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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2016-02-07Transfiguration, series CLuke 9:28-36Israel, Weep No MoreRev Wollenburg
2016-02-07QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43Savior, not superheroPastor Ernst
2016-01-31Epiphany 4, series CLuke 4:31-44Christ Rightly Understood (and Pr...Pastor Zirbel
2016-01-31Epiphany 4, series CLuke 4:3144Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany ...J. Batchelor
2016-01-31Epiphany 4, series CJeremiah 1:4-19Before You Were BornRev Hering
2016-01-31Epiphany 4, series CLuke 4:31-44Jesus Loves You - Absolutely!Rev Wollenburg
2016-01-31SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15We have been given to know the my...Pastor Ernst
2016-01-24SeptuagesimaActs 16:1-5St. TimothyRev Eckert
2016-01-24Epiphany 3, series CLuke 4:1630Third Sunday after the EpiphanyJ. Batchelor
2016-01-24Epiphany 3, series CLuke 4:18-21Jesus is YOUR (Literal) JubileeRev Wollenburg
2016-01-24Epiphany 3, series CLuke 4:16-30Fulfilled in Your HearingRev Hering
2016-01-24Septuagesima1 Corinthians 9:24...By grace alonePastor Ernst
2016-01-20WWednesday after the Sec...Mark 8:27-35Confession of Saint PeterRev Eckert
2016-01-17Epiphany 2, series CJohn 2:1-11Let Me Handle It!Pastor Zirbel
2016-01-17Epiphany 2, series CJohn 2:111Second Sunday after the EpiphanyJ. Batchelor
2016-01-17Epiphany 2, series CJohn 2:1-11When There Arose a NeedRev Hering
2016-01-17Epiphany 2, series CIsaiah 43:1Created, Redeemed, CalledRev Wollenburg
2016-01-17Transfiguration Sunday2 Peter 1:16-21The prophetic WordPastor Ernst
2016-01-10The Baptism of ChristIsaiah 43:1,Luke 3...Called and Calmed by GodPastor Zirbel
2016-01-10Epiphany 1, series C (B...Luke 3:15-22"I am Baptized"Rev Taylor
2016-01-10Baptism of Our Lord, se...Luke 3:1522Baptism of Our LordJ. Batchelor
2016-01-10The Baptsim of Our LordLuke 3:15-22Baptism Opens Heaven to YouRev Hering
2016-01-10First Sunday after Epip...Luke 2:41-52Let's listen to God's WordPastor Ernst
2016-01-06WThe Epiphany of our LordMatthew 2:1-12The Epiphany of our LordRev Eckert
2016-01-06WThe Epiphany of Our LordEphesians 3:1-12The Plans of Men v. the Plan of GodRev Hering
2016-01-03Second Sunday after Chr...Matthew 2:112Epiphany of the Lord (Observed)J. Batchelor
2016-01-03Second Sunday after Chr...1 Kings 3:4-15, Lu...Resolved in ChristPastor Zirbel
2016-01-03Second Sunday after Chr...Luke 2:40-52I Must Be in My Father's HouseRev Hering
2016-01-03Second Sunday after Chr...Isaiah 1 Kings 3:6-9Lord, Teach My Pastor How to PrayRev Wollenburg
2016-01-03Epiphany SundayIsaiah 60:1-6The light that brought them to Ch...Pastor Ernst
2015-12-31RNew Year's Eve CIsaiah 40:1-31In God ALONE We TrustRev Wollenburg
2015-12-31RCircumcision and Naming...Luke 2:21Let us count the daysPastor Ernst
2015-12-27First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:2240First Sunday after Christmas CJ. Batchelor
2015-12-27First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:39First the Law, and then . . .Rev Wollenburg
2015-12-27First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:33-40The fall and rise of manyPastor Ernst
2015-12-25FChristmas DayJohn 1:118Christmas DayJ. Batchelor
2015-12-25FChristmas DayHebrews 1:1-4In Praise of the Word of GodRev Wollenburg
2015-12-25FChristmas DayLuke 2:1-20Glory Be to God on High!Pastor Schlamann
2015-12-24RThe Nativity of our LordMatthew 1:18-25Christmas EveRev Eckert
