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Five Minutes a Day with Luther
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bible Passage:Gal 3:20

"Now a mediator is not for one party only; whereas God is only one."

*     *     *

Here.  Paul compares these two mediators to one another, and that with marvelous brevity.  A mediator, says he, is not a mediator for one only.  This statement necessarily refers to two, that is to say, him that is offended and him that is the offender; of whom the one has need of intercession and the other needs none.  So Moses, by a general definition, is a mediator, because he does the office of a mediator between the Law and the people, who cannot abide the true and spiritual use of the Law.  The Law, therefore, must have a new face, and its voice must be changed, that is to say, the voice of the Law must be made spiritual, or the Law must be made lively in the inward affection, and must put on a visor or veil, that it may now become more tolerable, so that the people may be able to hear it by the voice of Moses.  Moses is such a mediator as does nothing else but change the voice of the Law and make it tolerable, so that the people may abide the hearing thereof, but he gives them no power to accomplish the same.  God with His Law is He which is offended, and the offense is such that God cannot pardon it, neither can we make satisfaction for the same.  Therefore between God, who is of Himself but one, and us, there is a terrible discord.  Christ, therefore, has set Himself a Mediator between two which are contrary to one another and separated from another and has reconciled them together.  And how has He done this?  He has put away the handwriting which was against us, as Paul says in another place, which by the Law was contrary to us, and fastened it to the cross.

Jesus my great High Priest,
Offered His blood and died;
My guilty conscience seeks
No sacrifice beside.
His powerful blood did once atone,
And now it pleads before the throne.

aka Pastor Robin Fish
Lutheran to the core -- and just a little beyond.

Information Copyright © 2007-2009 Robin Fish. All rights reserved.

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