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Date (YMD)  Day in the Church YearBible TextTitlePastor
2022-05-22Easter 6, series CJohn 5:1-18The Certainty of Baptismal FaithPastor Zirbel
2022-05-22Sixth Sunday of EasterJohn 16:23-33Praying in the name of JesusPastor Ernst
2022-05-15Easter 5, series CJohn 13:31-35Knowable LovePastor Zirbel
2022-05-15Fifth Sunday of EasterJohn 16:5-15He will guide you into all truthPastor Ernst
2022-05-08Easter 4, series CPsalm 23; Acts 20:...The Good Shepherd, Moms, Loving a...Pastor Zirbel
2022-05-08Fourth Sunday of EasterJohn 16:16-22Like the joy that follows the pai...Pastor Ernst
2022-05-01Easter 3, series CActs 9:1-22Change?Pastor Zirbel
2022-05-01Third Sunday of Easter1 Peter 2:21-25The care and feeding of the flock...Pastor Ernst
2022-04-24Easter 2, series CJohn 20:19-31My Lord and My God!Pastor Zirbel
2022-04-24Second Sunday of EasterJohn 20:19-31Confession of sin, confession of ...Pastor Ernst
2022-04-17Easter: The feast of Re...Luke 24:1-12Rhetorical Question or Genuine Su...Pastor Zirbel
2022-04-17Easter SundayJohn 20:1-18He calls us by namePastor Ernst
2022-04-15FGood FridayPsalm 22Abandoned by GodPastor Ernst
2022-04-14RMaundy ThursdayJohn 13:1-15,34-35Called to ServePastor Ernst
2022-04-10Palm SundayLuke 19:28-42Rocks of FaithPastor Zirbel
2022-04-10Palm SundayPhilippians 2:5-11Humility vs. vaingloryPastor Ernst
2022-04-03Lent 5, series CLuke 20:9-20Broken and/or CrushedPastor Zirbel
2022-04-03Fifth Sunday in LentJohn 8:46-59Abraham rejoiced to see my dayPastor Ernst
2022-03-27Lent 4, series CLuke 15:1-3,11-32Knowing and Being KnownPastor Zirbel
2022-03-27Lent 4, series CJohn 6:1-15Food in the desertPastor Ernst
2022-03-20Lent 3, series CLuke 13:1-9; Ezeki...Repentant Reality-CheckPastor Zirbel
2022-03-20Third Sunday in LentLucas 11:14-28The stronger man will comePastor Ernst
2022-03-13Lent 2, series CLuke 13:31-35Forsaken, Forgiven, and More to t...Pastor Zirbel
2022-03-13Second Sunday in LentMatthew 15:21-28The table of the Lord is servedPastor Ernst
2022-03-06Lent 1, series CLuke 4:1-13Substitutionary Perfection & Temp...Pastor Zirbel
2022-03-06First Sunday in LentMatthew 4:1-11Jesus passed the testPastor Ernst
2022-03-02WAsh WednesdayMatthew 6:16-21A change of heartPastor Ernst
2022-02-27Transfiguration, series CLuke 9:28-36Manifested Peace and AssurancePastor Zirbel
2022-02-27QuinquagesimaLuke 18:31-43Lord, have mercy on usPastor Ernst
2022-02-20Epiphany 7, series CLuke 6:27-36Epiphany 7CRev Taylor
2022-02-20Epiphany 7, series CLuke 6:27-38Manifested Fruits of FaithPastor Zirbel
2022-02-20SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15The Word which gives lifePastor Ernst
2022-02-13Epiphany 6, series CJeremiah 17:5-8; L...Uncomplicated SeeingPastor Zirbel
2022-02-13SeptuagesimaMatthew 20:1-16The first shall be lastPastor Ernst
2022-02-13SeptuagesiamMatthew 20:1-16The first shall be lastPastor Ernst
2022-02-06Epiphany 5, series CLuke 5:1-11; Isaia...Simple Message; Simple MissionPastor Zirbel
2022-02-06Transfiguration SundayMatthew 17:1-9Stop being afraidPastor Ernst
2022-02-06The Transfiguration of ...Matthew 17:1-9 (O...Hear Him!Pastor Jerabek
2022-01-30Epiphany 4, series CLuke 4:31-44Revealed Authority and Various Re...Pastor Zirbel
2022-01-30Fourth Sunday of EpiphanyMatthew 8:23-27The Lord helps us trust in HimPastor Ernst
2022-01-23Epiphany 3, series CNehemiah 8:1-3,5-6...Revealing RealityPastor Zirbel