2015-12-24RChristmas EveLuke 2:1-14The Nativity of our LordRev Eckert
2015-12-24RChristmas EveLuke 2:120Christmas EveJ. Batchelor
2015-12-24RChristmas EveMatthew 1:18-25; 1...Immanuel: Our God-with-Us and You...Pastor Schlamann
2015-12-24RChristmas Eve1 John 4:10Love Came DownRev Wollenburg
2015-12-24REve of the Nativity of ...Luke 2:11-12Behold! The Christ-Mass TreeRev Hering
2015-12-24RChristmas EveLuke 2:1-14Fear notPastor Ernst
2015-12-23WWednesday after the Fou...Hebrews 12:15-29Fourth Midweek VespersRev Eckert
2015-12-20Advent 4, series CLuke 1:3956Fourth Sunday in AdventJ. Batchelor
2015-12-20Advent 4, series CLuke 1:39-56His Mercy Is for Those Who Fear HimRev Hering
2015-12-20Fourth Sunday of AdventJohn 1:19-28The testimony of the prophetsPastor Ernst
2015-12-16WThird Midweek in AdventMicah 5:2-5aThird Midweek in AdventJ. Batchelor
2015-12-16WAdvent 3, series CDecorated for CHRISTmas - a Child...Rev Wollenburg
2015-12-13Advent 3, series CLuke 7:18-28Christian ExpectationsPastor Zirbel
2015-12-13Advent 3, series CLuke 7:1835Third Sunday in AdventJ. Batchelor
2015-12-13Advent 3, series CPhilippians 4:4-7;...Rejoice!In the Deeds of ChristRev Hering
2015-12-13Advent 3, series CLuke 7:21-23GLAD for Judgment Day?Rev Wollenburg
2015-12-13Third Sunday of Advent1 Corinthians 4:1-5The mysteries of GodPastor Ernst
2015-12-09WSecond Midweek in AdventMalachi 3:14Second Midweek in AdventJ. Batchelor
2015-12-06Advent 2, series CMalachi 3:1-7bChange: It's Not You; It's MePastor Zirbel
2015-12-06Advent 2Romans 15:4-13One Year EpistleRev Eckert
2015-12-06Second Sunday in AdventLuke 3:120Second Sunday in AdventJ. Batchelor
2015-12-06Advent 2, series CLuke 3:1-20The Baptism of RepentanceRev Hering
2015-12-06Advent 2, series CLuke 3:3But How DO I Repent?Rev Wollenburg
2015-12-06Second Sunday of AdventLuke 21:25-36Let's stay alertPastor Ernst
2015-12-02WWednesday after the Fir...Jeremiah 33:14-16midweek VespersRev Eckert
2015-12-02WFirst Midweek in AdventJeremiah 33:1416First Midweek in AdventJ. Batchelor
2015-11-29First Sunday in AdventRomans 13:8-14One-Year SeriesRev Eckert
2015-11-29Advent 1, series CLuke 19:2840First Sunday in AdventJ. Batchelor
2015-11-29Advent 1, series CLuke 19:28-40Little, Miraculous, Great FaithPastor Zirbel
2015-11-29Advent 1, series CJeremiah 33:14-16Advent IS ComingRev Hering
2015-11-29First Sunday of AdventMatthew 21:1-9The journey beginsPastor Ernst
2015-11-25WThanksgiving EveLuke 17:1119Thanksgiving EveJ. Batchelor
2015-11-22Last Sunday after Pente...Isaiah 51:4-6Faithful Focus and AttentionPastor Zirbel
2015-11-22Last Sunday after Pente...Mark 13:2437Last Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-11-22Last Sunday in the Chur...Isaiah 65:17-25Looking Forward to HeavenPastor Fish
2015-11-22Last Sunday after Pente...Mark 13:24-37The Hardest Part is STAYING Awake!Rev Wollenburg
2015-11-22Last Sunday after Pente...John 18:33-37To Be or Not To Be? The Answer Is...Rev Hering
2015-11-22Christ the King SundayMatthew 25:1-13Let's be ready!Pastor Ernst
2015-11-18WWednesday after the Twe...Matthew 27:33-56Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2015-11-15Pentecost 25, Proper 28...Mark 13:1-13Life in the Midst of Labor PainsPastor Zirbel
2015-11-15Pentecost 25, Proper 28...Mark 13:113Twenty-fifth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-11-152nd Last Sunday in the ...Isaiah 40:9-16The ContrastPastor Fish
2015-11-15Pentecost 25, Proper 28...Mark 13:1-13The Gospel Must Be ProclaimedRev Hering
