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2 Samuel 5:1-25

Rev. Andrew Eckert

Wed. after Trinity 11
Our Savior Lutheran Church  
Stevensville, MT

Wed, Aug 15, 2018 

Then all the tribes of Israel came to David at Hebron and spoke saying, “Indeed, we are your bone and your flesh.”

The people came to make David king of all Israel.  Only a person who was one of their own people could be king.  They could not, for example, hire a powerful foreigner to rule over them.  A man who was an outsider could not rule.  David, a true Israelite by flesh and bone, was qualified to lead them.

So it is with our new David, Christ Jesus.  He is Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Therefore, He is our flesh and bone.  He is one of us, a true human by His conception in Mary’s womb by the Holy Spirit.  If Christ had been an outsider, an angel perhaps or simply the Son of God with no human nature, then He could not rule over us.

Why not?  The Son of God has all power.  If He had not become Man, He could still have ruled over us with His almighty hand.  But we did not need a ruler of power.  We needed a ruler of redemption.  We needed blood shed and flesh nailed to wood.  Therefore He had to be like us in every way except sin.

Of the first David, the Lord said that the son of Jesse would shepherd His people Israel.  Of the second David, the Lord said that Christ would lay down His life for us sheep.  By doing this He proved that He was the Good Shepherd.  The holy prophet Isaiah spoke about this when he declared that we all like sheep have gone astray; we have turned, every one to his own way, and the Lord has laid on Him, the Suffering Servant, the iniquity of us all.  Only Christ, who took our iniquities upon His Body could thereby prove that He is the Good Shepherd.  Any lesser shepherd could not save the sheep from death, and so would soon have no flock to shepherd.  But Christ has succeeded in redeeming us, and therefore rules over us as our King.

He had to suffer first, much as David had to suffer first.  David wandered as a fugitive for years, pursued relentlessly by wicked King Saul.  Although he had been anointed by Samuel, David did not receive the kingdom for years.  Instead, the danger of death had to be David’s constant companion.  But when the Lord brought him out of his exile, then David became king over all Israel.

In the same way Christ, even after He was anointed at the Jordan, did not immediately ascend into glory to rule over His Church.  He had to suffer greatly before He could rule as King.

But now, everything has been placed under His feet, as David prophesied about Him.  He is King over all things, as proven by His resurrection.  He is particularly the King over us, His dear Church, whom He has redeemed with His precious Blood.

To be our King, He had to overcome the stronghold of the evil one.  The wicked demons had a strong kingdom, with mighty walls and gates that no man could break down.  Yet our King descended into their kingdom in victory.  Now He has made us secure in the Confession of His Name, so that even the gates of Hades cannot overcome us.

Additionally, our new David has built a stronghold for us, the mighty walls of the new Jerusalem, built upon the foundation of the prophets and apostles, with Christ as the Chief Cornerstone.  Now we, who were the blind and lame, are safe in the holy Church under the protection of Christ and His holy angels.  Whatever slings and arrows the enemy may fling at us shall not hurt us for long, and we shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Our David is so much greater than the old one.  The old one lived for a time and then went the way of all flesh.  But the new David did not need to die.  No one could take His life from Him, but He laid it down for us, only to take it up again, and death has no mastery over Him anymore.

The old David multiplied his wives, yet our new David has only one bride: the holy Church that He purchased with His Blood and cleansed with the washing of water with the Word.  To this Bride alone He has been faithful, even to the point of death upon the Cross.  For His Name is Faithfulness.

When the evil forces of satan and the world come like Philistines to destroy the church, Christ is there to defend us.  Time and again, the forces of evil array themselves for battle against the church.  They seem to be an overwhelming force as they deploy themselves.  They may indeed take our lives as the Lord appears to be delaying, and the world appears to be winning.  But no one can truly defeat the people of Christ.

At the right time, He breaks out against His foes.  As He beat His enemies at Calvary, He still beats them every time.  He comes like a breakthrough of water, as if a dam bursts and a flood sweeps forth to wipe away everything in its path.  So Christ bursts forth for His people.  In the same way He broke through the ranks of Pharaoh in the Red Sea and swept them away.  Likewise, He swept away our sins and defeated our old Adam when He burst forth in the waters of Baptism.

The final victory is Armageddon.  Already, many skirmishes and pitched battles have taken place.  But Christ will outlast every enemy that tries to persecute the Church.  Earthly kingdoms, seemingly triumphant one moment, are gone the next.  But Christ’s kingdom continues through all centuries.  He transforms every defeat at the hands of the world into victory, and crowns every martyr with eternal glory.  At the end, even the last appearances of the world’s victories over us will be erased.

So when you feel alone and pursued by wickedness, remember that you do not stand in the battle alone.  The Lord marches with you.

David heard the sound of marching in the trees.  Elisha and his servant saw the host of heaven with fiery horses and chariots.  We know that the Lord of Sabaoth has a great host of angels that watches over us.  How shall we fear the enemy, when those with us are much greater than those against us?  Not a hair of our head can fall unless the Lord allows, and even then it will all work out for good for us who love Him.

So David marched out to an overwhelming victory.  We also are winning an overwhelming victory, although it does not always look like it.  But we are in Christ, who is always the Victor.  We are victors over death and the grave.  We are victors over satan and his host of demons.  We cannot lose, since Christ fights for us.  He has already gone before us to strike the camp of our enemies.  He will strike yet again at the end of all things, when the dragon and death will be cast into the lake of fire.  That is the last victory, which is already so certain that nothing can stop it.

For since the Son of David submitted to the Cross and rose from the grave, He will most assuredly put all enemies under His feet, when we are raised in glory and triumph, forever and forever.  Amen.

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