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Five Minutes a Day with Luther

Several years ago, a delightful elder lady in my congregation gave me one of her old devotion books which she had stopped using. It was called "Five Minutes Daily with Luther". My wife and I have used it four or five different years since that day, and find it a delight for our own daily devotional reading. Sadly, the book is out of print and difficult to find, having been originally published in 1926. My copy is fast falling apart, and not only do I want to preserve it for myself, I want to be able to share it with others, so I took up the task of editing the book. Here it is, ready for the whole world to read and share, and find the same comfort and strength in these devotions as I have.

This is a project that is evolving. My original edits were very minor, but I find myself cutting deeper to make the old text speak more clearly to our modern America. Constructive criticism is always welcome. My thanks to Norm Fisher for making the distribution of these devotions more regular, and more widely available.

I've now made the whole series available from Scholia through Lulu - a self-publishing site. The 384-page hardcover book is available for $21.68 plus shipping. Downloads in pdf format are free. There is no profit in the price for me. My profit is in seeing this great devotional book preserved in print for another generation. Period.

It has been featured on the main page of the scholia.net website.

In addition, it's the first item of the storefront.

I believe there is a price-break for orders of ten or more copies ($3 per copy, if I am not mistaken).

I hope you take a look, and I hope it serves your devotional needs.

If you have enjoyed the emails, I hope you will consider buying a copy of the book, so there will be copies around to share with others. They should make great gifts.

Pastor Robin Fish

To link to the current day's "5 Minutes a Day with Luther" reading, link to http://lcmssermons.com/5mins -- this will always show the reading for "today".

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