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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2016-08-28!4th Sunday after TrinityLuke 17:11-19The healing of our diseasePastor Ernst
2016-08-24WWed. after 13th Sunday ...Luke 22:28-30Saint BartholomewRev Eckert
2016-08-21Pentecost 14, Proper 16...Luke 13:22-30Pentecost 14CRev Taylor
2016-08-2113th Sunday after TrinityLuke 10:25-37The TRULY Good SamaritanPastor Zirbel
2016-08-21Pentecost 14, Proper 16...Luke 13:2230Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-08-21Pentecost 14, Proper 16...Luke 13:22-30The Narrow DoorRev Hering
2016-08-2113th Sunday after TrinityLuke 10:23-37Love without limitsPastor Ernst
2016-08-17WWed. after Twelfth Sund...Luke 1:46fSaint Mary, Mother of GodRev Eckert
2016-08-1412th Sunday after TrinityMark 7:31-37One Word Is All It Takes!Pastor Zirbel
2016-08-14Pentecost 13, Proper 15...Luke 12:4953Thirteenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-08-14Pentecost 13, Proper 15...Luke 12:49-56The Joy of Our SalvationRev Hering
2016-08-14Pentecost 13, Proper 15...Hebrews 12:1-3"Faith" Depends on its Object AND...Rev Wollenburg
2016-08-14Pentecost 13, Proper 15...Luke 12:49-53Pentecost 13CRev Taylor
2016-08-14Twelfth Sunday after Tr...Mark 7:31-37The visible elements of gracePastor Ernst
2016-08-0711th Sunday after TrinityLuke 18:9-14Missed Opportunities & MorselsPastor Zirbel
2016-08-07Pentecost 12, Proper 14...Luke 12:2234Twelfth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-08-07Pentecost 12, Proper 14...Luke 12:32-40"Have no fear, little flock"Rev Taylor
2016-08-07Pentecost 12, Proper 14...Luke 12:22-34O Ye of Little FaithRev Hering
2016-08-07Pentecost 12, Proper 14...Luke 12:32Paul\'s \'Secret\'Rev Wollenburg
2016-08-07Eleventh Sunday after T...1 Corinthians 15:1...The two sides to confessionPastor Ernst
2016-08-03WWednesday after the Ten...1 Samuel 17:48-18:9Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2016-07-3110th Sunday after TrinityLuke 19:41-48The Things of PeacePastor Zirbel
2016-07-31Pentecost 11, Proper 13...Luke 12:1321Eleventh Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-07-31Pentecost 11, Proper 13...Luke 12:21-28Rich Toward GodRev Hering
2016-07-31Pentecost 11, Proper 13...Luke 12:13-21Lord, Make Me Rich! Amen.Rev Wollenburg
2016-07-3110th Sunday after TrinityLuke 19:41-48Let us go to the Lord\'s housePastor Ernst
2016-07-24Ninth Sunday after Trin...Conclusion of the ...Catechetical sermonRev Eckert
2016-07-24Pentecost 10, Proper 12...Luke 11:113Tenth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-07-24Pentecost 10, Proper 12...Luke 16:8Commendable FaithPastor Zirbel
2016-07-24Pentecost 10, Proper 12...Luke 10:13Your Father Will Give You the BestRev Wollenburg
2016-07-24Ninth Sunday after Trin...1 Corinthians 19:1...The means of gracePastor Ernst
2016-07-22FThe Feast of St. Mary M...John 20:1-2; 10-18Faithful ClingingPastor Zirbel
2016-07-178th Sunday after TrinityJeremiah 23:16-29;...Simple Theory - Tough RealityPastor Zirbel
2016-07-17Eighth Sunday after Tri...Seventh Petition o...borrows heavily from Dr. M.L.Rev Eckert
2016-07-17Pentecost 9, Proper 11,...Luke 10:38-42Regaining Balance for Christian L...Rev Wollenburg
2016-07-17Pentecost 9, Proper 11,...Luke 10:3842Ninth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-07-17Pentecost 9, Proper 11,...Luke 10:38-42One Thing Is NecessaryRev Hering
