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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2014-11-16Pentecost 23, Proper 28...Zephaniah 1:7-16; ...My Version of JesusPastor Zirbel
2015-03-29Palm SundayZechariah 9:9-12Endowed with SalvationPastor Fish
2016-03-20Palm SundayZechariah 9:9-12The King has arrivedPastor Ernst
2018-03-25Palm SundayZechariah 9:9-12The UN-Earthly King!Rev Wollenburg
2012-04-01Palm SundayZechariah 9:9-12Endowed with SalvationPastor Fish
2009-04-05Palm SundayZechariah 9:9-10Endowed with SalvationPastor Fish
2015-03-29Palm SundayZechariah 9: 9-12A peace treaty that never endsPastor Ernst
2017-04-09Palm SundayZechariah 9/Isaiah...Behold Your King!Rev Weise
2018-03-25Palm SundayZechariah 9.9-12/P...Obedience, Faithfulness, HumilityRev Weise
2007-07-01Fifth S a PentecostZechariah 12:7-10Feeble Stumblers Made GloriousRev Eckert
2015-01-25Transfiguration SundayWxodus 34:29-35Veiled GloryPastor Fish
2017-12-24Advent 4, series BWhat to Do When No...Luke 1:30-33, 37Rev Wollenburg
1999-11-28Verse 2 of O Come,...O Wisdom From On High.Pastor Wright
2011-04-21RHoly ThursdayVerba/ 1 Corinthia...This is My Body. This is My BloodRev Weise
2008-03-20RHoly ThursdayVerbaThis is My Body. This is My Blood.Rev Weise
2013-03-28RHoly ThursdayVerbaThis Do In Remembrance of MeRev Weise
2017-04-13RLent 6, series AVerbaThe Sacrament is for SinnersRev Weise
2017-04-14FGood FridayVarious textsThe last words from the crossPastor Ernst
2010-04-02FGood FridayVariousSeven Homilies for Good Friday Te...J. Batchelor
2010-04-02FGood FridayVariousThe Seven Last WordsPastor Ernst
2010-06-204th Sunday after Pentec...variousInfant BaptismRev Eckert
2010-08-28ASaturday of Pentecost 12VariousRachel Batchelor and Brian Brogan...J. Batchelor
2010-10-03Pentecost 19, Proper 22...VariousSermon for LWML SundayJ. Batchelor
2012-04-08Easter: The feast of Re...VariousChrist is RisenRev Weise
2012-06-03Holy Trinity, series BVariousThe Holy TrinityRev Weise
2014-01-16REpiphany 1, series AVariousLenten Series (The Hard Sayings o...Rev Taylor
2014-01-16REpiphany 1, series AVariousLenten Series (The Six Chief Parts)Rev Taylor
2014-01-16REpiphany 1, series AVariousLenten Series (The Spirituality o...Rev Taylor
2013-04-28Easter 5, series CToday's pericope'sThe Church after EasterRev Wollenburg
2003-12-03WWednesday of First Sund...TLH #95Savior of the Nations, ComePastor Schlamann
2003-12-17WWednesday of Third Sund...TLH #60Hark, a Thrilling Voice Is SoundingPastor Schlamann
2006-12-24Chrstmas Eve Candleligh...Titus 3:4-8aAccording to His MercyPastor Fish
2009-12-24RChristmas EveTitus 3:4-7According to His MercyPastor Fish
2021-12-26First Sunday of ChristmasTitus 3:4-7Born by work of the Holy SpiritPastor Ernst
2010-01-03Second Sunday after Chr...Titus 3: 4-7The blessings of baptismPastor Ernst
2013-12-24TChristmas EveTitus 3.4-7/St. Lu...Glory to God in the HighestRev Weise