2022-01-23Third Sunday of EpiphanyJohn 2:1-11The best for lastPastor Ernst
2022-01-23Epiphany 3, series 1 yearMatthew 8:1-13AuthorityPastor Jerabek
2022-01-16Epiphany 2, series CJohn 2:1-11"The Holy Bride of Christ"Rev Taylor
2022-01-16Epiphany 2, series CJohn 2:1-11Purposefully Manifested GloryPastor Zirbel
2022-01-16Baptism of our LordMatthew 3:13-17To fulfill all righteousnessPastor Ernst
2022-01-09Baptism of JesusIsaiah 43:1-7; Rom...The Voice of PeacePastor Zirbel
2022-01-09Epiphany 1, series CLuke 2:41-52In the house of our FatherPastor Ernst
2022-01-02Second Sunday after Chr...Luke 2:40-52Questions on Faithful Maturity an...Pastor Zirbel
2022-01-02Circumcision and Naming...Galations 3:23-29We are heirs of Abraham in baptismPastor Ernst
2021-12-31FNew Years EveLuke 12:35-40In the watches of the nightPastor Ernst
2021-12-26First Sunday after Chri...Luke 2:22-38Impatient AssumptionsPastor Zirbel
2021-12-26First Sunday of ChristmasTitus 3:4-7Born by work of the Holy SpiritPastor Ernst
2021-12-24FChristmas EveLuke 2:1-14The light in the mangerPastor Ernst
2021-12-19Advent 4, series CLuke 1:39-56Christ-Centered ClarityPastor Zirbel
2021-12-19Fourth Sunday of AdventJohn 1:19-28In what name we baptizePastor Ernst
2021-12-12Advent 3, series CLuke 7:18-28Offensive Expectations and Scanda...Pastor Zirbel
2021-12-11AThird Sunday of AdventMatthew 11:2-11The baptism greater than that of ...Pastor Ernst
2021-12-05Advent 2, series CLuke 3:1-14Necessary TruthPastor Zirbel
2021-12-05Second Sunday of AdventLuke 21:25-3Lift up your headsPastor Ernst
2021-12-01WWed. after First Sunday...Psalm 143borrows somewhat from M.L.Rev Eckert
2021-11-28Advent 1Matthew 21:1-9One Year SeriesRev Eckert
2021-11-28Advent 1, series CLuke 19:28-40Advent PrioritiesPastor Zirbel
2021-11-28First Sunday of AdventMatthew 21:1-11Blessed is He who comes in the na...Pastor Ernst
2021-11-21Last Sunday in the Chur...Matthew 25:1-13Last SundayRev Eckert
2021-11-21Last Sunday in Church Y...Matthew 25:1-13Warnings, Wisdom, and ChangePastor Zirbel
2021-11-21Christ the King Sunday2 Peter 3:8-14The Lord does not delay his promisePastor Ernst
2021-11-1424th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 9:18-26Sunday sermonRev Eckert
2021-11-1424th Sunday after TrinityIsaiah 51:9-16; Co...Prayers, Patience, and PerseverancePastor Zirbel
2021-11-14Penultimate Sunday of t...Matthew 25:31-46Justification by faith and the fi...Pastor Ernst
2021-11-0723th after Trinity1 John 3:1-3All SaintsRev Eckert
2021-11-07All Saints Sunday1 John 3:1-3Beloved Children... Right NowPastor Zirbel
2021-11-07All Saints SundayRevelation 7:2-17The church militant and triumphantPastor Ernst
2021-10-31Reformation SundayRevelation 14:6-7;...Reformation RevelationPastor Zirbel
2021-10-31Reformation SundayRevelation 14:6-7The proclamation of the eternal G...Pastor Ernst
2021-10-24Pentecost 22, Proper 25...Mark 10:46-52Customer Service Jesus(?)Pastor Zirbel
2021-10-2421st Sunday after TrinityJohn 4:46-54Faith in the truth of Christ\'s w...Pastor Ernst
2021-10-23ASaturday after the 20th...Job 14:1-17funeral of Norman HerriotRev Eckert
2021-10-23ASaturday after the Twen...Revelation 21:1-7funeral service for Marvin Armstr...Rev Eckert
2021-10-1720th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:1-14Right Picture - Wrong FocusPastor Zirbel
2021-10-1720th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:1-14The King invites youPastor Ernst
