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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
1957-08-04Baptism1 Peter 3:21Baptism Now Saves YouRev Hering
1969-12-31WThanksgivingPsalm 67revbell
1969-12-31WMisericordias DominiEzekiel 34:11-16The Good ShepherdPastor Fish
1969-12-31WRev Hering
1969-12-31WThe Baptism of Our LordLuke 3:21-22Baptism: The 'River' of Your Cath...Rev Wollenburg
1969-12-31WRev Hering
1969-12-31WRev Hering
Warning: ...
God\'s KingdomRev Hering
1969-12-31WChristmas DayJohn 1:1-14The True Word and the True LightRev Wollenburg
1969-12-31WRev Eckert
Warning: ...
John 21019-31Peace Be with YouRev Hering
1969-12-31WPastor Ernst
1969-12-31WPastor Ernst
1969-12-31WPentecost 12, Proper 18...St Matthew 18:1-20revbell
1969-12-31WSt. Michael and All Ang...Hebrews 1Angels: Messengers of GodRev Wollenburg
1969-12-31WRev Eckert
1995-12-25MChristmasLuke 2:8-15The Christmas Messengers, Audienc...mmc website
1995-12-31New Year's EvePsalm 46:10; 1 Joh...Meditation on God's Attributesmmc website
1998-08-02Ninth Sunday After Pent...Luke 10:38-42Martha’s DilemmaPastor Wright
1998-08-2312th Sunday after Pente...Luke 12:32Sermon on Luke 12:32Pastor Wright
1998-10-04Pentecost 18CLuke 16:1-13Finding Real Joy; the Unjust Stew...Pastor Wright
1999-02-28Second Sunday in Lent, ...John 4:5-26(27-30,...Water from the WellPastor Wright
1999-03-07OculiJohn 8:42-51Can You Hear It?Pastor Fish
1999-03-10WJesus, Refuge of the WearyPastor Wright
1999-03-14Fourth Sunday in Lent, ...Matthew 20:17-28The Mercy of Unanswered PrayerPastor Wright
1999-03-21JudicaMatthew 10:32-42Radical to the ExtremePastor Fish
1999-04-02FGood FridayMatthew 27:45,46Only Jesus Would Take Our Place i...Pastor Fish
1999-05-09RogateJohn 17:3,17-19"This Is Eternal Life"Pastor Fish
1999-08-15St. Mary, 1993Luke 1:26-38You Can Make a DifferenceRev. McPike
1999-09-05Fifteenth Sunday after ...Matthew 16:21-26"God's Interests or Man's?"Pastor Fish
1999-09-12Education SundayTimothy 1:3-7Was ist Das?Rev. McPike
1999-09-1216th Sunday after Pente...Matthew 18:15-20His Power, His Presence, His ChurchPastor Fish
1999-09-19Pentecost 17Genesis 50:19In the Place of GodRev. McPike
1999-09-1917th Sunday after Pente...Matthew 18:21-35Forgive from the HeartPastor Fish
1999-09-2618th Sunday after Pente...Matthew 20:1-16It's Not About DeservingPastor Fish
1999-10-03Nineteenth Sunday After...Ezekiel 18;1-4,25-32Take ResponsibilityPastor Wright
1999-10-0319th Sunday after Pente...Matthew 21:28-32A Powerful Word of JudgmentPastor Fish
1999-10-10Twenty Sunday After Pen...Matthew 21:33-43The Fruits of FaithPastor Wright
1999-10-1020th Sunday after Pente...Matthew 21:33-43Unexpected Good; Unexpected TroublePastor Fish
1999-10-1721st Sunday after Pente...Matthew 22:1-14Many Are Called, But . . .Pastor Fish
1999-10-2422nd Sunday after Pente...Matthew 22:15-21The Things that Are Caesar'sPastor Fish
1999-11-07All Saints Day, Novembe...Revelation 21:9With Angels and Archangels and Al...Pastor Wright
1999-11-073rd Last Sunday in the ...Acts 2:42The Shape of WorshipPastor Fish
1999-11-142nd Last Sunday in the ...Ezekiel 34:12-16Gottesdienst -- God Serves Us!Pastor Fish
1999-11-21Last Sunday in the Chur...Matthew 25:1-13Are You Wise or Foolish?Pastor Fish
1999-11-25RThanksgivingLuke 17:11-19Finding the JoyPastor Wright
1999-11-28Verse 2 of O Come,...O Wisdom From On High.Pastor Wright