2020-12-24RChristmas EveTitus 2:11-14The glorious appearing of our LordPastor Ernst
2010-12-24FChristmas EveTitus 2:11-14The best giftPastor Ernst
2014-01-26Feast of St. TitusTitus 1:1-9The apostolic workPastor Ernst
2008-01-27St. Titus, Pastor and C...Titus 1:1-9Paul, Titus, and Pastors TodayPastor Schlamann
2012-11-21WThanksgiving EveTimothy 4:1-6Thanksgiving FaithRev Hering
1999-09-12Education SundayTimothy 1:3-7Was ist Das?Rev. McPike
2016-06-19Fourth Sunday after Tri...Third Petition of ...Catechetical sermonRev Eckert
2014-07-13Fourth Sunday after Tri...Third Commandmentmeditation read by elders while P...Rev Eckert
2008-03-02Fourth Sunday in LentThird Article of t...The Spirit creates good works in ...Rev Eckert
2008-02-24Third S in LentThe Third Article ...The Holy Spirit's WorkRev Eckert
2011-12-14WMidweek Advent 3The Third ArticleThe Spirit Who Works Among UsPastor Fish
2011-12-21WMidweek Advent 4The Third ArticleThe Ultimate HopePastor Fish
2010-06-05APalm (Passion Sunday)The St. Luke PassionA Fickle CrowdPastor Ash
2016-04-10Easter 3, series CThe Pericopal Read...Christ is Risen! And He Re-Purpos...Rev Wollenburg
2017-04-13RGood FridayThe Lord's Prayer,...BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL . . .Rev Wollenburg
2012-03-07WMidweek Lent #3The Lord's Prayer ...Basic Christian Instruction: The ...Rev Wollenburg
2007-02-25First Sunday in LentThe Fourth Command...The Fourth CommandmentRev Eckert
2008-02-10First Sunday in LentThe First Article ...God the FatherRev Eckert
2017-04-16Easter: The feast of Re...The Doxology of th..."For Thine is the kingdom and the...Rev Wollenburg
2008-05-21WWednesday of Holy Trini...The Athanasian CreedSermon for Holy Trinity - The Ath...Pastor Wright
2017-04-05WLent 5, series AThe 5th Petition o..."AND FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES . ...Rev Wollenburg
2017-03-22WWed. of Lent 3The 3rd Petition o...THY WILL BE DONE . . .Rev Wollenburg
2017-03-15WMidweek Lent Worship #3The 2nd Petition o...The Mission Petition of the Lord\...Rev Wollenburg
2014-08-31Eleventh Sunday after T...Tenth CommandmentCatechetical SermonRev Eckert
2020-08-05WWed. after the 8th Sun....Table of Duties: Y...(edited from Aegidius Hunnius)Rev Eckert
2020-06-21Trinity 2Table of Duties: C...Catechetical sermonRev Eckert
2020-06-28Third Sunday after Trin...Table of DutiesHusbands & WivesRev Eckert
2020-07-05Trinity 4Table of DutiesAuthorities and SubjectsRev Eckert
2020-07-12Trinity 5Table of DutiesParentsRev Eckert
2020-07-26Trinity 7Table of DutiesPastorsRev Eckert
2020-08-02Trinity 8Table of DutiesEmployers & EmployeesRev Eckert
2003-09-21St. Matthew, Apostle an...St. Matthew 9:9-13Nothing Taxing...It's God's Grace!Pastor Schlamann
2008-06-01Third S. a. Pent.St. Matthew 7:15-2...Jesus Taught an Agri-Spiritual Le...Rev. Handrick
2013-07-24WWed. of Trinity VIIISt. Matthew 7.22-29Built on the RockRev Weise
