastor Schlamann
2019-02-24St. Matthias, ApostleActs 1:15-26What About Matthias?Pastor Schlamann
2017-12-24Christmas EveLuke 2:8-12The ‘For-YOU-ness’ of Jesus...Pastor Schlamann
2017-04-16EasterJohn 11:20-27The Resurrection-Doing and Life-G...Pastor Schlamann
2017-03-19St. JosephMatthew 1:18-25Do Not Be AfraidPastor Schlamann
2016-10-30Reformation/CircuitJohn 8:31-36God’s Word: Source of Our Freed...Pastor Schlamann
2016-09-18Trinity XVII/ConfirmationEphesians 4:1-6Being Worthy of Your CallingPastor Schlamann
2016-04-17Easter 4, One-YearJohn 16:16-22Your Sorrow Will Be Turned into JoyPastor Schlamann
2016-03-27Easter1 Corinthians 5:6-8The Easter Feast Is the Lamb of GodPastor Schlamann
2015-12-25FChristmas DayLuke 2:1-20Glory Be to God on High!Pastor Schlamann
2015-12-24RChristmas EveMatthew 1:18-25; 1...Immanuel: Our God-with-Us and You...Pastor Schlamann
2015-07-05Trinity V1 Corinthians 1:18...We Preach Christ CrucifiedPastor Schlamann
2014-11-16Trinity XXIIMatthew 18:21-35Infinite ForgivenessPastor Schlamann
2014-10-26ReformationRevelation 14:6-7Fear God and Worship HimPastor Schlamann
2014-09-21St. MatthewSt. Matthew 1:22-2...God with Us: Yesterday, Today, Fo...Pastor Schlamann
2014-06-29SS. Peter & PaulMatthew 16:13-19If He Has Called Them, He Indeed ...Pastor Schlamann
2014-06-22Trinity ISt. Luke 16:19-31Believe (in) God's Word!Pastor Schlamann
2014-06-08Feast of Pentecost, One...John 14:23-31The Holy Spirit Teaches Us All Th...Pastor Schlamann
2014-05-18CantateJames 1:16-21Every Good Gift Christ Freely GivesPastor Schlamann
2014-04-20Easter1 Corinthians 5:6-8The Easter Feast Is the Lamb of GodPastor Schlamann
2014-02-13RfuneralSt. Matthew 17:1-9No One but Jesus OnlyPastor Schlamann
2013-12-22Advent IV [One-Year]St. John 1:19-28Behold! He Comes to Give Us His G...Pastor Schlamann
2013-12-15Advent III [One-Year]1 Corinthians 4:1-5Behold! He Comes to Give Us Light!Pastor Schlamann
2013-12-08Advent II [One-Year]Romans 15:4-13Behold! He Comes to Give Us Hope!Pastor Schlamann
2013-12-01Advent I [One-Year]Jeremiah 23:5-8Behold! He Comes in Power!Pastor Schlamann
2013-11-03All Saints' DayRevelation 7:9-17Singing with the SaintsPastor Schlamann
2013-10-27ReformationMatthew 11:12-15Violence vs. the VictorPastor Schlamann
2013-09-29St. Michael and All Ang...Isaiah 6:1-7With Angels and ArchangelsPastor Schlamann
2013-02-24St. Matthias, ApostleActs 1:15-26What About Matthias?Pastor Schlamann
2012-10-07Trinity XVIIIMatthew 22:34-46What Do You Think About the Christ?Pastor Schlamann
2012-09-23Trinity XVILuke 7:11-17God Has Visited His PeoplePastor Schlamann
2012-09-16Trinity XVSt. Matthew 6:24-34Seek First God's KingdomPastor Schlamann
2012-08-19Trinity 11Genesis 4:1-15The Mark of the LordPastor Schlamann
2012-06-24Nativity of St. John th...St. Luke 1:57-80John Is the Voice; Jesus Is the W...Pastor Schlamann
2012-04-08Easter: DaySt. Mark 16:1-8Do Not Be Afraid. Jesus Is HERE!Pastor Schlamann
2012-01-01Circumcision & Name of ...St. Luke 2:21His Name Says It AllPastor Schlamann
