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John 10:11-16

Rev. John F. Wurst

Misericordias Domini
The Lutheran Church of Christ the King  
Duluth, Minnesota

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 

"For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified." (1 Cor. 2:2)

John 10:11-16

The Third Sunday of Easter )Good Shepherd Sunday)


In the Name of the Father and + of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Man dies. The family cries and mourns. They ask, Why did he have to die? When a man dies, his death does nothing and means nothing for any other person on earth. He's just dead. The only thing that death leaves on earth is void, despair, loneliness, and heartbreak.

Contrast the death of the sinner with the death of the Son of God. Jesus death accomplished something for every sinner; the redemption from sin, death, and the power of the devil. Jesus said, "I AM the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep." (v 11)

Jesus came into this world to do one thing, save the lost sheep. The hirelings of this world don't care about the sheep, that is, the people of this world. The hirelings are only looking out for themselves. Their motto, "I'm going to get mine. Don't get in my way or else."

The faithful sheep will not run to the hirelings because the hirelings only spew lies and deceit. The faithful don't know such things because they have the Truth implanted in them by the Holy Spirit. Did Jesus only die on the cross for those who believe in Him? No. He dies for all men.

In the closing verses of the Gospel, Jesus says, "And I have other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to My voice. So there will be one flock, one Shepherd." (v 16)

Jesus is referring here to the Gentiles of the world. He didn't just come to save Israel but the whole world. He says to you that you are numbered among those sheep that are not part of the Nation of Israel. Jesus says He will bring you too. You will listen to His voice.

Sinners die every day. Their death cannot save them. Their works cannot save them. Their prayers to to the saints or even Mother Mary cannot save them. Only Jesus can save the sinner from eternal condemnation and death.

That's what Jesus' Name means, "He will save His people from their sins." (Matt. 1:21) Salvation is yours because of the atoning sacrifice Jesus made in your stead on the holy altar of God on Mount Calvary.

Salvation is yours because Jesus paid the price for the sins of the world that were heaped upon His shoulders. Ever since Adam and Eve fell into sin and brought death into the world, God has demanded blood and death for the sins of the people.

The Holy Spirit brought you here today to hear the message of salvation. Turn your ears away from those of this world who only want to teach you about morals, success, overcoming insecurities, bad habits, and a poor self-image. Beware of those pedaling a purpose driven life or a purpose driven church. Beware of the wolves that come dressed in sheep's clothing. The wolf only wants to destroy you by getting you to reject Jesus Christ and His salvific work on the cross and through His life giving resurrection.

Remember, you cannot save yourself. Jesus died to save you. Believe in Jesus and you will live. That is His promise to you. He doesn't lie. Jesus' death matters. It accomplished the salvation of the whole world. He left no one out.

As you continue to journey in this valley of shadow and death, remember each day that you are Baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. The Blood of Jesus covers your transgressions and forgives all your sins every time you Take drink at this holy altar.

Christ is risen! Hear Him! Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

Christ is risen! Hear Him! Jesus preaches the kingdom of God is near.

Christ is risen! Hear Him good and faithful servant! Your sins are forgiven.

In the Name of the Father and + of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

The peace of God that surpasses all understand guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Amen.


(C) Rev. John F. Wurst

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