2012-09-16Trinity XVSt. Matthew 6:24-34Seek First God's KingdomPastor Schlamann
2008-02-06WAsh WednesdaySt. Matthew 6:1-21The Disciplines of LentRev Weise
2013-09-08Trinity XVSt. Matthew 6.24-34Seek First the Kingdom of GodRev Weise
2003-08-10St. Laurence, Deacon an...St. Matthew 5:1-12The Lord, St. Laurence, and LovePastor Schlamann
2017-02-12Epiphany 6, series ASt. Matthew 5.21-37The Perfect Law of God Requires t...Rev Weise
2011-02-06Epiphany 5, series ASt. Matthew 5.13-1...Salt and LightRev Weise
2010-11-07All Saints Day (Observed)St. Matthew 5.1-12...The Communion of SaintsRev Weise
2012-11-04All Saints' SundaySt. Matthew 5.1-12Blessed Are They Who MournRev Weise
2017-10-29Reformation SundaySt. Matthew 4.17/R...Repent!Rev Weise
2011-03-09WAsh WendesdaySt. Matthew 4.17/P...RepentRev Weise
2013-02-17Lent ISt. Matthew 4.1-11Lead Us Not Into TemptationRev Weise
2014-01-12The Baptism of Our LordSt. Matthew 3.13-17Thank God I'm BaptizedRev Weise
2012-01-08Epiphany 1, series BSt. Matthew 3.13-17The Baptism of Our LordRev Weise
2008-12-28Holy InnocentsSt. Matthew 2:13-18The Forgotten Christmas StoryPastor Schlamann
2008-01-06EpiphanySt. Matthew 2:1-12How Far Will You Go?Rev Weise
2010-01-03Epiphany of Our Lord (t...St. Matthew 2:1-12At Home in the House of Our LordPastor Schlamann
2005-05-22The Holy TrinitySt. Matthew 28:16-20Trinitarian and ChristianPastor Schlamann
2011-04-24Easter: The feast of Re...St. Matthew 28.1-1...Christ is RisenRev Weise
2017-04-16Easter: The feast of Re...St. Matthew 28.1-10Christ is Risen! He is Risen, In...Rev Weise
2017-04-16Easter: The feast of Re...St. Matthew 28.1-10Christ is Risen! He is Risen, In...Rev Weise
2014-03-12WMidweek Lent I: Circui...St. Matthew 27.11-26Who Do You Say That I Am: PilateRev Weise
2017-11-26Last Sunday after Pente...St. Matthew 25.31-46Sheep Who Serve Their KingRev Weise
2011-11-20Christ the KingSt. Matthew 25.31-46Servants of the KingRev Weise
2017-11-19Pentecost 24, Proper 28...St. Matthew 25.14-...Put Your Faith to WorkRev Weise
2017-11-05Pentecost 22, Proper 26...St. Matthew 23.1-12True HumilityRev Weise
2013-11-03Trinity XXIIISt. Matthew 22.15-11Render unto Caesar . . . Render u...Rev Weise
2013-10-13Trinity XXSt. Matthew 22.1-14The Clothes Make the ManRev Weise
2007-12-02First Sunday in AdventSt. Matthew 21:1-11Blessed is He who Comes in the Na...Pastor Schlamann
2011-10-02Pentecost 16, Proper 22...St. Matthew 21.33-46Generous with God's Good GiftsRev Weise
2013-03-24Palm SundaySt. Matthew 21.1-11Blessed is HeRev Weise
2013-02-27WWednesday of ReminiscereSt. Matthew 20.17-28The Disciplines of Lent: ServiceRev Weise
2017-03-15WWednesday of Lent IISt. Matthew 20.17-28The Disciplines of Lent: ServiceRev Weise
2013-12-29First Sunday after Chri...St. Matthew 2.13-23Monsters Made Children of GodRev Weise
2014-01-06MThe Epiphany of Our LordSt. Matthew 2.1-12Gifts of the MagiRev Weise
2014-09-21St. MatthewSt. Matthew 1:22-2...God with Us: Yesterday, Today, Fo...Pastor Schlamann