2021-10-1019th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 9:1-8Difficult, Easy, and Differences ...Pastor Zirbel
2021-10-1019th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 9:1-8The Son of Man has power to forgi...Pastor Ernst
2021-10-03Eighteenth Sunday after...1 Corinthians 1:4-9"Spiritual, not Religious"Rev Eckert
2021-10-0318th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 22:34-46; ...Laws, Love, and Lacking NothingPastor Zirbel
2021-10-03Day of St. Michael and ...Luke 10:17-20The victory belongs to ChristPastor Ernst
2021-09-2617th Sunday after TrinityEphesians 4:1-6; P...Walking BaptismallyPastor Zirbel
2021-09-2617th Sunday after TrinityEphesians 4:1-6Unity in Spirit and truthPastor Ernst
2021-09-22WWed. after the 16th Sun...Mark 9:30-37midweek sermonRev Eckert
2021-09-1916th Sunday after TrinityLuke 7:11-17; 1 Ki...Suffering, Compassion, and ChristPastor Zirbel
2021-09-1916th Sunday after TrinityLuke 7:11-17Mercy and missionPastor Ernst
2021-09-1215th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 6:24-34Anxieties, Priorities, and Proper...Pastor Zirbel
2021-09-1215th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 6:24-34Thanks for spiritual and material...Pastor Ernst
2021-09-08WWednesday after Trinity...Philippians 1:1-20midweek Divine ServiceRev Eckert
2021-09-0514th Sunday after TrinityLuke 17:11-19; Pro...Priorities, Presence, and PraisePastor Zirbel
2021-09-0514th Sunday after TrinityLuke 17:11-109Absolution as God\'s giftPastor Ernst
2021-09-04ASat. after Trinity 13John 11:32-45Memorial Service for Jo EngdahlRev Eckert
2021-09-01WWed. after 13th Sunday ...1 Kings 18:1-19Vespers sermonRev Eckert
2021-08-29Martyrdom of John the B...Mark 6:14-29; Reve...Celebrating Martyrdom(?)Pastor Zirbel
2021-08-29Martyrdom of John the B...Mark 6:14-29Witnesses in death as in lifePastor Ernst
2021-08-2913th Sunday after TrinityLuke 10:23-37And Who Is My Neighbor?Rev Hering
2021-08-22Twelfth Sunday after Tr...Mark 7:31-37Christ heals a deaf muteRev Eckert
2021-08-2212th Sunday after TrinityMark 7:31-37The Sigh of SalvationPastor Zirbel
2021-08-2212 Sunday after TrinityMark 7:31-37The Holy Spirit opens our earsPastor Ernst
2021-08-18WWed. after 11th after T...2 Samuel 7:18-29Midweek Divine ServiceRev Eckert
2021-08-1511th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 4:1-15; 1 ...Christian PrioritiesPastor Zirbel
2021-08-15Eleventh Sunday after T...Luke 18:9-14Do not fool yourselfPastor Ernst
2021-08-11WWednesday after the Ten...Matthew 11:20-24midweek Divine ServiceRev Eckert
2021-08-0810th Sunday after TrinityJeremiah 8:4-12; R...Unashamed Peace - Then & NowPastor Zirbel
2021-08-08Tenth Sunday after Trin...Luke 19:41-48Sunday morning sermonRev Eckert
2021-08-08Tenth Sunday after Trin...Luke 19:41-48Now is the time of our visitationPastor Ernst
2021-08-019th Sunday after Trinity2 Samuel 22:26-34;...Connect the DotsPastor Zirbel
2021-08-01Ninth Sunday after Trin...John 11:21-27Living hope: Funeral of Xiomara T...Pastor Ernst
2021-07-25Trinity 8Mark 10:35-45St. James, ElderRev Eckert
2021-07-25Eighth Sunday after Tri...Acts 20:27-38Fierce wolves will comePastor Ernst
2021-07-187th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 2:7-17; Ro...Divine SatisfactionPastor Zirbel
2021-07-18Trinity 7Christian Question...Christian Questions with Their An...Rev Eckert