2016-07-17Eighth Sunday after Tri...Matthew 7:15-23A legitimate callPastor Ernst
2016-07-10Seventh Sunday after Tr...Sixth Petition of ...Catechetical SermonRev Eckert
2016-07-10Seventh Sunday after Tr...Mark 8:1-9Another Feast LessonPastor Zirbel
2016-07-10Pentecost 8, Proper 10,...Luke 10:2537Eighth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-07-10Pentecost 8, Proper 10,...Luke 10:25-37And Who Is Your Neighbor?Rev Hering
2016-07-10Pentecost 8, Proper 10,...Luke 10:25-28AM I My Brother\'s Keeper?Rev Wollenburg
2016-07-10Seventh Sunday after Tr...Mark 8:1-9The fount of blessingsPastor Ernst
2016-07-03Trinity 6Fifth Petition of ...Visitation observedRev Eckert
2016-07-03Sixth Sunday after Trin...Matthew 5:17-26Righteous WalkingPastor Zirbel
2016-07-03Pentecost 7, Proper 9, ...Luke 10:120Seventh Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-07-03Pentecost 7, Proper 9, ...Luke 10:1-20The Kingdom of God Is in the Hear...Rev Hering
2016-07-03Pentecost 7, Proper 9, ...Luke 10:16-20The Truth: for Souls\' SalvationRev Wollenburg
2016-07-03Sixth Sunday after Trin...Matthew 5:20-26Spiritual libertyPastor Ernst
2016-06-265th Sunday after Trinity1 Kings 19:9-18; L...True PowerPastor Zirbel
2016-06-26Pentecost 6, Proper 8, ...Luke 9:51-62The Turning PointRev Hering
2016-06-26Pentecost 6, Proper 8, ...Luke 9:57-62All Hat and No CattleRev Wollenburg
2016-06-26Pentecost 6, Proper 8, ...Luke 9:5162Sixth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-06-26Fifth Sunday after Trin...Luke 5:1-11Fishers of menPastor Ernst
2016-06-22WWednesday after the Fou...Luke 1:57-80Nativity of Saint John Baptist (s...Rev Eckert
2016-06-19Fourth Sunday after Tri...Third Petition of ...Catechetical sermonRev Eckert
2016-06-19Pentecost 5, Proper 7, ...Luke 8:2639Fifth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-06-19Pentecost 5, Proper 7, ...Luke 8:26-39Sitting at the Feet of JesusRev Hering
2016-06-19Pentecost 5, Proper 7, ...Luke 8:35-39Who's in Charge in YOUR Life?Rev Wollenburg
2016-06-19Fourth Sunday after Tri...Luke 6:36-42Therefore be mercifulPastor Ernst
2016-06-12Trinity 3Luke 15:1-32One God Fits AllPastor Zirbel
2016-06-12Pentecost 4, Proper 6, ...2 Samuel 12:1-10,1...Fourth Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-06-12Pentecost 4, Proper 6, ...Luke 7:368:3:Forgiven MuchRev Hering
2016-06-12Pentecost 4, Proper 6, ...Luke 7:48Are YOUR Sins Forgiven?Rev Wollenburg
2016-06-12Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:1-10Seek those who are lostPastor Ernst
2016-06-05Pentecost 3, Proper 5, ...Luke 7:1117Third Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-06-052nd Sunday after TrinityLuke 14:15-24A Feast of Forgiven FoolsPastor Zirbel
2016-06-05Pentecost 3, Proper 5, ...Luke 7:11-17I Say to You, Arise!Rev Hering
2016-06-05Pentecost 3, Proper 5, ...Luke 7:13-15LIFE v. DEATHRev Wollenburg
2016-06-05Second Sunday after Tri...Luke 14:15-24Do not miss the partyPastor Ernst
2016-06-01WWed. after First Sunday...John 9:24-41VespersRev Eckert
2016-05-29Trinity 1, Confirmation...Genesis 15:1-6; Lu...Starry-Eyed FaithPastor Zirbel
2016-05-29Pentecost 2, Proper 4, ...Luke 7:1-10I Am Not WorthyRev Hering
2016-05-29Pentecost 2, Proper 4, ...Luke 7:1-10How to Have Great FaithRev Wollenburg