2013-10-30WWednesday of Trinity XXIISt. Matthew 18.10-14Christ has Come to Save That whic...Rev Weise
2011-09-04Pentecost 12, Proper 18...St. Matthew 18.1-20Children of the Heavenly FatherRev Weise
2014-02-13RfuneralSt. Matthew 17:1-9No One but Jesus OnlyPastor Schlamann
2011-03-06Transfiguration, series ASt. Matthew 17.1-9...Hear Ye ChristRev Weise
2013-01-20The Transfiguration of ...St. Matthew 17.1-9Transfigured Jesus--Transfigured ...Rev Weise
2014-03-02Transfiguration, series ASt. Matthew 17.1-9Listen to JesusRev Weise
2017-02-26Transfiguration, series ASt. Matthew 17.1-9Listen to JesusRev Weise
2008-08-31Sixteenth S. a. Pent.St. Matthew 16:21-...Live our CHRISTian Confession by ...Rev. Handrick
2011-08-28Pentecost 11, Proper 17...St. Matthew 16:21-28Take Up Your Cross and Follow JesusPastor Schlamann
2004-01-18Confession of St. PeterSt. Matthew 16:13-19From Being Petrified to Being a R...Pastor Schlamann
2011-08-21Pentecost 10, Proper 16...St. Matthew 16.13-20Thou Art the Christ, the Son of t...Rev Weise
2017-08-27Pentecost 12, Proper 16...St. Matthew 16.13-20Who Do You Say That I AmRev Weise
2017-11-07TTuesday of Pentecost XX...St. Matthew 16.1-12Beware the Doctrine of the Pharis...Rev Weise
2008-08-17Fourteenth S. a. Pent.St. Matthew 15:21-28Craving the Crumbs of ChristPastor Schlamann
2013-02-24Lent 2/ReminiscereSt. Matthew 15.21-28Desperate Times Call For Desperat...Rev Weise
2013-03-06WWednesday of Lent III/O...St. Matthew 15.1-9The Disciplines of Lent: WorshipRev Weise
2017-03-22WWednesday of Lent IIISt. Matthew 15.1-9The Disciplines of Lent: WorshipRev Weise
2012-03-14WLent III MidweekSt. Matthew 15.1-20The Sign of CleannessRev Weise
2008-08-10Thirteenth S. a. Pent.St. Matthew 14:22-...A Simple but Significant Fact Is ...Rev. Handrick
2011-08-07Pentecost 8, Proper 14,...St. Matthew 14.22-33Jesus is Lord of the Wind, the Wa...Rev Weise
2008-07-13Ninth S. a. Pent.St. Matthew 13:3-9...Seed, Scripture, and SacramentsPastor Schlamann
2008-07-20Tenth S. a. Pent.St. Matthew 13:24-...God's Just Judgment Is a Recogniz...Rev. Handrick
2011-07-24Pentecost 6, Proper 12,...St. Matthew 13.44-52The Son of Man Came to Seek and S...Rev Weise
2017-07-23Pentecost 7, Proper 11,...St. Matthew 13.24-...Are You Ready?!Rev Weise
2017-03-08WWednesday of Lent ISt. Matthew 12.46-50The Disciplines of Lent: ObedienceRev Weise
2013-02-20WWed. of InvocabitSt. Matthew 12.46-50The Disciplines of Lent: ObedienceRev Weise
2012-02-29WWednesday of Lent ISt. Matthew 12.38-42The Sign of the Propeht JonahRev Weise
2011-07-17Pentecost 5, Proper 11,...St. Matthew 12.24-...The Wheat and the TaresRev Weise
2007-12-16Third Sunday in AdventSt. Matthew 11:2-15Are You The One?Rev Weise
2013-12-15Advent 3, series ASt. Matthew 11.2-1...Are You "The One"?Rev Weise
2008-06-22Sixth S. a. Pent.St. Matthew 10:5a,...Jesus Distinguishes between Confe...Rev. Handrick