1999-11-28First Sunday in AdventMatthew 21:1-9More Than Meets the EyePastor Fish
1999-12-01WFirst Wednesday in AdventRed: The Anger and the BloodPastor Fish
1999-12-05Second Sunday in AdventLuke 21:25-36What Time Is It, Mister Wolf?Pastor Fish
1999-12-08WAdvent II, WednesdayRevelation 3:7O Come, Key of David.Pastor Wright
1999-12-08W2nd Wednesday in AdventGreen: The Color of LifePastor Fish
1999-12-15W3rd Wednesday in AdventPurple; Royalty and RepentancePastor Fish
1999-12-19Advent IVO Come, Emmanuel.Pastor Wright
1999-12-19Fourth Sunday in AdventJohn 1:19-28A Voice in the WildernessPastor Fish
1999-12-24FChristmas EveLuke 2:1-14Down in the Dirt and the DetailsPastor Fish
1999-12-25AChristmas DayLuke 2:15-20What Did They See?Pastor Fish
2000-01-02Second Sunday After Chr...Ephesians 1:3-6He Chose UsPastor Wright
2000-01-02The Sunday after New YearMatthew 2:13-23The Flight into EgyptPastor Fish
2000-01-06REpiphanyMatthew 2:1-2Led by the Star of God's TruthPastor Wright
2000-02-13Sixth Sunday After Epip...2 Kings 5:1-14Heal Me, O Great PhysicianPastor Wright
2000-03-15WLentExodus 20:1-17 Luk...The Third CommandmentPastor Wright
2000-03-19LentExodus 20:12The Fourth CommandmentPastor Wright
2000-05-28Sixth Sunday of Easter ...John 15:9-17The Three R's of Christian LovePastor Leistico
2000-07-02Pentecost 3Gen 3:8-15Hiding from GodPastor Wright
2000-07-16Third Sunday After Pent...Mark 4:35-41, Job ...Three QuestionsPastor Wright
2000-07-23Sixth Sunday After Pent...Mark 5:21-24a;35-43What Children Really NeedPastor Wright
2000-08-20Tenth Sunday After Pent...Ephesians 4:1-16A Walk Worthy of the CallingPastor Wright
2000-08-27Eleventh Sunday After P...Ephesians 4:17-24Learning the New AttitudePastor Wright
2000-09-03Twelfth Sunday After Pe...Ephesians 4:30-5:2The Family AltarPastor Wright
2000-09-03Fifteenth Sunday After ...Ephesians 6:10-20The Armor of GodPastor Wright
2000-10-08Sixteenth Sunday after ...Luke 7:11-17Life and Death Came Face-to-FacePastor Fish
2000-10-29Reformation SundayJohn 8:31Lutheran or Christian: Is There a...Pastor Wright
2000-11-12Stewardship SundayEcclesiastes 3:1Begin with the End in Mind: Livin...Pastor Wright
2000-11-26Last Sunday of the Chur...Mark 13:35-36Get Ready for Jesus to ComePastor Wright
2000-12-10Second Sunday In AdventLuke 3:5-6Prepare the Way for the Lord to C...Pastor Wright
2001-01-21Third Sunday After Epip...Luke 4:14-21No Longer SilentPastor Wright
2001-02-04Fifth Sunday After Epip...Luke 5:1-11"The Fisherman's Net Brings Peopl...Pastor Wright
2001-02-11Sixth Sunday After Epip...Luke 12:13-21Being Rich Toward GodPastor Wright
2001-02-25Sunday of the Transfigu...Luke 9:28-36The Vision of Jesus Shines OnPastor Wright
2001-03-11Second Sunday in LentLuke 13:31-35Tell the Good News about JesusPastor Wright
2001-03-25Fourth Sunday in LentIsaiah 12:6With Joy we will draw water from ...Pastor Wright
2001-04-18WLuke 24:13-35Sermon Notes for Luke 24:13-35Pastor Wright
2001-04-29Third Sunday of EasterJohn 21:1-14"Bring Your Fish Too."Pastor Wright
2001-05-20Sixth Sunday of EasterJohn 14:23-29"The Peace of the Lord be with yo...Pastor Wright
2001-05-27Seventh Sunday of EasterJohn 17:20-26"The True Unity of the Church"Pastor Wright
2001-06-10Trinity SundayJohn 16:12-15The Triune God Shares True Riches...Pastor Wright
2001-07-01Fourth Sunday after Pen...Luke 7:34-50Show AppreciationPastor Wright
