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A Reading from the Book of Concord
3 year series

December 25, 2011 - Christmas Day, series B

The following reading from the CONCORDIA edition of the Book of Concord is for the Epistle Hebrews 1:1-12 for the Christmas Day, series B, December 25, 2011.

It is from Large Catechism, Apostles’ Creed, page 406.

In the eyes of many the birth of an Jewish boy in Bethlehem is so ordinary as not to attract any attention. But in reality it is the greatest manifestation of God's grace and favor revealed to the world by Son of God in human form.

Click here for the reading formatted for the back of a standard CPH bulletin.

Pastor Doug May
Socorro, New Mexico


See, here you have the entire divine essence, will, and work shown most completely in quite short and yet rich words. In these words all our wisdom stands, which surpasses and exceeds the wisdom, mind, and reason of all people. The whole world with all diligence has struggled to figure out what God is, what He has in mind and does. Yet the world has never been able to grasp ‹the knowledge and understanding of› any of these things. But here we have everything in richest measure. For here in all three articles God has revealed Himself and opened the deepest abyss of His fatherly heart and His pure, inexpressible love. He has created us that He might redeem and sanctify us. In addition to giving and imparting to us everything in heaven and upon earth, He has even given to us His Son and the Holy Spirit, who brings us to Himself. For we could never grasp the knowledge of the Father's grace and favor except through the Lord Christ. Jesus is a mirror of the fatherly heart, outside of whom we see nothing but an angry and terrible Judge. But we couldn't know anything about Christ either, unless it had been revealed by the Holy Spirit.

These articles of the Creed divide and separate us Christians from all other people. Even if they believe in and worship only one true God, they still do not know what His mind toward them is and cannot expect any love or blessing from Him. (paragraphs 63-66)

Condensed from CONCORDIA: THE LUTHERAN CONFESSIONS, copyright 2005,2006 by Concordia Publishing House. Used by permission. All rights reserved. To purchase a copy of CONCORDIA, call 800-325-3040.

These are excerpts from the Book of Concord.

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