2008-06-29Seventh Sunday after Pe...St. Matthew 10:34-...Jesus Warns Us Against Peace-Brea...Rev. Handrick
2011-06-26Pentecost 2, Proper 8, ...St. Matthew 10.34-39Peace in ChristRev Weise
2003-09-24Wfuneral (Wed. of Pent. ...St. Mark 9:30-37It Is Now Agnes' DayPastor Schlamann
2009-09-2016th S. a. PentecostSt. Mark 9:30-37Be Great? Be Humble. Be Lifted Up!Pastor Schlamann
2006-09-17Fifteenth Sunday after ...St. Mark 9:14-29It’s Possible, for God Does ItPastor Schlamann
2018-09-23Pentecost 18, Proper 20...St. Mark 9.30-37True GreatnessRev Weise
2018-09-16Pentecost 17, Proper 19...St. Mark 9.14-29Lord, I Believe. Help My UnbeliefRev Weise
2012-09-16Pentecost 16, Proper 19...St. Mark 9.14-29Lord, I believe. Help Thou Mine ...Rev Weise
2008-08-10St. Laurence, Deacon an...St. Mark 8:34-38Taking Up the Cross 1,750 Years a...Pastor Schlamann
2009-03-08Lent 2St. Mark 8:27-38 (...Jesus' True Identity Is "Christ"Rev. Handrick
2006-06-28WFeast of St. Peter and ...St. Mark 8:27-35If He Has Called Them, He Indeed ...Pastor Schlamann
2012-03-04Lent 2, series BSt. Mark 8.34-38Take Up Your Cross and Follow MeRev Weise
2011-04-23AEaster Family CelebrationSt. Mark 8.1-10Christ is RisenRev Weise
2003-09-28Sixteenth Sunday after ...St. Mark 7:31-37O Lord, Open Thou Our Lips, Ears,...Pastor Schlamann
2009-09-0614th Sun. a. PentecostSt. Mark 7:31-37The Lord Makes Us Open to Receive...Pastor Schlamann
2006-09-10Fourteenth Sunday after...St. Mark 7:24-37He Does All Things PerfectlyPastor Schlamann
2003-09-07Thirteenth Sunday after...St. Mark 7:24-37A Table Greater than Grandma'sPastor Schlamann
2006-09-03Thirteenth Sunday after...St. Mark 7:14-23Only God Will Make Us CleanPastor Schlamann
2003-08-31Twelfth Sunday after Pe...St. Mark 7:14-23The Lord Makes You CleanPastor Schlamann
2006-08-27Twelfth Sunday after Pe...St. Mark 7:1-13Taking What Is God’s and Keepin...Pastor Schlamann
2018-08-26Pentecost 14, Proper 16...St. Mark 7.1-13/Ep...The Word Above All ElseRev Weise
2006-07-30Eighth Sunday after Pen...St. Mark 6:45-56It Is Christ! Do Not Be Afraid!Pastor Schlamann
2006-07-23Seventh Sunday after Pe...St. Mark 6:30-44Our Lord Feeds Us GreatlyPastor Schlamann
2006-07-16Sixth Sunday after Pent...St. Mark 6:14-29Faithful unto DeathPastor Schlamann
2006-07-09Fifth Sunday after Pent...St. Mark 6:1-13Sin Rejects the Gifts. Faith Rec...Pastor Schlamann
2009-07-197th S. a. PentecostSt. Mark 6.30-44The Compassion of the LordRev Weise
2012-08-29WThe Martyrdom of St. Jo...St. Mark 6.14-29The Martyrdom of St. John the Bap...Rev Weise
2006-07-02Fourth Sunday after Pen...St. Mark 5:21-43Sleeping, and Rising to New LifePastor Schlamann
2012-07-11WPentecost 6, Proper 9, ...St. Mark 5.21-43Service of Prayer for HealingRev Weise
2006-02-19Seventh Sunday afterthe...St. Mark 2:1-12Your Sins Are Forgiven YouPastor Schlamann
2013-09-25WWednesday of Trinity XVIISt. Mark 2.18-20Fast or Feast?Rev Weise