2011-12-28WfuneralPsalm 27:1No Fear! Only Jesus!Pastor Schlamann
2011-12-25The Nativity of Our Lor...St. John 1:1-18The Light Shines forth upon UsPastor Schlamann
2011-12-24AThe Nativity of Our Lor...St. Luke 2:8-20Why This Night Is Different from ...Pastor Schlamann
2011-12-18Advent IV (Rorate coeli)St. John 1:19-28Prepare the Way of the Lord!Pastor Schlamann
2011-12-04Advent II (Populus Zion)Luke 21:25-36Your Redemption Is NearPastor Schlamann
2011-11-27Advent 1, Ad te levaviMatthew 21:1-9He ComesPastor Schlamann
2011-09-25Pentecost 15, Proper 21...Ezekiel 18:1-4,25-32Repent. Turn. LivePastor Schlamann
2011-09-18Pentecost 14, Proper 20...Isaiah 55:6-9We Seek the Lord Because He Is HerePastor Schlamann
2011-09-11Pentecost 13, Proper 19...Psalm 143:10The Teaching Is for Children of A...Pastor Schlamann
2011-09-04Pentecost 12, Proper 18...Ezekiel 33:7-9Preaching the Law Is Part of the ...Pastor Schlamann
2011-08-28Pentecost 11, Proper 17...St. Matthew 16:21-28Take Up Your Cross and Follow JesusPastor Schlamann
2011-08-21Pentecost 10, Proper 16...Matthew 16:13-20Our Rock Is ChristPastor Schlamann
2011-08-14Pentecost 9, Proper 15,...Isaiah 56:1-8God Will Bring Us to His Holy Mou...Pastor Schlamann
2011-08-07Pentecost 8, Proper 14,...Matthew 14:22-33Take Heart! It's Jesus! Don't Be ...Pastor Schlamann
2011-04-19THoly TuesdayJeremiah 11:18-20This Is God's SlaughterhousePastor Schlamann
2011-02-20Epiphany 7, series ALeviticus 19:1-2,9..."Being (Made) Holy"Pastor Schlamann
2011-02-06Epiphany 5, series AMatthew 5:13-20Christ the Fulfillment and the Gi...Pastor Schlamann
2010-08-29Martyrdom of John the B...Mark 6:14-29Uriah, John, and JesusPastor Schlamann
2010-01-10Baptism of Our LordIsaiah 42:1-7God Has Called Us His OwnPastor Schlamann
2010-01-03Epiphany of Our Lord (t...St. Matthew 2:1-12At Home in the House of Our LordPastor Schlamann
2009-10-18St. Luke, Evangelist2 Timothy 4:5-18Dr. Luke's RxPastor Schlamann
2009-10-0418th S. a. PentecostSt. Mark 10:2-16The Perfect RelationshipPastor Schlamann
2009-09-2717th Sun. after PentecostPs. 91:11 and 103:1Blest Be the Tides That BindPastor Schlamann
2009-09-2016th S. a. PentecostSt. Mark 9:30-37Be Great? Be Humble. Be Lifted Up!Pastor Schlamann
2009-09-0614th Sun. a. PentecostSt. Mark 7:31-37The Lord Makes Us Open to Receive...Pastor Schlamann
2009-08-0910th S. a. PentecostSt. John 6:35-51Eat, Drink, and Be MinePastor Schlamann
2009-04-263 Easter/ConfirmationSt. Luke 24:36-49The Lord Has Opened Your MindPastor Schlamann
2009-04-07THoly TuesdaySt. John 3:14-17; ...Christ, Lifted Up and Drawing UsPastor Schlamann
2009-03-153rd S. in Lent1 Corinthians 1:18...The Scandal of the CrossPastor Schlamann
2008-12-28Holy InnocentsSt. Matthew 2:13-18The Forgotten Christmas StoryPastor Schlamann
2008-11-30St. Andrew, ApostleSt. John 1:35-42aAndrew's Message and the Advent o...Pastor Schlamann
2008-11-09Mission FestivalSt. Luke 24:44-53The Mission and the MeansPastor Schlamann
