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Luke 19:41-48

Rev. John F. Wurst

Epiphany 5, series A
The Lutheran Church of Christ the King  
Duluth, Minnesota

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Sun, Oct 2, 2011 

"For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified." (1 Cor. 2:2)

Grace, mercy, and peace from God our Father and + Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Your life is full of chaos. You run around complaining about how busy you are every day. Your family, job, and household are all stressed out because you are not at peace.

You live in chaos and strife because of your greed and want for things not given you. Your flesh burns for another whom the Lord has not delivered to you. You want what the world gives in slot machines and fast earnings and then pout and kick your feet when you don't get it. Your life is chaotic because of your sinful behavior. Repent.

Peace comes to Jerusalem in the flesh; yet He weeps for the Holy City. He weeps because she seeks another; one who will satisfy the desires of her flesh. He weeps for her because she does not believe. He weeps because she lives in sin, chaos, and strife.

Jerusalem and all her inhabitants were at war against the Roman Empire. The Jews believed the Messiah would come to save them by crushing their worldly adversary. When Jesus told them He was the promised One, they scoffed at Him because they were still in bondage to Rome. If only they had believed the words of the prophets. If only they had believed, when Jesus when He lived among them. If only they believed, they would have peace in their lives.

My dear children, do not despair. Jesus will not leave you nor forsake you. He loves you. He weeps for you when you sin and disobey. He weeps when you reject Him. He weeps when your desire is for the flesh, the world, and the devil and not Him. Repent.

Your eyes were opened to God's peace in Holy Baptism. God the Father revealed Himself, His Son, and the Spirit to you. He gave you His peace that most holy day in Jesus Name. In Holy Baptism and in His Word, God reveals to you His peace that surpasses all understanding.

God tells you why He sent His Son into the world - because He loves YOU!

God tells you what He did to save you from sin, death, and the power of the devil - Jesus died FOR YOU!

God tells you where this all took place - the Mount of Olives, the Roman Praetorium, Calvary all FOR YOU!

God tells you when this happened - a little more than 2,000 years ago - TRUE, God doesn't lie!

God tells you who saved you - His Name is JESUS!

You know God loves you because He tells you every Lord's Day in His House of Prayer. You know He loves you because you see the Blood of His Son squeezed out Him in the Garden on the Mount of Olives as He suffers FOR YOU! You see Jesus' Blood spilled out in the halls of justice FOR YOU! You see the river of Blood and the geyser of water burst forth when He gave up His spirit and died FOR YOU!

God's peace FOR YOU runs read with the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ. The holy and innocent Blood of God's precious Lamb fills your chalice this holy day and every day.

Open your eyes and behold your salvation. He is here in the flesh FOR YOU in, with, and under mere bread and wine. He gives Himself to you to eat and drink for the forgiveness of your sins.

Peace be with you.

In the Name of the Father and + of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

+ Soli Deo Gloria +

(C) Rev. John F. Wurst

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