2001-07-08Fifth Sunday after Pent...Galatians 3:23-29Things Have ChangedPastor Wright
2001-07-22St. Mary MagdaleneJohn 20:1-2,11-18Woman, Why are you crying?Pastor Wright
2001-07-29Eighth Sunday after Pen...Luke 11:1Teach Us to PrayPastor Wright
2001-09-0914th Sunday after Pente...Luke 13:22-30Jesus Leads His Children in a Nar...Pastor Wright
2001-09-11THomily for the Prayer S...Psalm 46:10Be Still and know that I am GodPastor Wright
2001-09-30Seventeenth Sunday afte...Luke 15:1-10Heaven Rejoices When the Lost are...Pastor Wright
2001-10-07Eighteenth Sunday after...1 Timothy 2:1-8Praying for Our NationPastor Wright
2001-10-14Nineteenth Sunday after...Luke 16:19-31Seizing The Joyous Opportunities ...Pastor Wright
2001-10-21Twentieth Sunday after ...Luke 17:1-10"Have Faith"Pastor Wright
2001-11-04All Saints' DaySermon NotesPastor Wright
2001-11-11Third Last Sunday of th...Luke 17:20-30Sermon on Luke 17:20-30Pastor Wright
2001-11-11Third Last Sunday of th...Luke 17:20-30Thy Kingdom ComeRev. McPike
2001-11-25Last Sunday of the Chur...Revelation 22:7I am coming soonPastor Wright
2001-12-09Second Sunday in AdventMatthew 3:3Prepare ye the way for the LordPastor Wright
2001-12-23Fourth Sunday in AdventMatthew 3:3Releasing the BurdenPastor Wright
2002-01-20SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EPI...John 1:29First ImpressionsPastor Wright
2002-02-10Last Sunday after the E...Matthew 17:1-13Transfiguration of our LordPastor Wright
2002-02-17First Sunday in LentMatthew 4:1-11In the WildernessPastor Wright
2002-02-20WSecond Wednesday in LentJudas Iscariot: Traitor among the...Pastor Wright
2002-03-03Third Sunday in LentExodus 20:16The Gift of a Good ReputationPastor Wright
2002-03-06WThird Wednesday in LentPeter's DenialPastor Wright
2002-03-17Fifth Sunday in LentJohn 11:49-50Can Good Come Out of Evil?Pastor Wright
2002-03-24Palm SundayJohn 12:12-19HomecomingPastor Wright
2002-03-29FGood FridayJohn 19:28-30The Death of Jesus Christ our Lord.Pastor Wright
2002-04-14Good FridayLuke 24:13-35, Act...The Resurrection: What Difference...Pastor Wright
2002-04-28Fifth Sunday of Easter1 Peter 2:4-10Sermon on 1 Peter 2:4-10Pastor Wright
2002-05-05Confirmation Service - ...My Confirmation PromisePastor Wright
2002-05-19The Day of PentecostJoel 2:28-29Fill Us, Holy SpiritPastor Wright
2002-05-26Sunday of the Holy Trin...Genesis 1:1-2:3The Goodness of God's CreationPastor Wright
2002-06-16Fourth Sunday after Pen...Matthew 9:35-10:8Sermon on Matt 9:35-10:8Pastor Wright
2002-07-14Eighth Sunday after Pen...Matthew 13:1-9,18-23The Parable of the SoilsPastor Wright
2002-08-18Thirteenth Sunday after...Matthew 15:21-28The Parable of the SoilsPastor Wright
2002-09-29St. Michael and All Ang...St. Luke 10:17-20To Thee All Angels Cry AloudPastor Schlamann
2003-01-12The Baptism of Our Lord...Mark 1:9-11"Water, Water, on Me Fall: Who's...Pastor Dan
2003-02-02Presentation of Our LordSt. Luke 2:22-40Jesus Presents Himself to UsPastor Schlamann
2003-07-13Fifth Sunday after Pent...Mark 4:35-41Sermon on Mark 4:35-41Pastor Wright
2003-08-10St. Laurence, Deacon an...St. Matthew 5:1-12The Lord, St. Laurence, and LovePastor Schlamann
2003-08-24St. Bartholomew, ApostleSt. John 1:43-51The Lord Knows YouPastor Schlamann
2003-08-31Twelfth Sunday after Pe...St. Mark 7:14-23The Lord Makes You CleanPastor Schlamann