2016-05-29Pentecost 2, Proper 4, ...Luke 7:110Second Sunday after PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-05-29First Sunday after Trin...Deuteronomy 6:4-13Love the Lord your GodPastor Ernst
2016-05-25WWednesday after Holy Tr...Esther 2:5-11,16-1...Saint EstherRev Eckert
2016-05-22Holy Trinity, series CJohn 8:48-59"Look Harder"Rev Taylor
2016-05-22Holy Trinity, series CJohn 8:48-59Is This It? What Am I Missing?Pastor Zirbel
2016-05-22Holy Trinity, series CJohn 8:49-55If Anyone Keeps My WordRev Hering
2016-05-22Holy Trinity, series CJohn 8:58FROM Eternity TO EternityRev Wollenburg
2016-05-22Trinity SundayMatthew 28:18-20Teach them all I have commanded youPastor Ernst
2016-05-22Holy Trinity, series CActs 2:14a,2236; ...TrinityJ. Batchelor
2016-05-18WWednesday after PentecostActs 8:14-17 and 1...Evening Prayer SermonRev Eckert
2016-05-15Feast of Pentecost, ser...Genesis 11:1-9True Oneness - Part IIPastor Zirbel
2016-05-15Feast of Pentecost, ser...John 14:24-27Empowered by the Spirit, Announci...Rev Wollenburg
2016-05-15Feast of Pentecost, ser...John 14:23-31The Helper Will Teach You All Thi...Rev Hering
2016-05-15PentecostJohn 14:23-31He will teach you all thingsPastor Ernst
2016-05-15Feast of Pentecost, ser...Genesis 11:19; Jo...PentecostJ. Batchelor
2016-05-11WWednesday after ExaudiPsalm 61Evening Prayer SermonRev Eckert
2016-05-08Easter 7, series CJohn 17:20-26That We May Be OneRev Hering
2016-05-08Easter 7, series CJohn 17:20-26True OnenessPastor Zirbel
2016-05-08Easter 7, series CJohn 17:2026Seventh Sunday of EasterJ. Batchelor
2016-05-08Ascension SundayActs 1:1-11He lives and reignsPastor Ernst
2016-05-05RThe Ascension of Our LordEphesians 1:20ff.The Glorious Ascension of Our Lor...Rev Wollenburg
2016-05-05RThe Ascension of Our LordActs 1:111; Luke ...The Ascension of Our LordJ. Batchelor
2016-05-04WWednesday after RogateLuke 24:44fAscension EveRev Eckert
2016-05-01Easter 6Numbers 21:4-9RogateRev Eckert
2016-05-01Easter 6, series CJohn 16:23-33Heart-Taken PeacePastor Zirbel
2016-05-01Easter 6, series CJohn 16:23-33Ask and You Will ReceiveRev Hering
2016-05-01Easter 6, series CJohn 16:2333Sixth Sunday of EasterJ. Batchelor
2016-05-01Easter 6, series CActs 16:9-15God's Grace and New DirectionsRev Wollenburg
2016-05-01Fifth Sunday after EasterJohn 16:23-30We ask everything in the name of ...Pastor Ernst
2016-04-24Easter 5, series CJohn 16:12-22"That You May Have Life"Rev Taylor
2016-04-24Easter 5, series CJohn 16:12-22Seeing and RejoicingPastor Zirbel
2016-04-24Easter 5, series CJohn 16:12-22; Rev...A Little WhileRev Hering
2016-04-24Easter 5, series CJohn 16:12-22Life in the Church MilitantRev Wollenburg
2016-04-24Fourth Sunday after Eas...John 16:5-15To guide us in all truthPastor Ernst
2016-04-24Easter 5, series CJohn 16:12-22Fifth Sunday of EasterJ. Batchelor
2016-04-21REaster 4, series CJohn 14:1-7+ In Memorium +; Jacob, MiltonJ. Batchelor
2016-04-20WWednesday after JubilateLeviticus 16:1-24ScapegoatRev Eckert
2016-04-17Easter 4John 16:16-22JubilateRev Eckert
2016-04-17Easter 4, series CActs 20:17-35; Joh...Blessed GivingPastor Zirbel
2016-04-17Easter 4, One-YearJohn 16:16-22Your Sorrow Will Be Turned into JoyPastor Schlamann
2016-04-17Easter 4, series CRevelation 7:9-17Where the Good Shepherd Leads His...Rev Wollenburg