2021-07-18Seventh Sunday after Tr...Mark 8:1-9Our daily breadPastor Ernst
2021-07-11Trinity 6Christian Question...Christian Questions with their An...Rev Eckert
2021-07-116th Sunday after TrinityMatthew 5:17-26; E...Baptismal RighteousnessPastor Zirbel
2021-07-11Sixth Sunday after Trin...Romanos 6:1-11Evidence of death and of lifePastor Ernst
2021-07-045th Sunday after Trinity1 Peter 3:8-15; 1 ...Unity: For Better and WorsePastor Zirbel
2021-07-04Fifth Sunday after Trin...Luke 5:1-11Do not be afraidPastor Ernst
2021-06-30WWed. after 4th Sunday a...Romans 12:9-16Visitation (transferred) - edited...Rev Eckert
2021-06-27Fourth Sunday after Tri...Christian Question...Christian Questions with Their An...Rev Eckert
2021-06-274th Sunday after TrinityGenesis 50:15-21; ...What If...?Pastor Zirbel
2021-06-27Fourth Sunday after Tri...Genesis 50:15-21The importance and necessity of c...Pastor Ernst
2021-06-20Third Sunday after Trin...Christian Question...Christian Questions with Their An...Rev Eckert
2021-06-203rd Sunday after TrinityLuke 15:1-32Properly-Identified LovePastor Zirbel
2021-06-20Third Sunday after Trin...Luke 15:11-32The Father\'s heartPastor Ernst
2021-06-132nd Sunday after TrinityProverbs 9:1-10; 1...Centered WisdomPastor Zirbel
2021-06-13Second Sunday after Tri...Luke 14:15-24The invitation to the supperPastor Ernst
2021-06-06First Sunday after Trin...Luke 16:19-31Trinity 1Rev Eckert
2021-06-06First Sunday after Trin...1 John 4:16-21; Ge...Fear, Confidence, and Loving Fait...Pastor Zirbel
2021-06-06First Sunday after Trin...1 John 4:16-21In love there is no fearPastor Ernst
2021-05-30Holy Trinity SundayRomans 11:33-36; I...Almighty WisdomPastor Zirbel
2021-05-30Trinity SundayJohn 3:1-15The central truth of the faithPastor Ernst
2021-05-26WWed. after Feast of Pen...Isaiah 45:18-21Wed. after PentecostRev Eckert
2021-05-23Feast of PentecostActs 2:1-21WhitsundayRev Eckert
2021-05-23Feast of PentecostJohn 15:26-27,16:4...The Spirit of TruthRev Taylor
2021-05-23Pentecost SundayActs 2:1-21; John ...Two-Sided MiraclePastor Zirbel
2021-05-23PentecostJoel 2:28-32Illumination, not intoxicationPastor Ernst
2021-05-16Easter 7John 15:26-16:4ExaudiRev Eckert
2021-05-167th Sunday of EasterJohn 15:26-16:4; 1...Hard Truth for Good ReasonPastor Zirbel
2021-05-16Ascension SundayMark 16:14-20Seated at the right hand of GodPastor Ernst
2021-05-12WWed. after Easter 6Daniel 7:13-14Ascension EveRev Eckert
2021-05-096th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:23-33Knowing and/or BelievingPastor Zirbel
2021-05-09Fifth Sunday after EasterJohn 16:23-33To the Father in the name of Jesu...Pastor Ernst
2021-05-02Easter 5, series BActs 8:26-40; John...What PREVENTS Me...?Pastor Zirbel
2021-05-02Fourth Sunday after Eas...John 16:5-15The two tasks of the Holy SpiritPastor Ernst
2021-04-28WWed. after Easter 4John 7:14-24Evening Prayer sermonRev Eckert
2021-04-254th Sunday of EasterJohn 16:16-22; Isa...Peace and Joy in the PresentPastor Zirbel
2021-04-25Easter 4John 16:16-22JubilateRev Eckert
2021-04-25Third Sunday after Easter2 Peter 2:11-20We rejoice in willing obediencePastor Ernst
2021-04-183rd Sunday of EasterJohn 10:11-16Misericordia DominiRev Eckert
2021-04-183rd Sunday of EasterJohn 10:11-16; Psa...The Voice of the Good ShepherdPastor Zirbel
2021-04-18Easter 3, series BLuke 24:36-49"The Wounds of Jesus"Rev Taylor
2021-04-18Second Sunday after Eas...John 10:11-16Looking for lost sheepPastor Ernst