2003-09-07Thirteenth Sunday after...St. Mark 7:24-37A Table Greater than Grandma'sPastor Schlamann
2003-09-14Holy Cross Day1 Corinthians 1:18...Lifting High Offense, Lifting Hig...Pastor Schlamann
2003-09-21St. Matthew, Apostle an...St. Matthew 9:9-13Nothing Taxing...It's God's Grace!Pastor Schlamann
2003-09-24Wfuneral (Wed. of Pent. ...St. Mark 9:30-37It Is Now Agnes' DayPastor Schlamann
2003-09-28Sixteenth Sunday after ...St. Mark 7:31-37O Lord, Open Thou Our Lips, Ears,...Pastor Schlamann
2003-10-05Seventeenth Sunday afte...St. Mark 10:2-16The Perfect RelationshipPastor Schlamann
2003-10-12Mission FestivalSt. Luke 24:44-53The Mission and the MeansPastor Schlamann
2003-10-19Nineteenth Sunday after...St. Mark 10:23-31The Right StuffPastor Schlamann
2003-10-26Twentieth Sunday after ...St. Mark 10:46-52What Jesus Does for UsPastor Schlamann
2003-11-02Commemoration of the Fa...St. John 5:24-29We Shall Join ThemPastor Schlamann
2003-11-09Third-Last Sunday in th...St. Mark 12:38-44God Gives; Therefore We GivePastor Schlamann
2003-11-16Second-Last Sunday in t...St. Mark 13:1-13Being Faithful to the EndPastor Schlamann
2003-11-23Sunday of the FulfillmentSt. Mark 13:24-37Here Comes the JudgePastor Schlamann
2003-11-27RThanksgiving1 Timothy 2:1-4O Give Thanks unto the LordPastor Schlamann
2003-11-30St. Andrew, ApostleSt. John 1:35-42Andrew's Message and the Advent o...Pastor Schlamann
2003-12-03WWednesday of First Sund...TLH #95Savior of the Nations, ComePastor Schlamann
2003-12-07Second Sunday in AdventSt. Luke 3:1-20Repent, and Remember Your BaptismPastor Schlamann
2003-12-10WWednesday of Second Sun...LW #31Oh, Come, Oh, Come, EmmanuelPastor Schlamann
2003-12-14Third Sunday in AdventSt. Luke 7:18-35Tidings of Repentance and JoyPastor Schlamann
2003-12-17WWednesday of Third Sund...TLH #60Hark, a Thrilling Voice Is SoundingPastor Schlamann
2003-12-21St. Thomas, ApostleSt. John 14:1-7The Way to Heaven Is a One-Way St...Pastor Schlamann
2004-01-01RCircumcision of Our LordSt. Luke 2:21His Name Says It AllPastor Schlamann
2004-01-11The Baptism of Our LordSt. Luke 3:15-22God Is Well Pleased, We Are Bapti...Pastor Schlamann
2004-01-14Wfuneral (Wed of Ep I)Romans 6:1-11Through Baptism She Has Been SavedPastor Schlamann
2004-01-18Confession of St. PeterSt. Matthew 16:13-19From Being Petrified to Being a R...Pastor Schlamann
2004-01-25Third Sunday after Epip...1 Samuel 9-31; Act...Good Saul, Bad Saul:  Bad Saul, ...Rev. McPike
2004-02-01Fourth Sunday after the...Jeremiah 1:4-10Three Lessons from Life and Good ...Rev Hering
2004-02-01Fourth Sunday after the...St. Luke 4:31-44This Is the Word of the Lord. Tha...Pastor Schlamann
2004-02-08Fifth Sunday after the ...St. Luke 5:1-11Forgiven, Restored, EmpoweredPastor Schlamann
2004-02-15Sixth Sunday after the ...St. Luke 6:17-26Blessed are YouPastor Schlamann
2004-02-22Quinquagesima Sunday1 Corinthians 13:1...A Still More Excellent WayPastor Fish
2004-02-22The Transfiguration of ...St. Luke 9:28-36It Is Good for Us to Be HerePastor Schlamann
2004-02-25WAsh WednesdayGenesis 22:1-14Mount Moriah - God Himself Will P...Pastor Fish
2004-02-25WAsh Wednesday2 Corinthians 5:20...Now Is the Day. Now Is the Time.Pastor Schlamann
2004-02-29Invocavit Sunday2 Corinthians 6:1-2It's Now or NeverPastor Fish
2004-02-29First Sunday in LentSt. Luke 4:1-13Tempted for Our SakePastor Schlamann
