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Isaiah 52:15

Rev. John F. Wurst

Maundy Thursday
The Lutheran Church of Christ the King  
Duluth, Minnesota

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Thu, Mar 28, 2013 

"For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified." (1 Cor. 2:2)

Isaiah 52:15

Maundy Thursday


In the Name of the Father and + of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

What would you think of if I asked you about a bloodbath? Would you think of the holocaust when Hitler ordered the massacre of the Jewish people? I hope so. Would you remember 9/11/2001 when the bombers destroyed the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people? I hope so. What about Oklahoma City? Remember the massacre there? Columbine high school? Sandy Grove Elementary? What about the Stock Market crash of 1929? All good examples of a bloodbath.

The prophet Isaiah tells you something about the Suffering Servant, that is, Jesus Christ, that "He shall sprinkle many nations." To understand this you must take a walk through history and see what God is doing with blood for His people.

Sin requires the shedding of blood. St. Paul says, "For the wages of sin is death." Ezekiel writes, "The soul who sins will die." The only thing sin deserves is punishment and condemnation by God. You are sinners. You deserve to die because of your iniquity.

God does not desire your death. The writer to the Hebrews writes, "Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness." When you read the Book of Leviticus, you will learn how God works to forgive the sins of Israel through the killing of animals and the bloodshed associated with it to deliver the forgiveness of sins to His holy people.

What about this sprinkling of blood that Isaiah refers to? What's that all about? Again, you must journey with God in the Old Testament to find your answer. You must go back to the first covenant that God made with Israel and made Moses the mediator. (Exodus 24:1-8)

And Moses took the blood, sprinkled it on the people, and said, "This is the blood of the covenant which the Lord has made with you according to all these words." (v 8)

When the blood was sprinkled on the people, they entered the covenant with God and became members of the covenant people - the visible Church - heirs - beneficiaries - of God's covenant promises of forgiveness, blessing, and everlasting life. As they were sprinkled with the blood of the covenant, they received the grace of God.

What does this all mean for you? Where is your grace? Where is your covenant with God? You have it all except so much better than the Nation of Israel had it. You see, God made a new covenant through His Son, Jesus, with you and all the world.

No longer would an animal of the earth do. No. This time, God used a perfect Lamb. No blemishes. Perfect in every way. It was this Lamb of God that was sacrificed for the sins of the world. Your sins. My sins. the sins of every man, woman, and child. The difference being that after this final sacrifice, there would never again be a sacrifice needed to atone for the sins of the people. Never again.

Jesus sprinkles your soul with His Blood. His Blood cleanses your soul from the condemnation of a guilty conscience. Jesus' Blood forgives your sins. It is by the Blood of Jesus that you are brought into the New Covenant with God the Father.

In Holy Baptism, you were washed, better yet, drowned, in the Blood of Christ. You died that day with Jesus in His death. You also rose again from the dead with Him and were given His eternal gift of life, righteousness, holiness, forgiveness of all your sins, and eternal salvation.

Now, Jesus delivers those same gifts to you every time you Take eat and Take drink of HIs Body and Blood that were given and shed for you on Mount Calvary. At the Lord's Supper, Jesus gives to you His own flesh for the forgiveness of your sins.

At this altar, you are joined with the eternal, living Lord Jesus Christ in the greatest bloodbath ever taken place on earth. You are joined with the eternal Son who stood in your place and died your death to give you His gift of everlasting life.

You never have to doubt what you receive at this altar. Jesus said, This is My Body given for you. This is My Blood of the New Testament, that is, the New Covenant, which is shed for you for the forgiveness of sins.

His Word is sure. He does not lie. So come, Take eat and Take drink of the most precious bloodbath where Jesus forgives your sins and gives you life and salvation.

In the Name of the Father and + of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

The peace of God which surpasses all understanding guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Amen.


(C) Rev. John F. Wurst

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