2021-04-14WWed. after Easter 2John 21:15-19Wed. after QuasimodogenitiRev Eckert
2021-04-11Second Sunday of EasterJohn 20:19-31Redefining and RefusingPastor Zirbel
2021-04-11First Sunday after EasterJohn 20:19-31The peace of the Lord be with youPastor Ernst
2021-04-04EasterIsaiah 25:6-9Easter SunriseRev Eckert
2021-04-04Easter SundayJohn 20:1-18No reason to cryPastor Ernst
2021-04-02FGood FridayIsaiah 52:13-53:12Chief (early) ServiceRev Eckert
2021-04-02FGood FridayIsaiah 53:1-7He died that we might livePastor Ernst
2021-04-01RMaundy ThursdayJohn 13:1-20The communion of the saintsPastor Ernst
2021-03-28Palm SundayLuke 19:29-42Hosanna... from What?Pastor Zirbel
2021-03-28Lent 6Mark 11:1-10PalmarumRev Eckert
2021-03-28Palm SundayMatthew 21:1-9;27:...True victory on the CrossPastor Ernst
2021-03-24WWednesday after Judica/...Matthew 1:21-25Annunciation EveRev Eckert
2021-03-21Judica, Lent 5Hebrews 9:11-15edited from Dr. M. LutherRev Eckert
2021-03-215th Sunday in LentJohn 8:42-59; Gene...Reason to Rejoice... Even in the ...Pastor Zirbel
2021-03-21Fifth Sunday in LentJohn 8:46-59Son of Abraham, Lamb of GodPastor Ernst
2021-03-144th Sunday in LentNumbers 21:4-9; Jo...Seeing IS Believing!Pastor Zirbel
2021-03-14Fourth Sunday in LentJohn 6:1-15Bread from heaven, material and s...Pastor Ernst
2021-03-073rd Sunday in LentLuke 11:14-28; Exo...Either/OrPastor Zirbel
2021-03-07Lent 3, series BExodus 20:1-17What are we to make of the comman...Rev Taylor
2021-03-07Lent 3Luke 11:14-28OculiRev Eckert
2021-03-07Third Sunday in LentLuke 11:14-28The stronger man has arrivedPastor Ernst
2021-03-03WWed. after Lent 2Mark 7:1-23Wed. after ReminiscereRev Eckert
2021-02-282nd Sunday in LentGenesis 32:22-32; ...Blessed WrestlingsPastor Zirbel
2021-02-28Lent 2, ReminiscereMatthew 15:21-28slightly edited from Dr. M. LutherRev Eckert
2021-02-28Second Sunday in LentMatthew 15:21-28True to His own WordPastor Ernst
2021-02-24WWed. after InvocavitLuke 6:12-16St. MatthiasRev Eckert
2021-02-21First Sunday in LentGenesis 3:1-21; Ma...It\'s All About JesusPastor Zirbel
2021-02-21InvocavitMatthew 4:1-111st Sunday in LentRev Eckert
2021-02-21First Sunday in LentMatthew 4:1-11Tempted like usPastor Ernst
2021-02-17WAsh WednesdayMatthew 6:1-6,16-21The discipline of repentancePastor Ernst
2021-02-14Quinquagesima1 Samuel 16:1-13; ...Blind Love - Blind FaithPastor Zirbel
2021-02-14Quinquagesima1 Corinthians 13:1...The gifts that last foreverPastor Ernst
2021-02-07SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15; Isaia...Seed, Soils, and RealityPastor Zirbel
2021-02-07SexagesimaLuke 8:4-15The Word that gives lifePastor Ernst
2021-02-03WWednesday after Septuag...Leviticus 12:1-8Presentation (slightly transferred)Rev Eckert
2021-01-31SeptuagesimaExodus 17:1-7; 1 C...The Insanity of It All!Pastor Zirbel
2021-01-31Septuagesima1 Corinthians 9:24...Without doubt, by grace alonePastor Ernst
2021-01-26TTues. after the Transfi...Philippians 1:20-23Quad Circuit Pastors Devotion Ser...Rev Eckert
2021-01-24Transfiguration Sunday ...Luke 9:28-36; Exod...Seeing Change(?)Pastor Zirbel
2021-01-24TransfigurationMatthew 17:1-9Rise and be not afraidPastor Ernst
2021-01-20WWed. after Epiphany 2Genesis 19:1-29Wed. after Second Sunday after Ep...Rev Eckert
2021-01-172nd Sunday after EpiphanyExodus 33:12-23; J...The Not-So-Unprecedented Backside...Pastor Zirbel

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