2015-11-15Pentecost 25, Proper 28...Psalm 16I Know What I Know So I Can EndureRev Wollenburg
2015-11-15Sunday of the Church Tr...Matthew 25:31-46The successful lifePastor Ernst
2015-11-11WWednesday after Twenty-...Jeremiah 23:21-40midweek VespersRev Eckert
2015-11-08Pentecost 24, Proper 27...Mark 12:41-44Stewardship: It's a "Trust" ThingPastor Zirbel
2015-11-08Pentecost 24, Proper 27...Mark 12:3844Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentec...J. Batchelor
2015-11-0823rd Sunday after TrinityIsaiah 32:1-8The Day of Unrelenting RealityPastor Fish
2015-11-08Pentecost 24, Proper 27...1 Kings 17:8-16; M...The Best Seats and Places of HonorRev Hering
2015-11-08Pentecost 24, Proper 27...Mark 12:38-44My Whole Living . . .Rev Wollenburg
2015-11-08Sunday of the Last Judg...Matthew 24:15-28The days will be shortenedPastor Ernst
2015-11-07ASaturday after the Twen...Isaiah 26:1-4,19memorial service for Joanne SalyerRev Eckert
2015-11-07AA Christian FuneralJohn11:25-27Funeral: Death Becomes LifeRev Wollenburg
2015-11-04WWednesday after Twenty-...Jeremiah 5:1-19VespersRev Eckert
2015-11-01All Saints' DayRevelation 7:13-14All Saints' DayJ. Batchelor
2015-11-01Reformation Sunday2 Chronicles 29:12...The Cleansing of the TemplePastor Fish
2015-11-01All Saints' DayRevelation 7:9-17Washed in the Blood of the LambRev Hering
2015-11-01All Saints' DayMatthew 5:3-12Who are You?Rev Wollenburg
2015-11-01All Saints SundayRevelation 7:2-17Who are the saints?Pastor Ernst
2015-10-25Reformation - Observed ...Matthew 11:12-19Truth Fights Against ErrorRev Taylor
2015-10-25Pentecost 22, Proper 25...John 8:31-36Observance of the ReformationJ. Batchelor
2015-10-25Reformation SundayJohn 8:31-36Conditional FreedomPastor Zirbel
2015-10-25twenty-first Sunday aft...John 8:31-36Reformation festivalRev Eckert
2015-10-25twenty-first Sunday aft...Matthew 11:12-19Reformation (observed)Rev Eckert
2015-10-25Reformation SundayRomans 3:21-24; Jo...It's All about JesusRev Hering
2015-10-2521st Sunday after TrinityGenesis 1:1-2:3What We Mean by the Word "God"Pastor Fish
2015-10-25Pentecost 22, Proper 25...Matthew 11:12-19THE Objective TruthRev Wollenburg
2015-10-25Reformation SundayJohn 8:31-36Abide in My WordPastor Ernst
2015-10-18Pentecost 21, Proper 24...Mark 10:23-31Unquestionable Christian RichnessPastor Zirbel
2015-10-18Pentecost 21, Proper 24...Mark 10: 2331Twenty-first Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-10-1820th Sunday after TrinityIsaiah 55:1-9Why Settle for Second-Best?Pastor Fish
2015-10-18Pentecost 21, Proper 24...Mark 10:23-31Enter the Kingdom of GodRev Hering
2015-10-18Pentecost 21, Proper 24...Mark 10:23-31The Kingdom of God, the Needle's ...Rev Wollenburg
2015-10-18Day of St. Luke the Eva...2 Timothy 4:5-11Fulfill your ministryPastor Ernst
2015-10-11Pentecost 20, Proper 23...Mark 10:1722Life Is an InheritanceRev Hering
2015-10-11Pentecost 20, Proper 23...Mark 10:1722Twentieth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-10-11Pentecost 20, Proper 23...Mark 10:17-22Disheartening LovePastor Zirbel
2015-10-1119th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 28:10-17Not What Most People ExpectPastor Fish
2015-10-11LWML Sunday ObservedMatthew 6:25ff.God's Cure for Your WorryRev Wollenburg
2015-10-11Nineteenth Sunday after...Matthew 9:1-8Your sins are forgivenPastor Ernst
2015-10-04Pentecost 19, Proper 22...Mark 10:212Nineteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-10-04Pentecost 19, Proper 22...Mark 10:2-16"Divorce & Legality"Rev Taylor