2008-11-02All Saints' DayPsalm 34:8-10; Rev...The Holy Things for the Holy OnesPastor Schlamann
2008-10-26*Reformation DayRomans 3:19-28Keeping the Central Teaching Cent...Pastor Schlamann
2008-10-0521st Sunday after Pente...Matthew 21:33-46Christ, Vine with UsPastor Schlamann
2008-09-18RweddingSt. John 15:4-5,9Grafted as One into ChristPastor Schlamann
2008-08-17Fourteenth S. a. Pent.St. Matthew 15:21-28Craving the Crumbs of ChristPastor Schlamann
2008-08-10St. Laurence, Deacon an...St. Mark 8:34-38Taking Up the Cross 1,750 Years a...Pastor Schlamann
2008-08-03Twelfth S. a. Pent.Isaiah 55:1-5 and ...Where Else Would You Rather Be?Pastor Schlamann
2008-07-13Ninth S. a. Pent.St. Matthew 13:3-9...Seed, Scripture, and SacramentsPastor Schlamann
2008-05-04Seventh S. of EasterLuke 24:44-53; Act...Christ Has Ascended to Be HerePastor Schlamann
2008-04-20Fifth Sunday of Easter1 Peter 2:2-10The Priesthood PraysPastor Schlamann
2008-04-06Third Sunday of Easter1 Peter 1:17-25Your Holiness Is in Christ AlonePastor Schlamann
2008-01-27St. Titus, Pastor and C...Titus 1:1-9Paul, Titus, and Pastors TodayPastor Schlamann
2008-01-20Second S. a. the EpiphanySt. John 1:29-42aBehold! The Lamb of God has Come!Pastor Schlamann
2008-01-13Baptism of Our LordRomans 6:1-11Dying to Live in Our BaptismPastor Schlamann
2007-12-02First Sunday in AdventSt. Matthew 21:1-11Blessed is He who Comes in the Na...Pastor Schlamann
2007-11-25Last S of the Church YearSt. Luke 23:27-43Paradise Is for YouPastor Schlamann
2007-11-11Twenty-fourth S a Pente...2 Thessalonians 2:...The Gospel Calls Us to the EndPastor Schlamann
2007-10-07Nineteenth S a PentecostSt. Luke 17:1-10Forgiven and ForgivingPastor Schlamann
2007-09-30Eighteenth S a PentecostSt. Luke 16:19-31We Have God's WordPastor Schlamann
2007-09-09Fifteenth S a PentecostSt. Luke 14:25-35Counting the Cost Means Bearing t...Pastor Schlamann
2007-08-26Thirteenth S a PentecostSt. Luke 13:22-30The Door Is Open…for NowPastor Schlamann
2007-08-19Twelfth S a Pentecost (...St. Luke 12:49-56Our God Is an Offensive GodPastor Schlamann
2007-08-12Eleventh S a PentecostSt. Luke 12:22-34 ...God Provides in Body and SoulPastor Schlamann
2007-07-29Ninth S a PentecostSt. Luke 11:1-13The Power Lies in the One Who Ans...Pastor Schlamann
2007-07-22*St Mary MagdaleneSt. John 20:1-2,10...A Godly Woman We Have Found, for ...Pastor Schlamann
2007-07-22*St Mary MagdaleneSt. John 20:1-2,10...A Godly Woman We Have Found, for ...Pastor Schlamann
2007-07-15Seventh S a PentecostBetter Than a Good Neighbor, Our ...Pastor Schlamann
2007-07-08Sixth S a PentecostSt. Luke 10:1-20Under Orders...Made WorthyPastor Schlamann
2007-07-01Fifth S a PentecostSt. Luke 9:51-62The Son of Man Has Come and Saved...Pastor Schlamann
2007-06-17Third S a PentecostSt. Luke 7:36-8:3God Forgives. Faith Accepts.Pastor Schlamann
2007-06-02AEve of the Feast of the...St. John 8:48-59Three Creeds, One GodPastor Schlamann
2007-05-27The Feast of PentecostSt. John 14:23-31Behold, the Holy Spirit ComethPastor Schlamann