2016-04-17Third Sunday after Easter1 Peter 2:11-20We are foreigners and pilgrimsPastor Ernst
2016-04-17Easter 4, series CJohn 10:2230Fourth Sunday of EasterJ. Batchelor
2016-04-13WWednesday after Miseric...Exodus 34-38,selec...Evening PrayerRev Eckert
2016-04-10Easter 3, series CActs 9:1-22; John ...Simple JoyPastor Zirbel
2016-04-10Easter 3, series CJohn 21:1-14Fed by JesusRev Hering
2016-04-10Easter 3, series CThe Pericopal Read...Christ is Risen! And He Re-Purpos...Rev Wollenburg
2016-04-10Second Sunday after Eas...John 10:11-16The sheep know their ShepherdPastor Ernst
2016-04-10Easter 3, series CJohn 21:1-19Third Sunday of EasterJ. Batchelor
2016-04-06WAnnunciation (observed)Luke 1:26-38borrows a little from J. GerhardRev Eckert
2016-04-04MEaster 2, series CActs 5:29 & John 2...Verse 29!Rev Wollenburg
2016-04-03Easter 2, series CJohn 20:1931Second Sunday of EasterJ. Batchelor
2016-04-03Easter 2, series CJohn 20:19-312nd Sunday of EasterRev Taylor
2016-04-03Easter 2, series CJohn 20:19-31Peace: It's a BIG Deal!Pastor Zirbel
2016-04-03Easter 2, series CRevelation 1:17b-8...The Keys of Death and HadesRev Hering
2016-04-03First Sunday after EasterJohn 20:19-31Peace be with youPastor Ernst
2016-03-27Easter: The feast of Re...John 20:1-18Easter DawnRev Eckert
2016-03-27Easter: The feast of Re...1 Corinthians 15:1...Pitiable or Praiseworthy?Pastor Zirbel
2016-03-27Easter: The feast of Re...Luke 24:13-35Easter EveningRev Eckert
2016-03-27Easter: The feast of Re...1 Corinthians 15.1...By Man Came Death--By Man Also Ca...Rev Weise
2016-03-27Easter: The feast of Re...Luke 24:1-6Risen! From What?Rev Hering
2016-03-27Easter: The feast of Re...Luke 24:5b-6aWere YOU There? Persons of the Pa...Rev Wollenburg
2016-03-27Easter: The feast of Re...Luke 24:112Resurrection of Our LordJ. Batchelor
2016-03-27Easter1 Corinthians 5:6-8The Easter Feast Is the Lamb of GodPastor Schlamann
2016-03-27Easter SundayMark 16:1-8The empty tombPastor Ernst
2016-03-26ALent 6, series CSt. John 20.1-18Christ is RsienRev Weise
2016-03-25FGod's FridayIsaiah 53:4-6God for YouRev Hering
2016-03-25FLent 6, series CSt. John 17.30It Is FinishedRev Weise
2016-03-25FGood FridayJohn 19:16-30Farewell to His motherPastor Ernst
2016-03-24RMaundy ThursdayJohn 18:15-18,25-2...Were YOU There? Persons of the Pa...Rev Wollenburg
2016-03-20Lent 6, series CLuke 19:29-40Wait for It...Pastor Zirbel
2016-03-20Lent 6, series CJohn 12:16Oxymoron: A Humble KingRev Wollenburg
2016-03-20Palm/Passion SundayJohn 12:12-43By the Palms of God's HandsRev Hering
2016-03-20Palm SundayZechariah 9:9-12The King has arrivedPastor Ernst
2016-03-20Lent 6, series CLuke 23:23; 43Passion of Our LordJ. Batchelor
2016-03-16WVespersPhilippians 3:4b-14Wednesday after JudicaRev Eckert
2016-03-16WLent 5, series CRomans 7:1425; Lu...Sixth Midweek of LentJ. Batchelor
2016-03-16WMidweek Lent #6Luke 22:47-48Were YOU There? Persons of the Pa...Rev Wollenburg
2016-03-13Lent 5, series CPhilippians 3:8-14Faithful Loss and GainPastor Zirbel
2016-03-13Lent 5, series CLuke 20:9-20The Authority and Will of GodRev Hering
2016-03-13Lent 5, series CLuke 20:17-18The Gospel and the Gospel AssassinsRev Wollenburg
2016-03-13Fifth Sunday in LentJohn 8:46-59The declaration of divinityPastor Ernst
2016-03-09WWednesday after the Fou...2 Corinthians 5:16...Midweek after LaetareRev Eckert
