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Five Minutes a Day with Luther
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Bible Passage:John 17:8

for the words which Thou gavest Me I have given to them; and they received them, and truly understood that I came forth from Thee, and they believed that Thou didst send Me.

*     *     *

In these words lies the whole substance of the matter.  Behold how plainly He speaks of the external Word.  which is pronounced by the corporal voice through Christ, and received by the ear; that no one might count this insignificant, or consider it as unnecessary.  For here you hear of no other means or way than the Word, which Christ has spread abroad by His living preaching.  And He declares that its power is such, and that it produces such fruits, that by it we know the mind and will of the Father, and have in it all things that are necessary to our salvation.  And they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that Thou didst send Me.  The effect of the Word of God, where it is seriously received, is such, that we may know that Christ came forth from, and was sent by, the Father; that is, that everything He says are the words and will of the Father, and all that He does and works are the work and command of the Father; and that all these things together are for our help.  This is the knowledge in which eternal life stands.  This is knowledge, however, which is entirely hidden from the world and to which no human reason or wisdom can attain; nor is it attainable by any other means or in any other way than through the Word of Christ.  But we must look to it again and again, that we hold the Word fast, rejecting all other thoughts whatever, and that we suffer ourselves to hear and know nothing else concerning God but that which Christ speaks.

Father of mercies, in Thy Word
What endless glory shines!
Forever be Thy name adored
For these celestial line.

aka Pastor Robin Fish
Lutheran to the core -- and just a little beyond.

Information Copyright © 2007-2009 Robin Fish. All rights reserved.

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