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LCMSsermons.com came about because a friend of mine asked me in March of 2006 to put his sermons on-line.  I initially was going to just put them up as static HTML pages, but as I was doing it I thought about the various sermon lists that I'm on.  They let you see the current sermon, but typically don't provide an archive where you can view or search old sermons.  I personally enjoy reading good biblical sermons, and realized others might like to do this as well.  It occurred to me that with just a little more work I could create a database-driven tool that allows easy posting of sermons by Pastors.  It would allow sorting and searching of all sermons in the database, allowing a user to find a sermon based on title, text, day of lectionary, or about anything else.  It would be designed to work well with search engines, allowing people to find specific sermons through a search on google, yahoo or msn.  This is a natural extension to our work on pericope.org and pericope@yahoogroups.com, where Pastors discuss their work on their sermon for the next Sunday.  This would also allow Pastors to maintain an easily accessible archive of their sermons over their lifetime and not be limited to posting on their church websites.

Over 300 sermons were initially posted from primarily two sources.  Since then several Pastors have added their sermons, adding another 200 sermons to the database. In the first two weeks that this website has existed, I've been amazed at the number of hits that we have received from google or yahoo -- people looking for something like "sermon lcms Luke 1:57-80" -- so there is indeed quite an interest in reading sermons based on Bible texts.  There have also been searches for things like "Sermon for when god seems far away", so I'm hoping that the site is providing biblical teaching to laymen.  Since then, the numbers of users of this site has steadily risen; it is currently averaging about 200 unique users per day, and 400-600 page views per day.

Sermons submitted to this archive remain the property of the submitter and he is able to put whatever restrictions on usage of the sermons that he wants.  The system is designed to allow easy searching and sorting, making it easy for people to find sermons. Our intention is to allow you to post your sermons here and let your members view only your sermons easily.  A simple URL will view your sermons (e.g. "http://lcmssermons.com/yourname").  You can link to that URL from your personal or church website (or pass it on to people by email or through your church bulletin).  For now, entering by this method will allow the user to search for sermons written by other pastors, but it would be simple to limit the list to only the one pastor.  If you have a need for this please contact me.

Please contact Norm Fisher if you have comments or suggestions on this system.

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