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A Reading from the Book of Concord
3 year series

January 20, 2008 - Second S. a. the Epiphany

Standard LSB A Readings:
First: Is. 49:1-7
Epistle: 1 Cor. 1:1-9
Gospel: John 1:29-42a
Psalm: Ps. 40:1-11

The following reading from the CONCORDIA edition of the Book of Concord is for the LSB Gospel, John 1:29-42a for the Second S. a. the Epiphany, January 20, 2008.

It is from Apology of the Augsburg Confession, Article IV, paragraphs 1-3-104, page 99.

The one who trusts that his own goodness merits God's favor is fooling himself. Wise is the one who trusts God's Word that Jesus is "the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the whole world."

Click here for the reading formatted for the back of a standard CPH bulletin.

Pastor Doug May
Socorro, New Mexico


Ambrose says in his letter to a certain Irenaeus:

The world was subject to God by the Law because, according to the command of the Law, all are indicted. And yet, by the works of the Law, no one is justified. For, by the Law, sin is perceived, but guilt is not taken away. The Law, which declared all people sinners, seemed to have done harm. But when the Lord Jesus Christ came, He forgave to all people the sin, which no one could avoid. And, by the shedding of His own blood, He blotted out the handwriting that was against us. This is what he says in Romans 5:20, "The law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more." After the whole world became subject, Christ took away the sin of the whole world, as John testified in John 1:29, "Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" For this reason let no one boast about works, because no one is justified by his deeds. He who is righteous has righteousness given to him because he was justified from the washing of Baptism. Faith, therefore, is that which frees through the blood of Christ, because he is blessed "whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered" (Psalm 32:1).

Ambrose clearly denies justification to works and teaches that faith sets us free through the blood of Christ. (paragraphs 103-104)

Condensed from CONCORDIA: THE LUTHERAN CONFESSIONS, copyright 2005,2006 by Concordia Publishing House. Used by permission. All rights reserved. To purchase a copy of CONCORDIA, call 800-325-3040.

These are excerpts from the Book of Concord.

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