2015-10-04Pentecost 19, Proper 22...Mark 10:2-16Joined By/In GodPastor Zirbel
2015-10-0418th Sunday after TrinityDeuteronomy 10:12-21A Realistic PerspectivePastor Fish
2015-10-04Pentecost 19, Proper 22...Genesis 2:20b-24; ...One FleshRev Hering
2015-10-04Eighteenth Sunday after...Matthew 22:34-46The Law and lovePastor Ernst
2015-09-27Pentecost 18, Proper 21...Mark 9: 3850Eighteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-09-2717th Sunday after TrinityProverbs 25:6-14WisdomPastor Fish
2015-09-27Pentecost 18, Proper 21...Mark 9:38-50Do You CARE About Eternal Life?Rev Wollenburg
2015-09-27Pentecost 18, Proper 21...Mark 9:38-50Cut It Off!Rev Hering
2015-09-27Seventeenth Sunday afte...Ephiesians 4:1-6United in one Lord, one faith, on...Pastor Ernst
2015-09-20Pentecost 17, Proper 20...Mark 9: 3037Seventeenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-09-20Pentecost 17, Proper 20...Mark 9:30-37Christian PosturingPastor Zirbel
2015-09-2016th Sunday after Trinity1 Kings 17:17-24This, Therefore ThatPastor Fish
2015-09-20Pentecost 17, Proper 20...Mark 9:30-37Delivered into the Hands of MenRev Hering
2015-09-20Pentecost 17, Proper 20...Mark 9:30-37Greatness in the Kingdom of GodRev Taylor
2015-09-20Pentecost 17, Proper 20...Mark 9:35The Upside Down World of Christia...Rev Wollenburg
2015-09-20Sixteenth Sunday after ...Luke 7:11-16Comfort for the afflictedPastor Ernst
2015-09-19APentecost 16, Proper 19...Isaiah 12:26; Rom...+ In Memoriam + Robert LingleyJ. Batchelor
2015-09-16WWednesday after the Fif...2 Chronicles 35:1-...Evening PrayerRev Eckert
2015-09-13Pentecost 16, Proper 19...Mark 9:1429Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-09-13Pentecost 16, Proper 19...Mark 9:14-29The Power of Prayer(?)Pastor Zirbel
2015-09-13Pentecost 16, Proper 19...Mark 9:14-29Lifted Up to New LifeRev Hering
2015-09-13Pentecost 16, Proper 19...Luke 9:24Lord, I Believe, But . . .Rev Wollenburg
2015-09-13Fifteenth Sunday after ...Matthew 6:24-34Do not worryPastor Ernst
2015-09-1315th Sunday after Trinity1 Kings 17:8-16God's WayPastor Fish
2015-09-10RThursday after the Four...Philippians 2:12-30evening prayerRev Eckert
2015-09-06Pentecost 15, Proper 18...Mark 7:2437Fifteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-09-06Pentecost 15, Proper 18...Mark 7:31-37A Salvific Sigh of LovePastor Zirbel
2015-09-06Pentecost 15, Proper 18...Mark 7:31-37"O Lord, open Thou my lips"Rev Taylor
2015-09-0614th Sunday after TrinityProverbs 4:10-23Two PathsPastor Fish
2015-09-06Pentecost 15, Proper 18...Mark 7:32-37Our Hands-On GodRev Hering
2015-09-06Pentecost 15, Proper 18...Luke 7:24-37Lord, Cause Me to Hope in Your Me...Rev Wollenburg
2015-09-06Fourteenth Sunday after...Luke 17:11-19The best giftPastor Ernst
2015-09-02WWed. after Thirteenth S...1 Kings 18:20-40Evening PrayerRev Eckert
2015-08-30Pentecost 14B (Day of P...Ephesians 6:10-20As I Ought to SpeakRev Taylor
2015-08-30Pentecost 14, Proper 17...Mark 7:1423Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-08-30Pentecost 14, Proper 17...Mark 7:14-23Defilement and GracePastor Zirbel
2015-08-30Pentecost 14, Proper 17...Mark 7:14-23Hear Me and UnderstandRev Hering
2015-08-30Pentecost 14, Proper 17...Luke 7:14-23My Savior for My Outside AND My I...Rev Wollenburg
2015-08-30Thirteenth Sunday after...Luke 10: 23-27The figure of ChristPastor Ernst
2015-08-3013th Sunday after TrinityLeviticus 18:1-5But and JustPastor Fish
2015-08-27RThursday after Twelfth ...John 1:43-51Saint BartholomewRev Eckert