2016-03-09WMidweek Lent #5John 14:1-7 & John...Were You There? Persons of the Pa...Rev Wollenburg
2016-03-06Lent 4, series CLuke 15:1-3,11-32A Word to the BrotherPastor Zirbel
2016-03-06Lent 4Acts 2:41-47LaetareRev Eckert
2016-03-06Lent 4, series CLuke 15:1-3,11-32"Home Again"Rev Taylor
2016-03-06Lent 4, series CLuke 15:1-3a,11-32How Do YOU See Me?Rev Wollenburg
2016-03-06Fourth Sunday in LentJohn 6:1-15Our daily breadPastor Ernst
2016-03-02WWednesday after the 3rd...Exodus 8:16-24Midweek VespersRev Eckert
2016-03-02WMidweek Lent #4Romans 13:1-7 & 1 ...Were You There? Persons of the Pa...Rev Wollenburg
2016-02-28Lent 3Luke 11:14-28OculiRev Eckert
2016-02-28Lent 3, series CLuke 13:1-9Repentant PerspectivePastor Zirbel
2016-02-28Lent 3, series CLuke 13:19Third Sunday in LentJ. Batchelor
2016-02-28Lent 3, series CEzekiel 33:7-20Watchman for the House of the LordRev Hering
2016-02-28Lent 3, series C1 Cor. 10:12-13 & ...Are YOU a True Penitent?Rev Wollenburg
2016-02-28Third Sunday in LentLuke 11:14-28Spiritual warfarePastor Ernst
2016-02-24WLent 2, series CLuke 22:39-46Third Midweek of LentJ. Batchelor
2016-02-21Lent 2Matthew 15:21-28ReminiscereRev Eckert
2016-02-21Lent 2, series CLuke 13:31-35Diagnosis vs. PrognosisPastor Zirbel
2016-02-21Lent 2, series CLuke 13:3135Second Sunday in LentJ. Batchelor
2016-02-21Lent 2, series CLuke 13:31-35You Would Not, . . . But He WouldRev Hering
2016-02-21Lent 2, series CLuke 13:31-35O Jerusalem - You are InfectedRev Wollenburg
2016-02-21Second Sunday in LentMatthew 15:21-28We can always trust in the mercy ...Pastor Ernst
2016-02-17WSecond Midweek of LentLuke 22:1438Second Midweek of LentJ. Batchelor
2016-02-15MMonday after InvocabitMark 3:1-19Winkel sermonRev Eckert
2016-02-14Lent 1, series CLuke 4:1-13If You Are the Son of GodRev Hering
2016-02-14Lent 1, series CLuke 4:113First Sunday in LentJ. Batchelor
2016-02-14Lent 1, series CLk. 4:1-13 & Rom. ...If Jesus is without Sin, Why . . ...Rev Wollenburg
2016-02-14First Sunday in LentMatthew 4:1-11Test of faithPastor Ernst
2016-02-10WAsh WednesdayLuke 22:113Ash WednesdayJ. Batchelor
2016-02-10WAsh WednesdayAn Exhortation to ConfessionRev Hering
2016-02-10WAsh Wednesday1 John 1:5-9His blood cleanses us from sinPastor Ernst
2016-02-07Transfiguration, series CLuke 9:2836TransfigurationJ. Batchelor
2016-02-07Transfiguration, series CLuke 9:28-36Blessed InterruptionsPastor Zirbel
2016-02-07Transfiguration, series CLuke 9:28-36"On the Eighth Day"Rev Taylor
2016-02-07Transfiguration, series CLuke 9:28-36Listen to HimRev Hering
2016-02-07Transfiguration, series CLuke 9:28-36Israel, Weep No MoreRev Wollenburg
2016-02-07QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43Savior, not superheroPastor Ernst
2016-01-31Epiphany 4, series CLuke 4:31-44Christ Rightly Understood (and Pr...Pastor Zirbel
2016-01-31Epiphany 4, series CLuke 4:3144Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany ...J. Batchelor
2016-01-31Epiphany 4, series CJeremiah 1:4-19Before You Were BornRev Hering
2016-01-31Epiphany 4, series CLuke 4:31-44Jesus Loves You - Absolutely!Rev Wollenburg
2016-01-31SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15We have been given to know the my...Pastor Ernst
2016-01-24SeptuagesimaActs 16:1-5St. TimothyRev Eckert

      4507 sermons found ... page 3 of 23  

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