2007-05-17RThe Ascension of Our LordSt. Luke 24:44-53Through the Church the Song Goes OnPastor Schlamann
2007-05-06Fifth Sunday of EasterSt. John 13:31-35We Get to Love One AnotherPastor Schlamann
2007-04-22Third Sunday of EasterSt. John 21:1-19Fed in Body and SoulPastor Schlamann
2006-09-17Fifteenth Sunday after ...St. Mark 9:14-29It’s Possible, for God Does ItPastor Schlamann
2006-09-12THoly Cross Day (transfe...1 Corinthians 1:18...Lifting High Offense, Lifting Hig...Pastor Schlamann
2006-09-10Fourteenth Sunday after...St. Mark 7:24-37He Does All Things PerfectlyPastor Schlamann
2006-09-03Thirteenth Sunday after...St. Mark 7:14-23Only God Will Make Us CleanPastor Schlamann
2006-08-27Twelfth Sunday after Pe...St. Mark 7:1-13Taking What Is God’s and Keepin...Pastor Schlamann
2006-08-20Eleventh Sunday after P...St. John 6:51-69The Martyrs and We Partake of Chr...Pastor Schlamann
2006-08-13Tenth Sunday after Pent...St. John 6:35-51The Bread of Life Given for the L...Pastor Schlamann
2006-08-06Ninth Sunday after Pent...St. John 6:22-35This Is No Game, for Christ Is Ou...Pastor Schlamann
2006-07-30Eighth Sunday after Pen...St. Mark 6:45-56It Is Christ! Do Not Be Afraid!Pastor Schlamann
2006-07-23Seventh Sunday after Pe...St. Mark 6:30-44Our Lord Feeds Us GreatlyPastor Schlamann
2006-07-19WFeast of St. Mary the M...St. John 20:1-2,10...From Demon-Possessed to Resurrect...Pastor Schlamann
2006-07-16Sixth Sunday after Pent...St. Mark 6:14-29Faithful unto DeathPastor Schlamann
2006-07-09Fifth Sunday after Pent...St. Mark 6:1-13Sin Rejects the Gifts. Faith Rec...Pastor Schlamann
2006-07-05WPentecost IV Vespers2 Corinthians 8:1-...Giving Out of the Grace of our Gr...Pastor Schlamann
2006-07-02Fourth Sunday after Pen...St. Mark 5:21-43Sleeping, and Rising to New LifePastor Schlamann
2006-06-28WFeast of St. Peter and ...St. Mark 8:27-35If He Has Called Them, He Indeed ...Pastor Schlamann
2006-06-25Feast of the Presentati...Isaiah 55:6-11Our Confession Will Not Return to...Pastor Schlamann
2006-06-18St. Barnabas, Apostle (...Acts 11:19-30Divine Love, Human Care, Apostoli...Pastor Schlamann
2006-06-11The Holy TrinitySt. John 3:1-17Trumpeting the Trinity in TruthPastor Schlamann
2006-06-07WPentecost Tuesday (tran...Acts 8:14-17The Holy Spirit Works through His...Pastor Schlamann
2006-06-04The Day of PentecostSt. John 15:26-27;...Convicted and Forgiven by the Hol...Pastor Schlamann
2006-05-14Fifth Sunday of EasterSt. John 15:1-8The Father Prunes Us; the Son Abi...Pastor Schlamann
2006-05-07Fourth Sunday of EasterSt. John 10:11-18The Good Shepherd Feeds His SheepPastor Schlamann
2006-04-30Third Sunday of EasterSt. Luke 24:36-49Oh, What Our Joy!Pastor Schlamann
2006-04-23Second Sunday of EasterSt. John 20:19-31Jesus Brings Us Peace, Forgivenes...Pastor Schlamann
2006-04-16The Resurrection of Our...Christ Opens Our E...Christ Opens Our EyesPastor Schlamann
2006-04-15AThe Vigil of Easter1 Peter 3:18-22Christ Descended to Lift Us UpPastor Schlamann