2015-08-23Pentecost 13, Proper 16...Mark 7:1-13Walking In ChristPastor Zirbel
2015-08-23Pentecost 13, Proper 16...Mark 7:1-13TraditionRev Taylor
2015-08-23Pentecost 13, Proper 16...Mark 7:113Thirteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-08-23Pentecost 13, Proper 16...Mark 7:1-13Keeping the Main Thing the Main T...Rev Wollenburg
2015-08-23Twelfth Sunday after Tr...2 Corinthians 3: 4...The ministry of justificationPastor Ernst
2015-08-2312th Sunday after TrinityIsaiah 29:17-24The End is in SightPastor Fish
2015-08-19WWednesday after Elevent...1 Corinthians 11:1...Evening PrayerRev Eckert
2015-08-16Pentecost 12, Proper 15...John 6:51-65"Your Father's Son / Daughter"Rev Taylor
2015-08-16Pentecost 12, Proper 15...John 6:5169Twelfth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-08-16Pentecost 12, Proper 15...John 6:51-66True Christian WisdomPastor Zirbel
2015-08-1611th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 4:1-15The Choice We Must FacePastor Fish
2015-08-16Pentecost 12, Proper 15...John 6:51-69Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY to E...Rev Wollenburg
2015-08-16Pentecost 12, Proper 15...John 6:51-69The Holy One of GodRev Hering
2015-08-16Eleventh Sunday after T...1 Corinthians 15: ...Violence in the name of GodPastor Ernst
2015-08-15ASaturday after Tenth Su...Matthew 27:45-54; ...Funeral Sermon for George EngdahlRev Eckert
2015-08-09Pentecost 11, Proper 14...John 6:3551Eleventh Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-08-0910th Sunday after TrinityJeremiah 7:1-7Empty WordsPastor Fish
2015-08-09Pentecost 11, Proper 14...John 6:35-51Not My WillRev Hering
2015-08-09Pentecost 11, Proper 14...John 6:50-51Jesus, You Offend MeRev Wollenburg
2015-08-09Tenth Sunday after Trin...Luke 19:41-48Reverent worshipPastor Ernst
2015-08-02Pentecost 10, Proper 13...John 6:2235Tenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-08-029th Sunday after Trinity1 Chronicles 29:10...Just As It Should BePastor Fish
2015-08-02Pentecost 10, Proper 13...John 6:22-35The Bread of Angels Equips the Sa...Rev Hering
2015-08-02Pentecost 10, Proper 13...Ex. 16:15 & John 6...Taste and See that the Lord is GoodRev Wollenburg
2015-08-02Ninth Sunday after Trin...Luke 16: 1-9We merit nothing, have received ...Pastor Ernst
2015-07-31FOpening service, Region...1 Samuel 16: 1-23A brave and faithful heartPastor Ernst
2015-07-30RThursday after 8th Sund...1 Samuel 15:10-35Midweek VespersRev Eckert
2015-07-26Pentecost 9, Proper 12,...Mark 6:4556Ninth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-07-26Pentecost 9, Proper 12,...Genesis 9:8-17Apes and TruthPastor Zirbel
2015-07-268th Sunday after TrinityJeremiah 23:19-26Two Kinds of ReligionPastor Fish
2015-07-26Pentecost 9, Proper 12,...Mark 6:45-52Take Heart; It Is IRev Hering
2015-07-26Pentecost 9, Proper 12,...Mark 6:45-56 & Gen...God Keeps On Serving YouRev Wollenburg
2015-07-26Pentecost 9, Proper 12,...Mark 6:45-56 & Gen...God Keeps On Serving YouRev Wollenburg
2015-07-26Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7: 15-23Wolves in sheep's clothingPastor Ernst
2015-07-19Pentecost 8, Proper 11,...Mark 6: 3044Eighth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2015-07-19Pentecost 8, Proper 11,...Mark 6:30-44Faith Is SatisfiedRev Hering
2015-07-19Pentecost 8, Proper 11,...Mark 6:30-44Coming Out of our 'Comfort Zone'Rev Wollenburg

      4314 sermons found ... page 3 of 22  

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