2004-03-03WSecond Wednesday in LentExodus 19:1-6Mt. Sinai - God Gives GuidancePastor Fish
2004-03-03WWednesday of First Sund...Romans 10:8b-13We Believe What We Confess and Co...Pastor Schlamann
2004-03-07Reminiscere1 Thessalonians 4:...Called to PurityPastor Fish
2004-03-07Second Sunday in LentSt. Luke 13:31-35Gathered, Sheltered, FedPastor Schlamann
2004-03-10WThird Wednesday in Lent1 Kings 18:16-39Mt. Carmel - Standing Faithful in...Pastor Fish
2004-03-10WWednesday of Second Sun...Philippians 3:17...Walking in the WayPastor Schlamann
2004-03-14Oculi SundayEphesians 5:1-9The Fruit of the LightPastor Fish
2004-03-14Third Sunday in LentSt. Luke 13:1-9Repent…and Live!Pastor Schlamann
2004-03-17WFourth Wednesday in Lent1 Kings 8:10-13,27...Mount Zion - A Place of Worship -...Pastor Fish
2004-03-17WWednesday of Third Sund...1 Corinthians 10:1...Tempted, Repentant, and ForgivenPastor Schlamann
2004-03-21Fourth Sunday in LentSt. Luke 15:1-3,11...God Wants You at His Feast!Pastor Schlamann
2004-03-24WFifth Wednesday in LentMatthew 26:36-45Mount Olivet - The Faith of Our L...Pastor Fish
2004-03-25RThe Annunciation of Our...St. Luke 1:26-38Now Hear This!Pastor Schlamann
2004-03-28Fifth Sunday in LentSt. Luke 20:9-20Receiving the VinedresserPastor Schlamann
2004-03-31WSixth Wednesday in LentJohn 19:17-18aMount Calvary - Paid in FullPastor Fish
2004-03-31WWednesday of Fifth Sund...Philippians 3:4b-14Perfect in LossPastor Schlamann
2004-04-04Palm SundaySt. John 12:20-43We Wish to, and We Do, See JesusPastor Schlamann
2004-04-08RMaundy ThursdayJohn 13:1-17Foot-Washing Humility - Self-Givi...Pastor Fish
2004-04-08RMaundy ThursdaySt. Luke 22:7-20Our Lord Desires to Feed UsPastor Schlamann
2004-04-09FGood FridayIsaiah 52:13-53:12Promised PainPastor Fish
2004-04-09FGood FridaySt. John 19:25-30Tetelesthai!Pastor Schlamann
2004-04-11The Resurrection of Our...1 Corinthians 15:1...Sine Qua NonPastor Fish
2004-04-11The Resurrection of Our...St. Luke 24:1-12Not Reason…Resurrection!Pastor Schlamann
2004-04-18Quasimodogeniti Sunday1 John 5:4-10This Is the Victory!Pastor Fish
2004-05-16RogateJames 1:22-27Two Kinds of ChristiansPastor Fish
2004-05-18TAscension (preached for...Acts 1:1-11,Ephesi...The Mystery of the AscensionPastor Leistico
2004-05-23Seventh Sunday of EasterJohn 17:20-26Church, Concord, & ConfessionRev Hering
2004-06-24RNativity of St. John th...St. Luke 1:67-79"Blessed Is the Lord…Blessed Is...Pastor Schlamann
2004-07-04Fifth Sunday after Pent...Sermon for the Fourth of JulyRev Hering
2004-07-25St. James the Elder, Ap...St. Mark 10:35-45Greatness through Humble ServicePastor Schlamann
2004-08-15St. Mary, Mother of Our...St. Luke 1:46-55With Mary We Magnify Our MakerPastor Schlamann
2004-11-21Thanksgiving ServiceLuke 17:11-19Healing and WellnessRev. McPike
2004-12-26St. Stephen, MartyrActs 6:8—7:2a,51...God Has Opened His Gift to UsPastor Schlamann
2005-02-06The Transfiguration of ...2 Peter 1:16-21Christ Was Transfigured, and We W...Pastor Schlamann
2005-02-20Second Sunday in LentRomans 4:1-8,13-17God's Grace and God's Gifts, Give...Pastor Schlamann
2005-03-27The Resurrection of Our...Colossians 3:1-4Seeking Things Above, for Christ ...Pastor Schlamann
2005-04-03Second Sunday of EasterJohn 20:19-31Sermon for 2nd Sunday of EasterRev Eckert

      5311 sermons found ... page 1 of 27

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