2006-04-14FGood FridaySt. John 19:25-30It Is Finished Forever!Pastor Schlamann
2006-04-13RMaundy Thursday1 Corinthians 11:2...Given for You; So Receive WorthilyPastor Schlamann
2006-04-09Palm SundayJohn 12:20-43Now Is the Time to See JesusPastor Schlamann
2006-04-05WWednesday of Fifth Sund...Hebrews 5:1-10Priests, Priests, and the High Pr...Pastor Schlamann
2006-04-02Fifth Sunday in LentMark 10:35-45God Gives Us Power to ServePastor Schlamann
2006-03-29WWednesday of Fourth Sun...Ephesians 2:1-10God Loves You, and There’s Noth...Pastor Schlamann
2006-03-26Fourth Sunday in LentJohn 3:14-21Christ Came Down to be Lifted UpPastor Schlamann
2006-03-22WWednesday of Third Sund...John 2:13-25The Temple that Is Christ HimselfPastor Schlamann
2006-03-19Feast of St. Joseph, Gu...Matthew 2:13-15,19...Christ Flees. Christ Frees. Chr...Pastor Schlamann
2006-03-15WLenten Midweek Vespers IIRomans 5:6-11In God’s Time Christ Died for UsPastor Schlamann
2006-03-12Second Sunday in LentMark 8:27-38Christ Bore His Cross that We Wou...Pastor Schlamann
2006-02-19Seventh Sunday afterthe...St. Mark 2:1-12Your Sins Are Forgiven YouPastor Schlamann
2006-02-12Sixth Sunday afterthe E...St. Mark 1:40-45Divine Mercy, Divine CleansingPastor Schlamann
2006-02-05Fifth Sunday after the ...Mark 1:29-39Preaching: Words of HealingPastor Schlamann
2006-01-06FEpiphanyEphesians 3:1-12Christ Is Revealed to UsPastor Schlamann
2005-12-25Christmas DaySt. John 1:1-18The Light Shines Forth upon UsPastor Schlamann
2005-12-24AChristmas EveSt. Luke 2:8-20Why This Night Is Different from ...Pastor Schlamann
2005-12-21WSt. Thomas, ApostleSt. John 14:1-7"Christ: Our 'One-Way' Sign"Pastor Schlamann
2005-07-03Seventh Sunday after Pe...Romans 7:14-25a"Wretched to Redeemed"Pastor Schlamann
2005-05-22The Holy TrinitySt. Matthew 28:16-20Trinitarian and ChristianPastor Schlamann
2005-04-17Fourth Sunday of Easter1 Peter 2:19-25Suffering SheepPastor Schlamann
2005-03-27The Resurrection of Our...Colossians 3:1-4Seeking Things Above, for Christ ...Pastor Schlamann
2005-02-20Second Sunday in LentRomans 4:1-8,13-17God's Grace and God's Gifts, Give...Pastor Schlamann
2005-02-06The Transfiguration of ...2 Peter 1:16-21Christ Was Transfigured, and We W...Pastor Schlamann
2004-12-26St. Stephen, MartyrActs 6:8—7:2a,51...God Has Opened His Gift to UsPastor Schlamann
2004-08-15St. Mary, Mother of Our...St. Luke 1:46-55With Mary We Magnify Our MakerPastor Schlamann
2004-07-25St. James the Elder, Ap...St. Mark 10:35-45Greatness through Humble ServicePastor Schlamann
2004-06-24RNativity of St. John th...St. Luke 1:67-79"Blessed Is the Lord…Blessed Is...Pastor Schlamann
2004-04-11The Resurrection of Our...St. Luke 24:1-12Not Reason…Resurrection!Pastor Schlamann
2004-04-09FGood FridaySt. John 19:25-30Tetelesthai!Pastor Schlamann
2004-04-08RMaundy ThursdaySt. Luke 22:7-20Our Lord Desires to Feed UsPastor Schlamann
2004-04-04Palm SundaySt. John 12:20-43We Wish to, and We Do, See JesusPastor Schlamann
