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Five Minutes a Day with Luther
Thursday, February 25, 2021

Bible Passage:Gal 2:19

For I through the law am dead to the Law, that I might live unto God.

*     *     *

These are marvelous words, and unknown kinds of speech, which man's reason can in nowise understand. Paul speaks with great zeal and vehemence of spirit; in great displeasure, as it were. Why do you boast so much of the Law? he would say. Of this Law I would be ignorant. But if you will needs have the Law, I also have the Law. As though moved through indignation of the Holy Ghost, he calls grace itself 'the Law', giving a new name to the effect and working of grace, in contempt of the Law of Moses and of the false apostles, which contended that the Law is necessary to justification: he sets the Law against the Law. As if he would say: The Law of Moses accuses and condemns me, but against that accusing and condemning Law, I have another law, which is grace and liberty. This law accuses the accusing Law, and condemns the condemning Law. So death kills death: but this killing death is life itself. And here Paul seems to be a heretic, yea, of all heretics the greatest. For he says that he, being dead to the Law, lives to God. The false apostles taught: Except you live to the Law, you are dead to God. Paul says here quite the contrary: Except you be dead to the Law, you cannot live to God. Man's wisdom does not understand this doctrine, therefore it always teaches the contrary. Wherefore we must mount above our wisdom to this heavenly altitude, that we may be assured that we are far above the Law, yea, that we are utterly dead unto the Law. All these things lead to this conclusion, that we are not justified by the Law, but by faith only in Jesus Christ.

Fain we would on Thee rely,
Cast on Thee our sin and care:
To Thine arms of mercy fly,
Find our lasting quiet there.

aka Pastor Robin Fish
It isn't whether we win or lose, it is "Do we stand faithfully?"

Information Copyright © 2007-2009 Robin Fish. All rights reserved.

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