2006-02-12Sixth Sunday afterthe E...St. Mark 1:40-45Divine Mercy, Divine CleansingPastor Schlamann
2012-04-08Easter: DaySt. Mark 16:1-8Do Not Be Afraid. Jesus Is HERE!Pastor Schlamann
2011-06-02RAscensionSt. Mark 16.14-20The Ascension of Our LordRev Weise
2013-04-24WSt. Mark, EvangelistSt. Mark 16.14-20St. Mark, EvangelistRev Weise
2013-03-31The Resurrection of Our...St. Mark 16.1-8Christ is RisenRev Weise
2003-11-23Sunday of the FulfillmentSt. Mark 13:24-37Here Comes the JudgePastor Schlamann
2003-11-16Second-Last Sunday in t...St. Mark 13:1-13Being Faithful to the EndPastor Schlamann
2012-11-18Pentecost 25, Proper 28...St. Mark 13.1-13He Who Endures Shall Be SavedRev Weise
2003-11-09Third-Last Sunday in th...St. Mark 12:38-44God Gives; Therefore We GivePastor Schlamann
2017-12-03Advent 1, series BSt. Mark 11.1-10/C...Come, Lord JesusRev Weise
2003-10-26Twentieth Sunday after ...St. Mark 10:46-52What Jesus Does for UsPastor Schlamann
2004-07-25St. James the Elder, Ap...St. Mark 10:35-45Greatness through Humble ServicePastor Schlamann
2003-10-19Nineteenth Sunday after...St. Mark 10:23-31The Right StuffPastor Schlamann
2003-10-05Seventeenth Sunday afte...St. Mark 10:2-16The Perfect RelationshipPastor Schlamann
2009-10-0418th S. a. PentecostSt. Mark 10:2-16The Perfect RelationshipPastor Schlamann
2018-03-18Lent 5, series BSt. Mark 10.29-34Walking With JesusRev Weise
2018-10-14Pentecost 21, Proper 23...St. Mark 10.17-22Jesus is Our TreasureRev Weise
2011-12-04Advent 2, series BSt. Mark 1.1-8Prepare Ye the Way of the LordRev Weise
2007-07-01Fifth S a PentecostSt. Luke 9:51-62The Son of Man Has Come and Saved...Pastor Schlamann
2004-02-22The Transfiguration of ...St. Luke 9:28-36It Is Good for Us to Be HerePastor Schlamann
2007-06-24Fourth S a PentecostSt. Luke 8:26-39Freedom from DemonsRev Weise
2007-06-17Third S a PentecostSt. Luke 7:36-8:3God Forgives. Faith Accepts.Pastor Schlamann
2003-12-14Third Sunday in AdventSt. Luke 7:18-35Tidings of Repentance and JoyPastor Schlamann
2010-06-06Pentecost IISt. Luke 7.11-17/I...Two Realities: Death and LifeRev Weise
2013-09-15Trinity XVISt. Luke 7.11-17AriseRev Weise
2004-02-15Sixth Sunday after the ...St. Luke 6:17-26Blessed are YouPastor Schlamann
2004-02-08Fifth Sunday after the ...St. Luke 5:1-11Forgiven, Restored, EmpoweredPastor Schlamann
2004-02-01Fourth Sunday after the...St. Luke 4:31-44This Is the Word of the Lord. Tha...Pastor Schlamann
2004-02-29First Sunday in LentSt. Luke 4:1-13Tempted for Our SakePastor Schlamann
2011-01-13RService of Prayer for H...St. Luke 4.18-21/J...Service of Prayer for HealingRev Weise
2004-01-11The Baptism of Our LordSt. Luke 3:15-22God Is Well Pleased, We Are Bapti...Pastor Schlamann
2003-12-07Second Sunday in AdventSt. Luke 3:1-20Repent, and Remember Your BaptismPastor Schlamann
2009-12-062nd Sunday in AdventSt. Luke 3:1-14 [1...Advent Emphasis: Penitentially Pr...Rev. Handrick

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