2004-03-31WWednesday of Fifth Sund...Philippians 3:4b-14Perfect in LossPastor Schlamann
2004-03-28Fifth Sunday in LentSt. Luke 20:9-20Receiving the VinedresserPastor Schlamann
2004-03-25RThe Annunciation of Our...St. Luke 1:26-38Now Hear This!Pastor Schlamann
2004-03-21Fourth Sunday in LentSt. Luke 15:1-3,11...God Wants You at His Feast!Pastor Schlamann
2004-03-17WWednesday of Third Sund...1 Corinthians 10:1...Tempted, Repentant, and ForgivenPastor Schlamann
2004-03-14Third Sunday in LentSt. Luke 13:1-9Repent…and Live!Pastor Schlamann
2004-03-10WWednesday of Second Sun...Philippians 3:17...Walking in the WayPastor Schlamann
2004-03-07Second Sunday in LentSt. Luke 13:31-35Gathered, Sheltered, FedPastor Schlamann
2004-03-03WWednesday of First Sund...Romans 10:8b-13We Believe What We Confess and Co...Pastor Schlamann
2004-02-29First Sunday in LentSt. Luke 4:1-13Tempted for Our SakePastor Schlamann
2004-02-25WAsh Wednesday2 Corinthians 5:20...Now Is the Day. Now Is the Time.Pastor Schlamann
2004-02-22The Transfiguration of ...St. Luke 9:28-36It Is Good for Us to Be HerePastor Schlamann
2004-02-15Sixth Sunday after the ...St. Luke 6:17-26Blessed are YouPastor Schlamann
2004-02-08Fifth Sunday after the ...St. Luke 5:1-11Forgiven, Restored, EmpoweredPastor Schlamann
2004-02-01Fourth Sunday after the...St. Luke 4:31-44This Is the Word of the Lord. Tha...Pastor Schlamann
2004-01-18Confession of St. PeterSt. Matthew 16:13-19From Being Petrified to Being a R...Pastor Schlamann
2004-01-14Wfuneral (Wed of Ep I)Romans 6:1-11Through Baptism She Has Been SavedPastor Schlamann
2004-01-11The Baptism of Our LordSt. Luke 3:15-22God Is Well Pleased, We Are Bapti...Pastor Schlamann
2004-01-01RCircumcision of Our LordSt. Luke 2:21His Name Says It AllPastor Schlamann
2003-12-21St. Thomas, ApostleSt. John 14:1-7The Way to Heaven Is a One-Way St...Pastor Schlamann
2003-12-17WWednesday of Third Sund...TLH #60Hark, a Thrilling Voice Is SoundingPastor Schlamann
2003-12-14Third Sunday in AdventSt. Luke 7:18-35Tidings of Repentance and JoyPastor Schlamann
2003-12-10WWednesday of Second Sun...LW #31Oh, Come, Oh, Come, EmmanuelPastor Schlamann
2003-12-07Second Sunday in AdventSt. Luke 3:1-20Repent, and Remember Your BaptismPastor Schlamann
2003-12-03WWednesday of First Sund...TLH #95Savior of the Nations, ComePastor Schlamann
2003-11-30St. Andrew, ApostleSt. John 1:35-42Andrew's Message and the Advent o...Pastor Schlamann
2003-11-27RThanksgiving1 Timothy 2:1-4O Give Thanks unto the LordPastor Schlamann
2003-11-23Sunday of the FulfillmentSt. Mark 13:24-37Here Comes the JudgePastor Schlamann
2003-11-16Second-Last Sunday in t...St. Mark 13:1-13Being Faithful to the EndPastor Schlamann
2003-11-09Third-Last Sunday in th...St. Mark 12:38-44God Gives; Therefore We GivePastor Schlamann
2003-11-02Commemoration of the Fa...St. John 5:24-29We Shall Join ThemPastor Schlamann
2003-10-26Twentieth Sunday after ...St. Mark 10:46-52What Jesus Does for UsPastor Schlamann

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