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Five Minutes a Day with Luther
Sunday, August 2, 2020

Bible Passage:1 Peter 4:4-6

And in all this, they are surprised that you do not run with them into the same excess of dissipation, and they malign you; but they shall give account to Him who is ready to judge the living and the dead. For the gospel has for this purpose been preached even to those who are dead, that though they are judged in the flesh as men, they may live in the spirit according to the will of God.

*     *     *

The Apostle says: You have up to now lived after the manner of the heathen; but since you have now forsaken it, your conduct appears strange to men, and seems shameful and foolish.  But let it seem strange to them; let them libel you.  They shall one day be compelled to give an account.  So leave it to Him who will judge righteously.

The Gospel is preached not only to the living, but was preached also to the dead, [those who are dead] in order that they may be judged according to men in the flesh.  We are not to be anxious as to how God will condemn the heathen who died many centuries ago, but only how He will judge those that are now living.  The Gospel has been freely published and universally spread abroad, concealed neither from dead nor living, but so publicly proclaimed that all creatures might hear it that have ears to hear.  If, therefore, it is preached in such a manner, there will those be found who are condemned according to the flesh, but live according to the spirit.  As to their outward being they are condemned, but inwardly, as respects the spirit, they are preserved in life.

Let thoughtless thousands choose the road
That leads the soul away from God;
This happiness, dear Lord, be mine,
To live and die entirely Thine.

Soon will the saints in glory meet,
Soon walk through every golden street,
And sing on every blissful plain,
To live is Christ, to die is gain.

aka Pastor Robin Fish
To be Lutheran is to be Christian -- and Vice Versa!

Information Copyright © 2007-2009 Robin Fish. All rights reserved.

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